Discovering the new Folr family locator app

When my son started middle school there was this sudden parental door slammed in my face; I was no longer needed at the school gate to collect him, he could make his way home from sports matches and suddenly I would have no idea where he was.
It felt like I had let go of his hand for good!
That know everything, be everywhere with them feeling from first school was gone! And if his rugby match after school finished early and he’d started to walk home I had no way of knowing. Because texting his mum to let her know he’s safe would be the last thing on his mind!
But what about if you could know where your young adult was without actually being there?

The folks at Folr asked me to have a look at their new free app, a location-tracking application which means you can do just that through their mobile device.

Folr app

It’s really simple to sign up. Once you’ve downloaded it onto your device, you add your mobile phone number, Folr sends you a text message with a pin number to sign up and then you’re in.
You add additional people using your phone’s contacts and they are then sent an invitation to join up. Then can then choose whether or not to accept and are prompted to download the app if they haven’t already done so.
It’s as simple and user friendly as that.

Folr app

The company say the aim of the app is to gain real-time information on the whereabouts of family members, best friends, relatives; to give you the opportunity to watch over your loved ones. Imagine being able to keep track of an elderly relative with dementia, or being able to track a group of your friends who you have arranged a meet up with? Or even if you have a nanny or childcarer and want to know where your children are during the day while you’re at work.
When I first heard about it I wondered who would sign up for it. But the idea of permission-based tracking definitely has merit – especially where children are concerned.

Personally I think it’s invaluable as a parenting tool to keep that ever watchful eye on where they are for ultimate peace of mind.
And I imagine once you have teenagers it will be priceless – IF, of course, you can drive a bargain and convince them of how important it is for their safety!

Folr provides options in history and privacy and gives a complete timeline of the device location. Also, users get complete autonomy over when they are being tracked.
The company also assures that privacy is paramount – there will be no adds on the app, details will no be passed on and anyone signed up can turn off tracking at any time.

The app is available through the App Store and Play Store and is free to download.

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