Cookery school

teaching your child to cook

It’s the sort of scene to bring joy to any parent’s heart; your own child, chopping onions.
When my kids leave home I want them to be self sufficient and know how to cook themselves a decent meal. Know how to cook any potential boyfriend/girlfriend wholesome homemade fare. Mainly so said boyfriend/girlfriend says “wow, your mum was so awesome”. Because that’s totally going to happen.

I also want to make sure that when I’m old and frail and unable to drag myself to the kitchen, at least one of my offspring will bring me a decent pot of chilli/bolognese/shepherd’s pie.

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  1. Clare says:

    I love this, we just bought my 7 year old his own peeler which has changed my world! He used onion in a curry he made but grated it as I just couldn't face the pain!
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  2. Jean says:

    So important. My 17 yr old now cooks our main meal 2/3 times a week as I don't get home till 6.30pm. Younger daughter is great at baking, I've got all areas covered Tara 🙂 x
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  3. Excellent – VG training – my 14 year old is my little chef and he's good now – even cooked me supper when I got home from work yesterday! WOOHOO. Would like to get him on a course though – do let me know if you come across a relevant one. BTW had a meeting with Mumsnet today and was talking about you!! Lx

  4. homeiswheremyheartlives says:

    Absolutley! I have taught my oldest and am in the process of teaching middle curry, Bolognase , chilli and beef stew all without a packet mix or jar in sight….its an important skill!!

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