girl on a skateboard

She asked for hair crimpers, nail varnish and a skateboard for her birthday.
That’s her all over; doesn’t really fit in. Doesn’t want to be a round peg in a round hole. Doesn’t care if anyone says ‘but that’s ridiculous’. She’s quite comfortable in her own skin thank you very much.
Which is why her wrist guards are on the wrong way; she didn’t want to wait to be shown what to do.
Miss Independent.

Mia is a difficult child to parent. She brings out the worst in me; the bits of me I don’t want to admit I’m capable of. The shouty me, the unreasonable me, the me full of regret.
But we’re learning together and the one thing I have discovered is that the rewards for my patience and love are going to be huge.

So happy birthday to my amazing girl.
You really do light up my life.
Now if you could just be realllllly careful on that there skateboard . . . .

birthday cake
This is the birthday cake I made for her party. She asked for ALL THE CHOCOLATE all over the top so we crumbled on Flake, Maltesers and Wispa and finished off with chocolate hearts.
Which is kind of bizarre given that she doesn’t eat cake!

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14 Responses to Nine

  1. sarahmo3w says:

    Happy birthday to Mia! Bless her for wanting such a fabulous cake when she doesn't even eat it! I like cake and am particularly partial to chocolate if she's got any going spare! 😉
    It's a good age – my daughter is just six months behind her. She is also half tomboy half girly girl, which is fab. Although she's my easy to parent one. It's my 13yo son who's always been the challenging one!
    My recent post Comment on Hammersmith: A walk down memory lane by Sarah Mummy

  2. Claire says:

    "Doesn’t really fit in. Doesn’t want to be a round peg in a round hole." Love that! That's what I try to instil in my kids all the time – go your own way! (Though it's a lost cause with my eldest in his teenage years!).

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  3. Mirka Moore says:

    Happy birthday Mia 😉 The cake looks amazing!
    My recent post I miss you Dad!

  4. That is so funny as my just turned nine year old son is the one I often describe as a square peg in a round hole, he is the one who brings out the worst in me and knows exactly which buttons to press. But he is also the most loving, unique and amazing little boy. Happy birthday to your girl and kids are funny aren't they?

  5. libprice says:

    Happy Birthday Mia.
    Not sure the bunch of grapes behind will off set the chocolate – but worth a try 😉

  6. I also don't eat cake but that one looks amazing. Happy Birthday to Mia.
    My recent post Cara Delevingne Was My Friend

  7. lauracymft says:

    Happy birthday Mia! Can't believe she is nine!! Shows how long I've been following your blog when I remember her being 5! That cake looks delish!
    My recent post From Newborn to Starting School

  8. suzanne3childrenandit says:

    I absolutely love this – mainly because my middle child brings out all of the same stuff in me! Mia is clearly independent and is going to go far in life…..all this fighting back will stand her in good stead I'm sure. Tough when you're in it though isn't it? Happy Birthday nine year old 🙂
    My recent post The Sky

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