Win a Janome sewing machine worth £89 [closed]

janome sewing machine

Regulars to this blog will know I’m no crafter.
I was the mum who, when Mia was given a craft set which included glitter, would pretend it didn’t exist and either bin it or give it away.
Yes yes go on shoot me. But crafting has never been my thing.
But that’s not to say I don’t love watching those who do it. And if you spend any time on Pinterest there is a myriad of amazing creations very talented people have dreamt up.

If you’re one of those people or want to be one of those people I’ve a great giveaway which could help you on that path!
I’ve teamed up with my friends at Hobbycraft to give one lucky reader this Janome sewing machine, worth £89.
And if you’re new to the whole arena, Hobbycraft have a smart sewing machine guide on their site covering everything from types of machine, needles, the machine foot and breaks down all the confusing terminology.

win a sewing machine

The Janome sewing machine is a really pretty machine and offers four different feet, a darning plate, seam ripper, bobbins, twin needle stitching, a free arm for circular sewing and up to 14 pre-set stitches. So whether you’re creating quirky costumes, patchworks quilts or delicate lace work, this machine has everything you’ll need.

All you have to do for a chance of getting your hands on this machine is fill in the widget below.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

The competition is open to residents of the UK only (sorry rest of the world).
No cash alternative offered.
The prize is 1 Janome sewing machine worth £89.
Entry is via Rafflecopter.
Make sure your contact details are easily available.
The competition closes at on Friday, August 29, 2014.
One winner will be chosen at random from all the entries after the closing date.
The winner will be asked to provide their full name and address for the prize to be sent to.
If a prizewinner does not respond within a week of being contacted, the prize will be re-drawn and a new winner will be contacted.

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476 Responses to Win a Janome sewing machine worth £89 [closed]

  1. Making toilet roll angels at school for the Christmas tree………… my mum still has them LOL

  2. lauracymft says:

    I'm not a craft person either and I would also hide or bin a craft related item, especially if it contained glitter *shudder*. There's no shame in it though, I just bake to make up for it 🙂 My earliest memory of crafting would be when we were in school and we had to make a stocking, using the sewing machine. Mine didn't turn out well at all. I don't sew…ever. My Husband, however, can sew having learned in the navy and he's always going on about getting a proper sewing machine 🙂
    My recent post Me & You #8

  3. Tracey Peach says:

    My earliest memory of crafting is learning to knit with my Mum & Nan when I was about 8

  4. tracyknixon says:

    I remember being at primary school and making a mug mat from a square a binka! It was my firt ever hand stitched piece and from that day I was hooked and wanted to learn more and more!

  5. thinkingofyouandme says:

    My earliest memory of crafting was in the Brownies. We did crafty stuff, like making felt toys. I have recently developed an urge to go back to crafting and a sewing machine would be fab!!

  6. gaby says:

    my mum making me and my sisters halloween outfits every year

  7. Kim Neville says:

    At school when I made a sewing case and still have

  8. Sarahleaf08x says:

    My great nanna teaching me to knit, I was about 5 years old.
    My recent post Finger skateboards from Yellowmoon {Review}

  9. chloe1705 says:

    Potato printing with my mum.

  10. Anne smith says:

    Trying to make a circular skirt – getting the hem straight nearly put me off sewing forever!!!

  11. Christina Brown says:

    Paper quilling with my grandmother aged 5 😀

  12. Elizabeth Briggs says:

    Making Woollen Pom Poms with my Mum 🙂

  13. dayglo44 says:

    Crafting was instilled into us as young children, i honestly cannot remember when it began – just that its something we have always done and i have continued with my own children xx

  14. Stu H says:

    The earliest memory of crafting I have is when i was 4 years old and I was making Christmas tree decorations such as snowflakes, reindeers, santa stockings and christmas pudding baubles 🙂

  15. bluebell says:

    when I made a doll skirt and stuck it together with sticky tape instead of sewing it!

  16. Carrie Ashton says:

    My earliest memory was making fluffy Easter Chicks at primary school out of wool

  17. Zoe G says:

    Have so many memories from when I was little, my mum is ace with art and design, so spent many Sundays cutting out and crafting

  18. Abigail Daniel says:

    My first memory of crafting would be staying at my Grandmas house, and she had some lilac fabric I can't remember what it was from but me and my sister and cousin decided to make a dress out of it. We spent hours sewing it by hand and even made a little headband to match! And ever since I have always wanted to make my own dresses! 🙂

  19. Lorraine Tinsley says:

    Doing cross stitch in primary school, but the stitches were huge with a blunt plastic needle 🙂

  20. Wendy Brown says:

    I recall doing cat cross-stitch designs when i was very young. then i moved on to embroidering photos and doing wee designs for decoration. quite the thrill to finish them.

  21. hdh74 says:

    Making a rag doll at primary school.

  22. Lynne Durkin says:

    I made a t-shirt at school which was great apart from I forgot to leave a hole for the head! Luckily I have improved x

  23. kathleen kerr says:

    The crafting they make you do at nursery I helped add detail to a large handmade sign dedicated to the new school pond and garden

  24. Kas S says:

    My earliest memory of crafting was trying to crochet when I was about seven… It really didn't work out for me!

  25. Tracey Belcher says:

    Making a cheesecloth skirt for myself with my name. I can remember being so proud of it then but oh dear I would cry if I ever found a photo of me in it!

  26. Rachelle Lytzen says:

    I can’t remember NOT crafting! I’ve always had my hands on glue, paper, beads, glitter, paint – you name it! So I can’t say what my earliest memory is, they all blur into one.

  27. Alice says:

    Fraying the edges of gingham fabric to make table mats at school.

  28. glenka2014 says:

    Trying to learn to knit, still can not do it now.

  29. F Alexandre says:

    knitting a scarf

  30. Ashleigh Allan says:

    Making pompoms at school!

  31. catherine plant says:

    at playschool making a calendar with glitter and glue, dont know what it was supposed to be but dads kept it lol

  32. Ellen Sheppard says:

    My nan taught me how to finger knit when I was about 6. She also taught me crochet, knitting and cross-stitch.

  33. Claire Smith says:

    Being taught to knit by my Nana when I was about 5

  34. mary heald says:

    Sewing in my bedroom and when happily finished realising I had sewn my garment to the bedspread!

  35. Rebecca Duncan says:

    learning how to cross stitch when i was about 7. I still love it now 🙂

  36. Michelle evans says:

    My earliest memory was when I was at school aged about 12. I was doing a sewing lesson and the teacher shouted at me slamming her hand down on the table and exclaiming to the class that I had no idea what I was doing when it came to needlework. I went on to make all my own clothes a few years later and then homewares, would love to have met up with her later lol.

  37. s edwards says:

    watching my mum and trying to copy her

  38. Deborah says:

    making peg dolls with scraps of material , wool and glue and drawing on there faces with felt tips

  39. Kay Adams says:

    Watching my Grandma knit and subsequently learning me to knit and crochet and have now being doing both and sewing for almost 50 years!

  40. Kelly Koya says:

    My aunt teachign me to knit scarves for my dolls. I always wound the wool too tight, and would end up having to twist the needles into the loops to do the next row until she took sympathy on me and did a row to loosen it up again!

  41. Selina Jefferies says:

    Making big wall murals on the back of old wallpaper rolls. Especially seascapes

  42. hayleymoran says:

    sewing at school,now having crafty revival-tried stained glass,cake decorating and now reviving sewing skills 🙂

  43. MichelleD says:

    Making Christmas decorations with my Grandma when I was little!

  44. Elizabeth Harbron says:

    I'm not a crafter either, but I have made curtains many years ago and would love to make some more 🙂

  45. winnie says:

    in school during an art lesson 🙂

  46. Helen Robinson says:

    My Mum teaching me to knit when I was about 7.

  47. Laura says:

    Making a crepe paper Mother's Day card at Sunday School

  48. Susan Crosswaite says:

    My sister teaching me to knit when I was four. She was an avid knitter and I was a keen pupil – I still love knitting nearly 50 years later.

  49. MARK THOMAS says:

    Being at my first school, making a Halloween outfit.

  50. Amanda Hattie says:

    I got a machine that let you put studs on t-shirts etc to make your own designs when I was about 10 & I loved it, I think every t-shirt I owned had at least some on them.

  51. rachel bustin says:

    Earliest memory was at school making easter bonnets with tissue paper

  52. Julie Tift says:

    Sewing myself a bright pink and purple skirt (alternate colours in bands going down the skirt) that I thought was all the rage at the time. I really loved it.

  53. allykatte says:

    Making paper lanterns at about 6 years old.

  54. sarah hayes says:

    my nanna trying to teach me how to crocher (cant spell it lol ) i managed to pick it up but could never make anything other than a scarf! 🙁

  55. claire says:

    Making macramé hanging plant creations, we had them all over the house. loved it.

  56. Amanda Beamish says:

    I was raised crafting. My nanna used to do all sorts with us, from making people out of tennis balls, to peg dolls, and painting, but I think my earliest memory is a tin foil fairy castle for my dolls made from toilet roll tubes, cardboard boxes and foil.

  57. joanna butler-savage says:

    sticking sequins on everything at xmas

  58. Suzanne says:

    Being taught how to knit by my very patient, enthusiastic and capable gran.

  59. kayleigh says:

    Helping my nan, she had the most beautiful sewing box.

  60. William Gould says:

    I was taught to knit and sew by my Gran many years ago – stood me in good stead when I lived on my own for many years! My wife was taught by her mother and can knit, stitch and sew just about anything!

  61. hannonle says:

    My grandma teaching me to knit, and making adult slippers/boottee things.

  62. PAULINE HILL says:

    trying to crochet and finlly giving up

  63. iain says:

    making daisy chains

  64. C Kennedy says:

    My nan used to teach me how to knit and cross stitch when I was about 5. I don't cross stitch any more, but have carried on knitting since that age and can now knit just about anything!

  65. daxterpink says:

    My earliest memory is cross stitching at school and then accidentally sewing my skirt to the piece of cloth.

  66. Julie Feathers says:

    In primary school, we made some placemats and did cross stitch on them

  67. Christopher Packer says:

    making collage Christmas cards with my Gran and my older brother, I must have been about five at the time

  68. Samantha Sharpe says:

    I used to craft with my Mum when I was little, I can't remember the name of it but you had sort of felt white pages with black/grey images on and you would go over them with tubes of paint that dried in a texture xx

  69. Megan Bayford says:


  70. Andrea Fletcher says:

    Making christmas cards as a child for my nan who kept them every year in a drawer until she passed away.

  71. Louise Perry says:

    Making pasta pictures with my mum – keep meaning to do it with the boys but the thought of the mess stops me!
    My recent post Moshi Mosters Series 11 Countdown Day 9: King Brian

  72. valerie myburgh says:

    At school learning how to sew

  73. Milly says:

    Helping my mum make greetings cards as a child 🙂

  74. greig spencer says:

    making xmas cards with my nan aged 10

  75. Amanda says:

    Making a Christmas decoration – it was in P1 I was 5, so it was pretty simple! A paper plate with tinsel stuck around the rim and a photo of me beside the class tree! My mum still has it and we always have a laugh at Christmas looking through all our "lovely" makes!

  76. Claire Chapman says:

    Making anything & everything out of egg boxes & loo roll middles! 🙂

  77. Suzanne Cooke says:

    Making peg dolls, great fun

  78. Kat Drury says:

    I'm definitely not a huge crafter, but have spent all morning trying to persuade the other half that a sewing machine would be a good investment for me – something about attempting to make clothes sounds great fun!
    My recent post Release your Inner #MeatLust.

  79. gaynor lewis says:

    my earliest memory of crafting was learning to knit with my great grandmother – she was very much into make do and mend (out of necessity ) and used to undo old jumpers and other woollen items that were a bit tatty and rework them into something new and amazing – an inspirational person,


  80. Susan Hill says:

    At school where I made an apron for my cookery class.

  81. Jacki Hamer says:

    Making an apron in Home Economics lessons at school

  82. David Vessey says:

    Helping my Mum with making some curtains bizarrely enough!

  83. Allan Wilson says:

    As a child me and a friend learned how to polish sea glass and glue it onto flower pots!

  84. Claudia Dance says:

    Probably making paper dolls with my Mum 🙂

  85. clair downham says:

    my grandma teaching me how to croochet without sucess

  86. Laura Asplin says:

    Making a patchwork cushion in an afterschool class at school

  87. Julie D says:

    At primary school making potato prints!!

  88. Sheila Reeves says:

    Making a paper/cardboard angel out of a Dairylea box at Infants school

  89. LynneH says:

    My grandmother teaching me to crochet

  90. elaine dale says:

    making a little litter bin out of papier mache at school

  91. Sandra Lane says:

    Helping my mum make Christmas paper chains when I was about 5 years old.

  92. Mia Jade Fergusson says:

    I have so many crafty memories i''m not sure which one was the first , but a fond memory of mine is when i was at school and was given some clay , i made a little trinket dish with a smiley face on it. The school put it in a kiln and when i finally got it back i was so proud and astounded that it was now all shiny , i couldn't wait to rush to the school gates to give it to my mum !

  93. laura stewart says:

    making a pillow case at school

  94. elizabethwilliams310 says:

    Watching my late grandmother make a dress for me.

  95. Hazel Rea says:

    My earliest memory of crafting is being taught to knit by my mother. I was also taught to crochet by a distant American relative.

  96. Marie Nicolaou says:

    Learning to knit.

  97. t simpson says:

    Making cards

  98. Amanda Deacon says:

    My mum making my barbie dresses, thanks to her I have been making dolls clothes since I was 5. Now I make and sell barbie underwear as the poor girl doesn't have any lol

  99. sarah birkett says:

    stuff at junior school, and learning cross stitch with my mother – and I made a macrame lampshade at the age of 10. My mother still has it and its horrible

  100. Hannah Ingham says:

    Cross stitching with my grandma! 🙂

  101. maggie ali says:

    making Christmas decorations with my grandma

  102. Hutch2 says:

    A vivid memry is doing macrame at school

  103. nashath ullah says:

    I've been into crafting since primary school and have loved it ever since. Whether it was an art project or using my mums sewing machine to make something.

  104. KATHY D says:

    Had to make a domestic science apron in Needlework and embroider our name on. Trust me to have an 8 letter name.

  105. Corinne Peat says:

    Making an owl pillow when we were in primary school and struggling because they only had right handed scissors and I'm left handed!

  106. Emma Ellison says:

    Making toilet roll snowman from cotton wool

  107. Marie says:

    Getting told off by my mum for using her sewing machine unassisted to make clothes for my dolls!

  108. susan Naylor says:

    My earlist crafting memory is my nan teaching me to knit.

  109. MANDY DOHERTY says:

    Being taught French knitting by my dad when I was about 8

  110. emmav6 says:

    always getting the cotton tangled on the big old sewing machines at school!

  111. maxine says:

    an owl at school aged 9

  112. Robert Dittrich says:

    Long time ago now, but I started knitting and knitted a jumper when I was 14 – unusual for a boy!

  113. Hilda Hazel Wright says:

    Paintings at school which would be absolutely dripping wet and somehow have to be transported home to be stuck on the fridge with magnets!

  114. Katie Wilson says:

    I'm quite late to the crafting scene! I don't have any childhood memories of crafting at all. When I was at university a friend was into scrapbooking and really inspired me and I caught the bug!

  115. Lillian Fisher says:

    When my mum taught me to knit and basic sewing, I thing I was 8 or 9 at the time.

  116. kellyjo walters says:

    my mum had her own business selling crafts.. I remember using the glue gun and trying to glue my fingers together lol.. my punishement was varnishing!!… boring

  117. EJ Dunn says:

    Watching Art Attack an trying to cover everything in newspaper and PVA glue!

  118. woolonmymind says:

    I think it was potato printing at school age 5 :0) I loved making butterflies, something I remain obsessed with 32 years later.

  119. My mum having to make me a flower fairy costume completely out of Crepe Paper for our village carnival float! I was about 6 and I had loads of fun helping her craft a 'Strawberry' flower fairy hat 🙂
    My recent post What I'm Loving Right Now #1

  120. Jane Willis says:

    Making long strands of "knitted" cord using a cotton reel with four nails knocked into the top. I suppose now cotton reels are made of plastic and not wood you can't do that any more. Once I'd mastered that, my gran taught me to crochet.

  121. pixie wall says:

    tie-dye t-shirts…. back in fashion 🙂 deck chairs made out of pegs that i found a build guide for

  122. Pam Whitham says:

    at school knitting a tea cosy

  123. maureen quinnell says:

    Knitting at school and making pom poms at home

  124. emily jones says:

    myself, my sister and my dad writing a story book and decorating the pages.

  125. Paul Ballantine says:

    At middle school making soft toys and place mats 🙂

  126. FionaLynne Edwards says:

    I entered a painting competition on the back of a Cornflakes box when I was six – and won first prize! Since then I love all forms of crafting and started making my own clothes when I was a teenager.

  127. Lyla says:

    Making a stuffed rabbit while I was in the brownies. It didn't really look much like a rabbit but it slept with me for many years afterwards

  128. Diana Socha says:

    crafting with my grandmother… I was 4 years old 🙂

  129. john hatrey says:

    Making wool pom poms with my mum, the wife has just started crafting with our 3 year old. Good times.

  130. clifford allen says:

    make pictures with pasta at pre school

  131. frances hopkins says:

    With my next door neighbours teaching me how to knit x

  132. Gwyn Sharps says:

    knitting a scarf for my Grandma on my knitting machine when I was 8

  133. chrissie curtis says:

    Paper Chains at Christmas and Blowing Eggs at Easter.

    Then it was basic needle craft at Primary School

  134. Krystina says:

    My earliest memory of crafting is making cotton wool snow men with my dad.. I poured a full tub of glue on my picture.. So my dad though the obvious thing to do next was to pour a tub of glitter on it too! Haha. Still remember my mums face when she saw the mess!

  135. Janine Phillips says:

    My nan teaching me to knit x

  136. Janet Rawstron says:

    My earliest memory of crafting is when at the age of 11 I entered a competition sponsored by the Singer sewing company in which I had to make an outfit for a doll using both sewing machine and hand sewing. I was fortunate enough to win and ever since have made items of clothing, soft toys, pencil cases, make up and wash bags to name but a few. I love sewing and creating.

  137. nicola clarkson says:

    sunday afternoons sat with my mom, she was knitting, id try to sew

  138. Julie Booth says:

    making cards when I was a little girl

  139. Jadea says:

    Watching my mother sew herself dresses, one in particular when I was about 6 years old was made with gold lace over the top and she showed me how to cut it.

  140. Lois Eaton says:

    I used to buy macramé kits and make wall hangings.

  141. allison sullivan says:

    i remember at primary school making my first purse with a beautiful button on it stitching was a very bright orange and was big enough for a few pennies and had a strap for around my neck.i so loved it

  142. John Taggart says:

    Making Christmas Cards

  143. Harley says:

    My mums very clever and would sew for hours, I'd make little scrap monsters with whatever she didn't need!

  144. Caroline H says:

    I think my first memory was mum teaching me to crochet long chains with what seemed a huge hook and chunky wool. Strangely enough, crochet was something I never mastered by recently decided to have another go at.

  145. Helen Belton says:

    Making 'Sindy Doll' clothes with my gran :)…she was amazing at it!

  146. David Price says:

    My friends dad making pictures from grasses and feathers

  147. P Millington says:

    At school making a skirt and getting in a right mess.

  148. clare d says:

    making dresses for my dolls when i was young 🙂 x

  149. michelle banks says:

    my nan teaching me to knit at very early age x

  150. Julie Savage says:

    My mother trying to so hard to teach me to knit when I would in junior school. And me only managing to knit tiny doll scarves

  151. Karen M says:

    Learning how to do cross stitch at school

  152. Angela Love says:

    I remember covering pine cones with glitter to make christmas tree ornaments at playgroup, I must have been about 3. My mum still has them, 35 years later. <3

    Angela L

  153. christine shelley says:

    Making rugs with my grandmaother, I still have the rug makers and she died when I was 12

  154. Mary Chez says:

    making an apron at school

  155. Tracy C says:

    I remember making stitched felt bookmarks at primary school. My mum was never a crafty type so I don't remember doing it at home.

  156. Tracey Parker says:

    I remember learning to sew with remenants of material after my mum had made something

  157. Susan Hunt says:

    Making a dolls dress in school out of crepe paper.

  158. lynsey buchanan says:

    Helping my mum make baby clothes

  159. Rachael Jess says:

    I remember making my nan a table cloth at around 11 – it was a round table 🙁
    My recent post DryNites Craft Projects with Tamara Melvin – Part 2

  160. Kay panayi says:

    Cross stitching a can’t cane Xmas card when I was 8

  161. Laura Loo says:

    I remember sitting with my mum at about 5 years old cutting up old clothes and making pin cushions out of them

  162. Rebecca says:

    I had loads of different craft kits when I was little. Candle making, scented drawer liners, my mum taught me to knit and cross stitch. I can't remember the first crafty thing I did as there were so many!

  163. Dave Edge says:

    I don't craft because I'm about as artistic as a lump of tarmac. My wife is very artistic.


    Making a xmas card with felt on it

  165. tinkertink2010 says:

    Making dresses for my barbie dolls 🙂

  166. Angela Williams says:

    When my Nan taught me to crochet and then knit.

  167. Janet Thornton says:

    I once made a pencil case out of an old pair of knickers.I was really proud of it but unfortunately made the mistake of telling someone at school.Everyone thought it was hilarious and I was really upset.I was only about 8 at the time.

  168. julie perry says:

    Sitting with my Nan age 4 with buttons,cardboard etc and making pictures 🙂

  169. Iota says:

    Yes, please.

  170. David Allen says:

    Aged 6ish with my mother who always made her own birthday cards

  171. paul davies says:

    I made a crochet place mat at school didn't last long

  172. Rhian Purches says:

    playdoe, makeing it myself (with mum) and then making models with it

  173. Lara Latchem says:

    Making Christmas decs at play group

  174. Sandra Cope says:

    I had a knitting machine from chad valley in about 1975. It was fantastic. I had hundreds of scarves!

  175. Sue McCarthy says:

    My nan taught me to knit when I was quite young.

  176. sharon mead says:

    knitting with my mum age around 6/7

  177. Dorothy says:

    Making a sewing bag at school

  178. jennifer thorpe says:

    making cards with my mum

  179. stevepholman says:

    i remember trying to make a crocodile out of felt in a class at school

  180. Louise A says:

    Making a small (very basic) cross stitch tablecloth in primary school

  181. bhavesh mistry says:

    my mum making me a button

  182. Jayne says:

    Making a rag doll when I was about age 7.

  183. Michaela Turner says:

    Knitting a scarf which had more holes than a lump of swiss cheese!

  184. Caroline Blaza says:

    My Mum making me dresses

  185. Julie Ward says:

    Crochet, making cushion covers with my gran

  186. Victoria B says:

    Making an Easter card at school for my parents.

  187. Mia Clarke says:

    I can remember my nan teaching me to knit

  188. Frances Grasby says:

    mam teaching me to knit when I was 4

  189. Maddy says:

    I remember my Granny helping me to make doll's clothes from scraps of fabric left over from her own dress-making. She taught me how to make all sorts of things…

  190. Nicola Giacomelli says:

    Making little pompoms for dollies' hats aged 4

  191. Emma says:

    My grandma teaching me how to knit 🙂

  192. joanna sawka says:

    cross stitching my my auntie – I was seven or so

  193. Gill says:

    Making a doll containing mothballs to hang in the wardrobe

  194. sarah davison says:

    my mam teaching me how to knit

  195. cecelia Allen says:

    My earliest crafting memory was weeaving on a home made loom that my father made with a wooden frame and nails. I then threaded the warp and mum taught me how to weave.

  196. Ellie Fletcher says:

    Making a makeup tray for my mum that I'd seen on Blue Peter using a cutlery tray and the famous 'sticky backed plastic' 🙂

  197. Stephanie says:

    A cross stitch sampler at junior school which my parents still have
    My recent post Love this #41: Liberty print nightdress

  198. dabo says:

    Making Christmas decorations with my Mum

  199. Vicki A Smith says:

    Watching my mum sewing matching outfits for us both!

  200. Gemma Poulding says:

    Making birthday cards

  201. lauren tourle says:

    I remember making Christmas paper garlands with my mum when I was about 7 or 8 🙂

  202. Keeley says:

    Painting dried tube pasta different colours, and threading onto string to make necklaces.

  203. angela sandhu says:

    Much teaching me to knit

  204. Gillian Holmes says:

    Crochet Blankets

  205. Viv C says:

    making wooden fruit coasters with my father

  206. Liz Marriott says:

    My mum teaching me to knit – "Catch him, put a rope round him, turn him upside down and let him go"

  207. rachel ford says:

    making a teddy bear

  208. leigh boyle says:

    when i was pregnant with my first was my first proper crafting i started to cross stitch

  209. mamasyder says:

    It would have to be making wool pom poms with my Mum. We used to make them every Christmas.
    My recent post Philips SpeedCare Steam Iron Review – The Steam Through Sundays Challenge

  210. Jan Sharman says:

    My mum teaching me to knit

  211. jen morgan says:

    My mum teaching me how to crochet I still love it till this day and thought both my children how to do it

  212. maureen moss says:

    About 7….. I used to make things for my doll's house

  213. K. Alman says:

    making Christmas ornaments during elementary school. Still have the ornaments I made. lol

  214. Kayleigh Main says:

    Making an angel for the christmas tree when i was about 5


    at school about 5 sticking clue on our hands the pv stuff so it looked like our skin peeled xxxx

  216. ali thorpe says:

    I would knit little bits and pieces with holes as a child, taught by my mum. Only recently did I realise that I knit the wrong way for someone right-handed as my mum taught me left-handed like her.

  217. Keshia Esgate says:

    Making a stuffed pig toy at school

  218. Raphaela says:

    I learnt how to embroider on binca fabric in school. We still have a sideboard runner I made half a century ago!

  219. kristynco32 says:

    Been taught how to cross stitch with wool by my gran! I was about 4

  220. @cazzaferg says:

    "Finger knitting" in primary school.

  221. gemma raines says:

    sowing a tree in primary school looked amazing till I realised I also sown it though my skirt ><

  222. Julie Davies says:

    my earliest memory is my grandmother teaching me how to knit when I was about 5 years old. I have never forgotten and still love knitting even now

  223. Tina Watts says:

    Making clothes for my teddy bear out of hankies.

  224. Natalie Crossan says:

    Cross stitching with my mum x

  225. Mark Beynon says:

    Cutting potatoes in half and make different patterns with paint stamps

  226. dorothy cavender says:

    Learing to knit at the age of 12 from my grandmother

  227. gloriaheathcote says:

    my earliest memory is making paper chains for christmas and making a pajama case for my sister

  228. helen warrener says:

    making a clay dinosaur in 1st year of infant school

  229. Gabrielle Powell says:

    my mum trying to teach me to crochet, was not succesful though!

  230. Nikki Hunter says:

    Making a pair of binoculars out of loo rolls and sricking some wool on them so i could wear them round my neck! must of been nursery or reception! 🙂

  231. Robby price says:

    Helping my mum with her knitting

  232. steph lovatt says:

    It would of been making christmas decorations at school

  233. Susan Nisar says:

    My grandmother would give us project to do during our summer holidays with them. I remember making a tea pot cozy in the shape of a cottage. It was wool on the outside and material on the inside and we had to stitch all the details; windows, roof tile, front door and with roses climbing up. Fond memories.

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  235. Kerry Lethbridge says:

    I've been sewing since I was 3 I actually can remember ever not crafting. My twins have been painting gluing drawing etc since they were about 18 months

  236. michaela atkins says:

    at brownies making a snake dorrstop draft excluder in a fantastic old gree velvet curtain and fuzzy felt eyes

  237. Andrew Halliwell says:

    Drawing a pretty good horse in junior school…

  238. Andrew Halliwell says:

    Or if you didn't want art but making something, making the bobble for a bobblehat using the 2 cardboard disks and wrapping wool around them, then cutting between the disks and tying off… 🙂

  239. Stephen Little says:

    Making a rug at primary school

  240. Angela Paull says:

    Knitting an egg cosy at Junior School 🙂

  241. Mary Dunlop says:

    It was when I was 8, Mum sat me down, and spent the whole day sewing with me – I have loved it since…

  242. spuddy11 says:

    when my mum was doing it when iwas young and she let me help or probably hinder her

  243. valerie mccarthy says:

    I would always craft as a little girl. My mother had bits and bobs in a basket with tons of items for me use.

  244. bridie summersgill says:

    making pom poms for the hats that mam used to knit when I was about 5

  245. Linda Hill says:

    my earliest moment was sitting on my Mother's knee pre school age and her letting me turn the handle on her Singer sewing machine – she was given it for a wedding present in 1939 and she sewed all the dresses for myself and my two older sisters and herslf. She gave me this Singer sewing machine when I had my first daughter in 1969 and I used it for dressmaking and curtain making for many years.

  246. Pingback: Win a <b>Janome sewing machine</b> worth £89 – Sticky Fingers

  247. Janet T says:

    Gosh thats a hard one I grew up sewing, rag rugging and knitting. I did a craft fair for charity when I was eight or nine.

  248. Fiona Mallard says:

    I remember my Mum teaching me to knit when I was younger

  249. Colleen Thomas says:

    Knitting Squares at school, 1 was about ten

  250. Ella Swinbank says:

    My earliest memory of crafting was making a felt up-side-down doll at school.

  251. Georgia McAllister says:

    I used to make dresses for dolls out of paper. I made bows, frills and jewels to go on them.

  252. Kelly Webb says:

    My mam making jumpers for me and my sisters on her knitting machine!

  253. Clare S says:

    I remember my Granny teaching me to knit and then having knitting lessons at school which were easier than the patterns I was using at home. The best craft I did at Junior School was a tapestry.

  254. Eleanor Jones says:

    Making a cushion shaped like my hand in Textiles Club when I was 10 years old

  255. Kerry Pool says:

    I remember taking about six months to knit a tiny scarf to get my knitterbug badge at school…. must have been about 9. And getting put in woodwork rather than sewing as i kept breaking the machines. Ironic realky as now i knit loads, embroider and cross stitch 🙂

  256. Laura Vitty says:

    My granny teaching me how to cross stitch 🙂

  257. Suzanne Hill says:

    Just made a dress from frozen for my daughter on my mums old machine, would love a machine of my own!

  258. Nathalie says:

    I remember making plaster of paris 80s TV characters at playschool – I just can't remember who the characters were!

  259. Samantha Sugden says:

    My Mum used to make me summer dresses and she had a singer sewing machine and i used to stand there and turn the wheel while she made the dress

  260. fiona mcbride says:

    school home economics sewing peg bag

  261. Rachel says:

    i remember doing decopage onto a tea chest with my grandmother and i haven't stopped since!

  262. Sharon Witney says:

    Learning to knit with my Great Aunt

  263. Paula Phillips says:

    Making a hand puppet at school.

  264. rebecca roberts says:

    making christmas crackers out of loo rolls and wrapping paper 🙂

  265. Lyndsey Beckford says:

    Learning to knit at school when I was about 9

  266. laura jayne bates says:

    about 5 when my grandma taught me to knit

  267. Alexandra Blue says:

    I used to spend hours making collages from cut up catalogues when I was about 3

  268. Hekna says:

    I remember attempting to sew a skirt for one of my dolls and getting very frustrated!

  269. Steph says:

    Sewing with my grandmother when I was about five or six – she used to get me to practice on paper first!

  270. Annmarie Jefferies says:

    I can remember at pre school making a snowman Christmas tree decoration

  271. Nicola Holland says:

    Making pom-poms as a little girl 🙂

  272. Jane Green says:

    doing cross stitch at school

  273. Keith W says:

    Cutting out bits of old Christmas cards to stick on to paper plates – I must have been 3 or 4

  274. Jennifer Kerrawn says:

    My manna teaching me to knit and crochet when I was about 4.

  275. Stephanie Whitehouse says:

    painting blown eggs for the Christmas tree

  276. Steven Montgomery says:

    Making a mess with water paints 🙂

  277. shazz says:

    Making a snowman out of a toilet paper 🙂

  278. Claire Lacey says:

    i remember completeing a cross stitch sampler set when I was around 6 years old. I still have it framed in my house now 🙂

  279. katie walker says:

    Using a knitting dolly when I was small

  280. zoe says:

    The first crafting memory I have is of my nan attempting to teach me to knit at around the age of 6/7, and driving her mad as i would always pull the wool so tight it would squeak and put her teeth on edge! knitting is still not really a strong skill of mine!! 🙂

  281. Jay Hill says:

    My gran trying to teach me to knit when I was about 5 or 6

  282. carolyn joyce says:

    I was home educated so for art we did a lot of crafts. I remember making paint bubble pictures when I was about 5 years of age.

  283. rachel jones says:

    I first experience of sewing was altering a blouse to make lace sleeves and i used my net curtains in my bedroom. my mother didnt know until the next morning when she came in to get the washing !!!

  284. Elizabeth Yeates says:

    My mum is an artist and we were always making things. I remember making Christmas decorations at a young age! I was rubbish though – and still am!

  285. jessica newman says:

    My mum was a seamstress so i remember helping her as a little girl

  286. Kate Johnson says:

    Doing cross stitch at home with mum when I was 7

  287. Terrie-Ann Wright says:

    im not a craft person either but really want to be, I remember making a kimono in technology at school an would love to give making clothes and home accessories a go but my husband won't buy my a sewing machine as he thinks I wouldn't stick to it.

  288. Helen Dove says:

    been so wanting to have another go. made a fab dress for my honeymoon way way back now. was so proud when id done. it to anyone else might not have been that good . put it was peach and pretty. and when i look at clothes on the peg now i often think im sure i could do as good

  289. Debbie Nichols says:

    Sticking shells we found on the beach to a flowerpot in my grandads shed

  290. Katherine Coldicott says:

    Remeber making pom-poms when I was very little.

  291. jamie darrington says:

    It wasn't till a couple of years ago that some one I knew taught me how to knit, I found out that I'm a dab hand at it and have been patching things together ever since!

  292. nat eveleigh says:

    making cards as a young child 🙂

  293. Simon hardy says:

    I can't remember crafting much before I was at school then I did textiles, sewing and making things with fabrics

  294. Gill Colling says:

    My Mum had us crafting even as tots but I remember about 5 I made my first jointed teddy, he was less than 2 inches and made of felt, the joints where tiny poppers (press studs)

  295. Jim says:

    My earliest memory of crafting is making a leather waistcoat out of an old jacket when I was 13

  296. Laura Whittleittle says:

    Cross stitching when I was about 7, I was obsessed!

  297. Heidi Piggin says:

    Ever since learning to use a sewing machine in school, I've always wanted to get back into it and make my own pillows and lovely different pieces!

  298. andrea lloyd says:

    sewing patterns on material at junior school

  299. Chris Fletcher says:

    It has to be making decorations for christmas

  300. Deborah J says:

    making an underskirt at school

  301. alice lightning says:

    at my granny and granddads granny always use to sew I was about 4 or 5 use to help love sewing

  302. Becky Shorting says:

    has to be the classic friendship bracelet craze back when i was 5

  303. Calley Bryson says:

    My earliest memory was learning how to cross stitch

  304. gracieg says:

    a pin cushion –made in first year at grammar school in 1955

  305. Mark Whittaker says:

    My Nan teaching me to knit – I must have been about 7 or 8 , I had always been fascinated by her clicking away. She had already taught me to finger knit a few years before.

  306. Mellissa Williams says:

    crocheting with my gran

  307. Kay Broomfield says:

    My earliest memory of crafting is learning bobbin and making coasters!

  308. SUSAN L HALL says:

    My Mum used to make rugs for a hobby and i remember when i was very young being allowed to hand her the bits of wool for her to put in the rugs i loved the fact that we made them together

  309. kelly hooper says:

    making an easter card at primary school for my mum that was a baby chicks mouth opening and closing when you opened the card up. I think that was probably where my love of crafting started

  310. Jo Booth says:

    Making a pincushion for my mum with lots of blanket stitch 🙂

  311. kristin burdsall says:

    My nans family home was on the edge of Delamere forest. She would take me collecting Pine cones and Holly to make Christmas wreathes with. The house unfortunately is no longer in the family but i now take my daughter collecting pine cones in the very same spot. Good memories

  312. claire sutherland says:

    Making a macrame flower pot holder at Brownies x

  313. Penny Ford says:

    Making a pencil case in high school

  314. lisa tebbutt says:

    making cushions and curtains for my new house

  315. Kayleigh says:

    My nan letting us sew buttons and stuff on to fabric scraps

  316. Alexander Jones says:

    Making a stocking for the Christmas tree with felt and lots of glue.

  317. jackie chapman says:

    When I was little my Mum worked as a weaver in a carpet factory and she used to bring the bobbins home with the scraps of wool on. I remember her teaching me to weave with the scraps and I'd make lots of little blankets for my dolls. Happy days!

  318. Mike Martin says:

    Making a tie-dye tee-shirt for myself

  319. Karen Durrant says:

    Making cakes with my Grandma- lovely memories

  320. Sam Akers says:

    My earliest memory of crafting is making a pink cushion cover with a yellow fish on it at school 🙂

  321. Kerry Locke says:

    Sitting with my mum making christmas pom poms

  322. Zoe Wilkinson says:

    Learning to embroider with my gran. She use to pick me up from school and we would have tea. Then she would get her sewing bag out show me how the stitches went. I was rubbish but she always praised me for my effort. I still have the final piece we made.

  323. Vicky says:

    Helping my great aunt with her darning socks and mending cloths and letting me have any leftover pieces to make ragdolls with

  324. Rishona Taylor says:

    In home technology in middle school- we had to sew using sewing machines and my friend got the needle stuck in her thumb!

  325. lisa dolatowski says:

    making my Ester Bonnet when I was 9, It got 2nd prize at my school!

  326. lisa says:

    Playing with plasticine and making glue from flour and water 😉

  327. Patricia says:

    Cross stitching when I was in primary school 🙂

  328. laura pyper says:

    learning to make pom poms with my mum when i was 5

  329. irene gilmour says:

    making a peg bag for my mum for mothers day think i was about 8

  330. ann clements says:

    making a dressing table set

  331. Clint Howat says:

    My nana teaching me to knit.

  332. Sarah Lewis says:

    My mum teaching me to knit.

  333. Stephen Castle says:

    Knitting with nan

  334. Diane S says:

    I remember trying to make my dad a desk tidy by sellotaping loads of felt tip pen lids together!

  335. maureen100 says:

    Making a drawstring bag when I was at school.

  336. Kim Styles says:

    making a patchwork quilt using my little summer dresses I had grown out if when I was 10

  337. Tracey Tedford says:

    In the Brownies for my needlework badge many years ago

  338. sheridarby says:

    Being taught to knit at primary school, and it all going wrong

  339. Emily Jayne Phipps says:

    Making a card for Mom and Dad at nursery! I was about 4!

  340. Rebecca Ruff says:

    I need this machine!

  341. ann weir says:

    Sitting with my grandma in her conservatory cross stitching 🙂

  342. Rebecca Ruff says:

    I would say decorating egg shells at Easter.

  343. Samantha Rummens says:

    making a sowing kit at school for mothers day

  344. rachael JONES says:

    pressing flowers to make cards with in an old kids flower press aged about 5 or 6

  345. Kirsty Woods says:

    Making Christmas stockings at primary school, my mum still has them and hangs them on the Christmas tree every year

  346. Rebecca whale says:

    Making fimo creatures to sell at a brownie fete 🙂

  347. fiona macleod says:

    My earliest memory is using my mums singer sewing machine to alter my jeans and tops. I made flares out of jeans and an old pillow case 🙂

  348. agaue81 says:

    making tissue paper pictures with my nan we made bells and cut out the middle bits in funny shapes and then used tissue as stained glass 😀

  349. louisejedwards says:

    With my mum making pom poms!
    My recent post Getting Arty at @nottm_contemp #whoarewe

  350. Laura Murray says:

    In primary school – making 3d pictures of flowers using crepe paper and pva glue (still love the smell of that stuff!). I also remember making a house for Kylie, my childhood idol, out of burger boxes and magazine cuttings 🙂

  351. esther james says:

    decorating boiled eggs with my mum

  352. Jan2009 says:

    My first memory of crafting was managing to do a Winnie the Pooh cross stitch and hanging it in my bedroom and being so very proud of it as it took me forever to finish.

  353. James McKenna says:

    My earliest memory is making finger puppets with my grandma! (@jimmymac87)

  354. Sarah Mills says:


  355. Zoe Coen says:

    Making homemade Christmas cards with my mum for the family

  356. Kirsty Fox says:

    Making a pin cushion at primary school

  357. Aimee Wright says:

    Making a fabric clock at school!

  358. Pamela Chang says:

    stitching together a felt bunny at primary school. very basic running stitch.

  359. claire fawkner says:

    Making Christmas decorations with my friend Ruthie x

  360. Lauren Main says:

    When my mum taught me how to cross stitch

  361. teresa sheldon says:

    making a bookmark using cross stitcguided by my lovely Gran who was brilliant in needlecrafts

  362. margaret barlow says:

    crafting has always been part of my life i remember making garlands to decorate the street out of crepe paper,by sewing up the centre of strips and then twisting them for the street party on the queens coronation

  363. Kate Hester says:

    making a santa tree ornament!

  364. Suzie H says:

    As a little girl with my mum she was teaching me how to knit x

  365. tightenyourbelt says:

    Helping my Mum to sew dresses for my dollies!

  366. Susan Freeman says:

    My gran trying to teach me crochet when I was little – we didn't see her a lot at that time as she lived a long way away from us, so by the time I nearly got the hang of it it was time for us to come back home, hence still not being able to crochet. I can knit but not very fast at it

  367. Emma Jones says:

    My big sister taught me to cross stitch when I was about 10. I made a Christmas sampler and my mum had it framed and still puts it on the wall even though it says Merry Christmas 1993!

  368. Donna R says:

    At nursery, drawing a yellow and blue bumblebee and a black flower, as I liked the colours together and getting told off by the teacher

  369. jessiecat33 says:

    watching my mum make our clothes when we were kids

  370. Holly Detre says:

    Making a snowman picture with lots of cotton wool and glitter.

  371. catriona nation says:

    Sowing my name on a piece of cloth in primary school

  372. Rahela says:

    I remember making a teddy bear in Textiles, it was a gorgeous golden-brown colour, with brown eyes.

  373. Jenny Rogers says:

    We had to make milk mats in Primary school from gingham.

  374. Diana says:

    Making a skirt at school, I was about 14 years old 🙂

  375. Jane Middleton says:

    making cards for my mum on mother's day

  376. Michelle Wild says:

    Junior school learning to knit a pixie hood and later a doll.

  377. Helen atkins says:

    Making dolls clothes with my Nana, i must have been 7/8

  378. Isabelle Smith says:

    scrap booking

  379. Kati Whiteoak says:

    Learning to knit at school – it took a whole term of knitting and pulling out to half finish a square pot holder and was only finished by my teacher taking it home in the holiday and finishing it for me – fortunately I have come a long way since that very shaky start and love all sorts of crafts now.

  380. Lisa Armstrong says:

    I remember sewing a cute Christmas stocking decoration – I still hang it on the tree today !

  381. Making a Father Christmas out of a toilet roll at primary school. My mum kept it for years to hang on the tree.

  382. Karis says:

    Making papier mache bowls

  383. Kathryn Dagostino says:

    My 6 year old adores crafts, which I am delighted about because I think I get more excited than her at times. Our latest make is a huge castle, complete with turrets and a spider web for her fairy garden. 🙂

  384. Kim Lam says:

    Being at prep school and cross stitching

  385. denise s says:

    french knittting with a wooden cotton real and turning the long knitted strand into a circular blanket.

  386. Kim Manson says:

    My earliest memory of crafting would be at my grans house when she would try and teach me how to knit and sew. I was much better a sewing than knitting and to this day can still only knit plain stitch scarfs 😀

  387. leighanne m says:

    Doing cross stitch at school

  388. Hannah Whitling says:

    I remember doing cross-stitch kits designed for kids when i was really young and soon moving onto proper kits

  389. Sylvia Gill says:

    Making a pinnie at school with crosstich – it took ages, but I was very proud of it 1

  390. Solange says:

    Learning to knit with my Grandma

  391. Valerie B says:

    Fuzzy felt! and also Painting by Numbers, I still remember the smell of those little tiny pots of paint

  392. elaine stokes says:

    I still have my sewing from primary school that I did when I was 6

  393. lynn neal says:

    my nan making pyjamas for my teddy when i was about seven!

  394. Vikki D says:

    Scrapbooking with my Mum and Brother

  395. Annamarie Riddiford says:

    Making paper chains for Christmas decorations

  396. carol bofey says:

    i made a cloth bag when i was a kid i was so proud

  397. roley martin says:

    with my mom, making cuddly toys, i was allowed to paint on garfield's stripes on his belly!

  398. liz ferguson says:

    Little cards with giraffes on, and we had to embroider over the drawings.

  399. lucia jefferson says:

    Making a glove puppet at school

  400. Rachel Craig says:

    Doing cross-stitch at school. Hopefully schools will continue to introduce crafts opportunities etc. I can also recall potato painting whilst in primary school. We were part way through our work, potatoes halved and shapes cut from them :- When the fire alarm rang. Obviously we had to evacuate the building. We were lined up at the fire assembly point on the play ground. When we were told it was safe to return, I can recall asking a classmate :- If we might be returning to baked potatoes, as the school building looked fine. It had luckily been a false alarm. But now I find it funny to remember my childhood curiosity, at five years of age.

  401. Lauren Pilkington says:

    cross stitching with my nan and my nans sister when i as about 6

  402. calypso says:

    Knitting with my grandmother when I was 6 years old.

  403. jeanette archer says:

    made a dress at school have done knitting and crochet all for my children when they were young always enjoyed sewing!!

  404. Ceri Kay says:

    Sewing a caterpillar in primary school – lots of material in little cushions strung together.

  405. vicki hennie says:

    I am 33 years old and my mum still has a rainy day picture i made when i was 4 with paint and a hair comb 🙂

  406. laura millard says:

    making lots of crafts with my mum and still do!!!!!

  407. christy beckett says:

    My mother and I made a skirt for my last year at primary school. We didnt have a prom then instead we had to make a skirt and parade it in front of all the parents x

  408. Stevie says:

    I remember claywork from when I was around 5.

  409. janegorton1 says:

    Making a dress at school. It must have been good because I got an "A"!:)

  410. Neet says:

    My earliest memory of crafting is sewing a frog with dried rice inside. I can still remember the smell of the rice for the first time

  411. chirag patel says:

    at school making a puppet hand frog

  412. Amanda Norwood says:

    making Dougal from the Magic Roundabout from a toilet roll tube and wool

  413. Stacey Craig says:

    Making wooly Pom poms with my gran.

  414. claire little says:

    helping my mum come up with new designs and making a knitted patchwork blanket 🙂

  415. heather tinkler says:

    Being in Year 1 and making a clay house! It was amazing!

  416. Lynsie Lynn says:

    My dear Nan trying to teach me to knit when I was about 5 years old, and being ever so proud of the scarf I made her with great big holes in (which she wore) 🙂 When she died I decided I would give it another go, but sadly I am no better than I was before!

  417. Jill Fairbank says:

    At school i made some pottery my mum still has the masterpiece

  418. tracey baker says:

    Making a pencil case using cross stitch!

  419. claire haskins says:

    always doing arts and crafts at playschool

  420. Jacqueline Roberts says:

    Learning to knit as a child

  421. claire wilkinson says:

    made my nanna a peg bag when i was at primary school, im sure she still has it somewhere!!

  422. Christina Jarrett says:

    Making lavender bags with my mum, when I was 2! 😀

  423. Caroline Howard says:

    I learnt to knit from my nan when I was about 7 and I had a book telling me how to make knitted toys, I remember making the snowman one and the cowboy one.

  424. John Steele says:

    Sewing a square table thing using a variety of sewing stitches (none of which I can now remember how to do).

  425. Angela Wilcox says:

    Embroidering cushion covers with my nanna

  426. reza rezai says:

    At primary school I made a cases and small toys

  427. Shelley Jones says:

    My earliest memory is my grandma teaching me how to knit when I was 6 – I made a beautiful sky blue scarf to fit my baby doll and I was so proud, I have fond memories of my grandma sitting in her arm chair by the fire, knitting various bits of clothing for me and my little brother xx

  428. Haley Redshaw says:

    Making an apron at school x

  429. Joy says:

    my earliest memory is sitting next to my lovely nan who was a tailor, and her showing me how to hand sew a hem on a skirt. it took me many years to perfect my skills but her enthusiasm and patience inspired me:)

  430. Sarah N says:

    My mum teaching me to knit as soon as I was big enough to hold a needle!

  431. joanne mccarthy says:

    My first day at school when we all had to make boards about ourselves 🙂 Gosh, that was 24 years ago!

  432. Lucy mcleod says:

    I have always crafted ever since school, i remember doing simple sewing then, now i do photography, cross sitch, oragmi etc.. only thing i don't have is a sewing machine

  433. Laura Cooper says:

    Using those 4 pin crochet dollies.

  434. Dee Sherwood Wallace says:

    Making a hand puppet at school, in the shape of a witch. think I was about 7.

  435. jen1984j says:

    at secondary school i made a bag to keep all of my art stuff in – i still use it today

  436. Sian says:

    Making decorations for the christmas tree. My sister still has them.
    My recent post Summer : The Gallery

  437. Kiran Parry says:

    When I was in juniors and had a lesson with knitting and was given a animal made of thin material and was using that to practice my knitting.

  438. supersco says:

    Crocheting with mum

  439. Amy Beckett says:

    I remember knitting a weird toy with my grandma – It came with a magazine and I give the toy to my new born cousin

  440. Lauren Old says:

    Probably making christmas decorations for a local prize-winning show

  441. Susan Carruthers says:

    My first crafting memory is being taught to knit by my Mum when I was a child. I was very proud to complete a dishcloth!

  442. Gwen Carter says:

    Making paper chains at school for Christmas decorations.

  443. charlotte g says:

    Art at school 🙂

  444. felicity williams says:

    making school calendars – gluing autumn leaves on to card and gluing one of those little white calendars to the bottom as a present for my Mum and Dad for Christmas 😀

  445. tarbs gill says:

    10 years old hand stitching a skirt with pleats!

  446. tiiffany wills says:

    making pom pom animals.. i was only about 6 or 7 my mum still had them now 17 years later <3

  447. Cathy Ten Porteus says:

    Being taught to embroider at primary school

  448. Claire Nelson says:

    Knitting a scarf at primary school, it was very wide and very long and I still have and use it nearly thirty years later.

  449. I remember my crafting experience started when I was 7. Remember under my mum's supervision I used to saw a simple blouses and skirts for my barbie doll with the leftover materials and old pillowcases. Wish now to had some saved to show my 5 year old and bring the memory in.

  450. Jon Payne says:

    making a pencil case

  451. Erica field says:

    Making pom poms with my gran x

  452. Sam Fernley says:

    Probably weaving with wool to make little place mats at primary school. In fact, I still have it 🙂

  453. lynseyward78 says:

    Making a finger knitting ball of knitting that went round my parents house and next door 3 times, I wanted to get in the Guiness Book Of World Records!
    My recent post What2buy4kids Candy Warmheart Rag Doll Review

  454. 2013dogs says:

    Putting paper mache around a balloon to make a mask when I was about 5

  455. Tracy Higgs says:

    Making pom poms out of my mums left over wool

  456. Colette says:

    A soap making kit I got for Xmas

  457. Gul says:

    At school making my name out of material and sowing it together

  458. Zoe Mills says:

    French knitting lots of endless (nearly literally) wool sausages with no use. Could have made a weird Medusa wig!

  459. Stuart Presland says:

    Sticking felt stars onto a baseball cap aged 7, very cool!

  460. Vanessa says:

    Do a picture with scrunched up tissue paper in Infant School and carfting using material was a lovely felt stuffed owl that used different stitches for different parts of the body. I made this blue owl at Junior school and I still have it

  461. jackie rushton says:

    Making paper chains with my mum

  462. laura d says:

    I remember doing crafts wiith my grandmother, crochet in particular.

  463. Diane Nicholl says:

    At junior school sewing patterns onto a square of material with a big needle and lots of coloured thick thread..

  464. Elizabeth Haggerty says:

    using felt and making paper chains

  465. Chris Burrell says:

    Doing an embroidered place mat at school for my mum. I had to embroider 1980 on it as it was to celebrate the beginning of a new decade. I don't have it anymore!

  466. Maria says:

    Making clothes for my dolls from fabric scraps.

  467. Tina L-D says:

    An apron which I made for my Mum when I was about 8, she still has it and wears it 25 years later

  468. laura zbagan says:

    I remember my nan who is a seamstress teaching me how to sew by giving me an old pair of socks to turn into sock puppets. Made it really fun, was quite happy with the result, but I was only about 6 so any toy was great 🙂

  469. Alisa Moore says:

    French knitting at school

  470. Hannah says:

    I made a hat at school, never wore it!

  471. Beverley bruce says:

    Making sock monkeys ♡

  472. DELL says:

    My first ever craft would be trying my luck with the knitting needles . Seeing mum knitting so fast and making a clicking sound even now brings back those nostalgic memories when I used to try and copy her. Bless her. x

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