Watching the sun set on the ocean

beach sunset 3

Well, it’s got to be one of the most amazing experiences I’ve ever had.
Such a simple thing; costs nothing, just your time.
But it stays with you. It moves you. It makes you sigh a deep, satisfied sigh.

We’re just back from our amazing two-week holiday (part Caribbean cruise, part stay in a villa in south west Florida – more on that later) but as I’ve been downloading the photos and reliving the memories, our late afternoon picnic on Barefoot Beach is a standout moment.
Here’s the thing with great holidays; sometimes you’re so busy doing amazing stuff that you don’t have time to take stock and realise what an amazing thing you’ve been doing.
Until you look back at the photos and are all ‘MAN, that was so cool’.
When my husband suggested we go down to the beach quite late I wasn’t hugely keen. There’ll be bugs and no sun and will the sea be OK for the kids to go in?

He was, of course, totally right. TOTALLY right.
We took a beach picnic in a giant cooler, packed deck chairs, rings for the kids to take into the sea, and our books. And sprayed up with bug repellant!
There is nothing at this beach – no amenities, no shelter, no one selling food. Just sand and sea.
When we arrived on the beach it was about 6pm. A wedding was just about to start; yes, there on the beach with the waves lapping at the makeshift arch, covered in organza and mini red ribbons.
And we pitched ourselves with a front and centre view of nature in all her perfection with the sound of the wedding trumpeter behind us.

We watched the sun set as the children played in the sea and we shared the beach with a wedding party and it felt like perfection.
The photos aren’t hugely great quality as I took them on my phone (can you BELIEVE I forgot to take my camera?!) but you get the idea.

beach sunset beach sunset 2 DCIM100GOPRO picnic on the beach on the beach DCIM100GOPRO beach sunset 4 beach sunset 7 beach sunset 8

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5 Responses to Watching the sun set on the ocean

  1. lauracymft says:

    These shots are just heaven to me! Gorgeous!
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  2. mamasyder says:

    Looks like my idea of heaven! Stunning photo's, that beach looks amazing! x

  3. Colin Gault says:

    A must is the factor 50

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