Underwater photography with Lifeproof

lifeproof iphone case

There is nothing more nerve-wracking than putting your precious phone under water to take a photograph for the first time.
Sure it’s wearing a case which tells me it’s water proof, dirt proof, snow proof, shock proof. Probably Tara proof too.
But still. I’m having to put my very expensive phone under water. That’s UNDER WATER.

But that’s exactly what I did while we were on holiday because my phone was wearing a Lifeproof case.
It had been recommended to me by Kirsty at My Two Mums who trialled one recently and really rated it. So I asked Lifeproof if I could trial one too – after all we were venturing on a holiday featuring lots of sea and sand and watersports.

And here are our results. I took a few, the kids delighted in taking selfies and it basically meant we got to take my phone where we never would have dared before.
It came in the sea with us, came snorkelling, jet skiing, in the pool.
The quality is spot on too; no distortion from the screen cover.


underwater photo
underwater photo 2
underwater photo 3

Some tips:

  • It’s fairly easy to fit however you really do need to ensure your phone is totally clean before fitting (there is a cloth included.
  • You can still use your earphones (I didn’t bother) however to expose the ‘hole’ there is a little plastic screw you have to remove so make sure you don’t lose it! There is also a jack plug included so you can maintain a watertight seal and use them underwater.
  • You can also still recharge however you can only use an original Apple charger; my car charger was too chunky to slip in so any third party charger may not work.
  • Another thing to note is that if you’re taking photos underwater, the shutter button you would normally use on the camera doesn’t work – you need to use the + volume button on the side as the shutter release instead.


underwater selfie underwater selfie 2

It’s quite a pricey bit of kit – it retails at around £70 on the John Lewis site – and when you first open it you’re all ‘what, this is going to protect my phone? This flimsy thing?’ But it works, it’s not obtrusive (I’ve still got it on my phone) and it means you can take your ‘camera’ anywhere.

lifeproof Collage
The only real issue I’ve had is that it can be a tiny bit ‘laggy’ when using the touchscreen but nothing major. And I’ve not noticed any difference when using the phone or any other function for that matter. Which is a good job, because it’s a bitch to get the case off!
Another good tip that Kirsty gave me was to clean the screen after taking it in the water as it can muck up quick quickly (especially after a dip in the sea!)


life proof case photo

beach photo life proof case

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7 Responses to Underwater photography with Lifeproof

  1. Cerys {mascara & mud} says:

    OMG! How awesome are those underwater shots?! {i accidentally typed shits then…?!} anyway, goodo! X

  2. emmatustian says:

    I was looking at these, but I'm on android and I'm not sure there's an equivalent…yet
    My recent post My Sunday Photo / Silent Sunday

  3. TiredMumP says:

    These shots are amazing! I definitely need to buy one of these. We're going to Spain next month and I would adore some photographs of my pre-schooler in the pool. Thanks so much – a really useful post.

  4. Sian says:

    This looks fab. I'm still scared though!
    My recent post KatchUp Review

  5. lauracymft says:

    Your photos turned out great! I'd be super scared to try it with my phone. It just seems totally unnatural but it's great to have something you can use if you want to capture those underwater shots.
    My recent post The First Day of School

  6. My Two Mums says:

    I love the shots you've managed to get. I totally understand the worry when you first take the plunge. But it's so fun seeing everyone else's faces in the pool when you put your phone into the water. I am so happy you liked it 🙂
    My recent post New experiences

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