My Top 5 Favourite Cakes


I like to cover all the important issues here on the blog.
And now the Great British Bake Off is back on our television my mind has been spending a great deal of time mulling this over.
This is the TV show me and my 11 year old sporty son curl up to watch together believe it or not. We OOOO and AAHHH and ‘I wouldn’t have done that would you?’ over it.
So here is my list. There is no Battenburg cake in there because marzipan, URGH. And there’s no cupcakes because as far as I’m concerned they’re just mini versions of the big boys. And no cakes with alcohol because alcohol should only ever be in a glass in my mind.
So, in no particular order, with no science involved, no conferring and ignoring what everyone else thinks, here are my top 5 favourite cakes of all time. Because I’ve made and tasted A LOT OF CAKES.

The queen of cakes. If made well, you just can’t beat it. Perfect with a cup of tea – and that right there is why it gets onto my top 5 list.
I love it’s simplicity and the fact that it looks so very British!
If you want to try making one for yourself, here’s my Mary Berry recipe for Victoria Sponge. Watch it disappear.
I also love the photos and story behind Stone Soup’s Victoria Sponge.

Victoria Sponge

A good, well made, moist carrot cake is the food of the gods. And let’s face it, as it has carrots in it’s practically good for you. I’ve seen versions of a carrot cake where the basics (carrots, walnuts, cream cheese frosting) have been tinkered with but the traditional recipe is by far the best.
One of my favourites is a recipe from the Innocent cookbook which you can cut up and add to lunch boxes. And that’s the beauty of it, it’s a recipe you can easily make with the chidlren as Mari shows with this Carrot Cake recipe over at Mari’s World.

Innocent carrot cake recipe

The smell of ginger cake cooking in your kitchen has got to be right up there in the Best Smells in the World lists. Well, mine anyway.
I love that this cake is slightly spicy and warming and I’ll take it either with icing or without.
Here’s a recipe from Cornish food blog Jam and Clotted Cream who adapted a Nigel Slater recipe to use up some let over stem ginger she had hanging around the kitchen.

Gingerbread cake
Another perfect accompaniment to an afternoon cuppa. Zesty, light and packed with flavour, I prefer my drizzle cake with a crunchy sugar syrup topping but I’ll happily much on one that’s been iced too. I’m not fussy.
It very much reminds me of English tea rooms in Devon or Cornwall and stumbling on little bake houses where they whip up such yummy wares.
Check our English Mum’s recipe for Lemon Drizzle Cake.

English Mum Lemon Drizzle Cake

Maybe because it reminds me of my childhood or maybe it’s the shape or maybe it’s because I know how delicate a balance you have to strike when rolling up your creation to make that distinctive roll, but mmmmmmmmm Swiss roll.
I absolutely love the look of this Lemon Curd Swiss Roll from the Krazy Kitchen who so beautifully creates a a design on the outside of her roll. Not something I think I’d attempt, but I’d absolutely help her eat it *smiley face*.

Krazy Kitchen lemon curd swiss roll
And as one extra, I actually had a cake made for me in my blog’s name! How cool is that? Here is the Sticky Fingers Fridge Cake made by Mummy Mishaps.
Chocolately, soft and squidgey, and so very moreish.

Sticky Fingers Fridge Cake

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  1. oh you;re making me hungry! and look, there;s li'l old me in there! Thanks for including my swiss roll …it was lovely by the way! 😉

  2. kimmer2111 says:

    Yum! They are all my faves too! 😀
    My recent post The Alnwick Garden….

  3. Eeh Bah Mum says:

    I literally could not not click on this link. Good choices, I will now be spending the rest of the day working out my own list so thanks for that.

    My recent post How to write a great blog.

  4. jennypaulin says:

    wow look at those cakes!
    Thank you for including mine xx

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