We have a new member of the family

Samsung showcaseIt’s a new Samsung Showcase fridge freezer and it’s so large, it’s like welcoming an new adult into the house.
We are definitely an American fridge freezer family. We bought our first one 10 years ago and we’re never going back.
This latest model from Samsung is all singing all dancing. It promises lots of space, lots of innovations and bags of style.
Well it gets all those ticks from me so far.

Of course delivering an item this huge is going to have issues.
I’ve got an American side by side fridge freezer already so I know it can get in!
However, the week before, the logistics company called to arrange delivery and asked a miriade of questions to ensure they would be able to get the beast in. What width are the doors, can they get onto the drive, is the front door directly off the drive, etc etc.

It took two men wearing harnesses to deliver the thing through my house, through the kitchen and into it’s home in the utility room.
And the delivery men were wonderful. Even they were curious and wanted to know what lay behind those magical doors!

Samsung showcase delivery

Well, the first thing that lay behind there was a whole host of packaging. It took me near enough 40 minutes to completely remove the plastic holding everything safely in place during transit.

Our new house guest comes courtesy of Samsung who have asked us to try the fridge freezer out. See how it copes looking after a family, how it fares holding a big shop, how it lives up to hosting a party.
We are totally up for that!

Samsung have said their latest product combines innovative design,  stylish good looks and is designed to allow you to access your favourite and most frequently used items easily in the ‘inner’ fridge door.
And not having to open the main door means less energy wasted.

So now she’s installed (although we need to get the water feed connected ourselves as it requires some extra pipework across the utility) all I need to do now is fill her with food!
I’ll let you know in depth what we think after using her for a few weeks.

We were also sent this gorgeous Dutchy Originals hamper to help with the review . . .

Duchy hamper

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