Life hack: How to restore doll’s hair

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I saw this tip on Twitter from Netmums and literally the same afternoon Mia and I thought we’d give it a go. Because she has so many friends – Ariel, Rapunzel, Barbie, Jasmine, horse riding chick – none of whom she plays with any more because their hair looks like a bird broke into the toy box and used their locks as a nest.
But surely it’s too good to be true, I thought? Surely it can’t be that easy? It seems like magic.
So I set up our doll’s hairdressing studio and attempted hair alchemy. And it worked. It only WORKED!

Disney princess dolls

I was so convinced it wouldn’t work I didn’t even bother with lots of ‘before’ photos, but trust me, the girls looked like they had dropped out. Their tresses were a tangled disgrace. I’m absolutely delighted with the result. So much so that look, I lined the girls up for a photo. And THEN I moved onto the horses’ hair . . . !
This one took me aaaaages. Because it also has a slight curl in the mane it was really badly tangled up. But I persevered and she now looks like a new horse.


So here’s how to do it. It’s not quite as easy as ‘spritz their hair and comb’. I spent hours doing it, perfecting it, swearing at it. But perfect it I did.
It’s slightly different from the Netmums suggestion, but it really works.

revive dolls hair

What you’ll need Fabric conditioner Hair brush with plastic bristles Deep bowl Running water Deep wells of patience
Oh and a doll with disgraceful hair. Rapunzel (for yes, it is she, Mia likes to mix up the outfits!) had hair like one giant dreadlock it was so matted at the top. If fact the picture makes it look slightly better than it actually was.

rapunzel hair What to do

  1. Add 3 capfuls of the fabric conditioner to the bowl, then about the same again of water. You don’t’ really need to measure it out, I just guessed but you need quite a concentrated solution.
  2. Add the solution to the doll’s hair. I found that literally dipping the doll’s hair in the bowl was much better than spraying it on. Swish it around for a bit and make sure all the hair is coated, then hold it under a running tap for a few seconds and brush.
  3. Dip it back in the fabric conditioner and then bring it out and brush. Rinse under the running tap then squeeze out excess water and leave on a towel to dry in a warm place.
  4. If the hair is really bad, you need to work in sections. It can take a while, but with patience you can get through it. Just keep repeating the steps above.

dolls hair revival

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7 Responses to Life hack: How to restore doll’s hair

  1. Genius! I am so trying this on our poor Barbies 🙂

  2. kimmer2111 says:

    That is genius!! Watch out Barbie….Here I come! lol
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  3. SusanKMann says:

    Wow that's impressive. I'm not quite there yet with baby girl, but I remember this issues as a child. Great tip x
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  4. Ellen says:

    Wow, I wish I'd seen this years ago!
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  5. Sian says:

    This is life changing!
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