The best beach bag in the world

beach bag collage
OK it’s a bit of a wild claim, but I’ve just been on a beach holiday with the above mentioned bag and it was perfection.
And you don’t get much higher praise than that.
The absolute perfect size to fit in the overhead luggage compartment on an aeroplane, pockets galore, a little key ring for the keys, big enough to fit the whole family’s bumph in but not so big I couldn’t carry it around everywhere. Sturdy, stylish and definitely coming with us when we go anywhere again.
I adored it.
Indeed, it came with us everywhere on our two-week holiday. Absolutely everywhere. So much so that I started sending Instagram photos back to the Old Bag Company showing them where their bag was holidaying!
So thanks Old Bag Company. I was a bit ‘not really sure if I want to review a canvas beach bag. Not sure what I’d say’ when you offered me one. I’m SO glad I don’t listen to myself!

old bag company beach bagThe Charlotte Beach Bag shows off her best side on a Caribbean cruise with Royal Caribbean. Her bright pink polka dots fit right in!

old bag company beach bag 2Off horse riding on the Caribbean island of St Maartin. Change of clothes, sunglasses, hats, sun lotion, camera. Tick, tick, tick, tick, tick.

old bag company beach bag 3Lounging on the beach at Naples, in Florida. Not the slightest bit bothered about all the sand and bits of seaweed and shells Mia throws her way.

beach bag

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  1. 29yearoldmama says:

    I love this bag. Would have been perfect for the beach this year!

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