My top 10 travel essentials

travel essentials

We’re off on our travels very soon and all thoughts turn to packing.
No matter how many times I step on an aeroplane, I always always do that mad panic – have I got my camera, have I got stuff to entertain the kids, have I got mints for the husband to help with the ear popping thing.

Well this year I’m thinking of me. What do I need, what do I want?
And after years of travelling – with and without children – these are the things I just can’t do without. The things that make my travels so much more chilled out!

1. When travelling with my family I have four passports, four lots of boarding passes, credit cards, bits of paper with phone numbers on, sheets of information. Having a travel document wallet transformed my life. Everything in one place and not at the bottom of the cavernous bag I need to take everywhere with me. Amazon, £1.99

2. My trusty Panama hat. I bought this one from Monsoon years ago and they still sell it now, which is kind of a testament to how essential it is. Monsoon, £15

3. Travel of any kind plays havoc with your hydration levels – especially your lips. My favourite to have on hand is Burt’s Bees because it’s lush, it smells good and it’s all natural too. Boots, £3.69

4. I’ve used a lot of sun protection creams over the years but I always come back to this one. We discovered it one year in the States and now stock up whenever we can. Amazon, £8.41

5. I can’t wait to try out this Lifeproof cover for my iPhone I’ve been sent to review – photographs no matter what the conditions. Essential. Waterproof, shockproof, snow proof, dirt proof. It’s top of my list now on any journey. John Lewis, from £59.95

6. Whether you’re on an aeroplane or in a tent, if you want a decent nap an eye mask should definitely be in your luggage. John Lewis, £4.99

7. I don’t know how I ever managed before discovering dry shampoo. Now I don’t go ANYWHERE without it! Instant revival for your hair. Boots, from £2.99

8. Whenever I travel the first thing I want to do is kick my shoes off. And be able to kick them back on again in a hurry when needed. I’ve just ordered these Dr Marten sandals and am hoping they fit the bill. They look awesome. Cloggs, £50

9. Something else I’ve been sent to review while on holiday – this Old Bag Company beach bag which comes complete with a pouch for your magazine, your mobile phone and even one for your flip flops. And there’s acres of space for everyone else’s junk essentials. Old Bag Company, £47.99

10. I’m a recent convert to Bare Minerals make up and this tinted face primer with a massive 30 SPF is spot on. I’ve been using it here in England while it’s been positively tropical (!) and the last thing you want to do is apply make up, and it feels and looks wonderful. Bare Minerals, £23

So, there are my travel essentials, what are yours?

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6 Responses to My top 10 travel essentials

  1. Louise Perry says:

    I do like that hat. Sun cream for me as I am a lobster in seconds otherwise
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  2. joannemallon says:

    i like your sandals a lot. I am on the Birkenstocks right now but those are nicer, I have sandal envy. The only thing I would add to that lot is a charged up, well-stocked Kindle. I download books throughout the year and save the really fat novels for holiday time.
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  3. Susan Mann says:

    Love bare minerals x

  4. libprice says:

    Excellent list – and some lovely things (** starts pre holiday shopping list **) – but as you so correctly knew I'd ask 'WHERE'S THE BOOZE?!?'
    Bon voyage. xx

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