The Photo Gallery 190: The Longest Day

hanging from tree

Ah longest day of the year. You gave so much.
You gave us endless sunshine and made us feel like summer was upon us as the warmth wrapped around our chilled bones.
So we filled that day with as much as we could. Filled it.
. . . Including hanging from trees. When you’ve climbed them all you need to find new ways to explore them, so Mia’s latest game is to see how long she can hang for (not long) and how much pain she can tolerate as the bark digs in to her hands (not much). Oh yes, and how loud she can screech when the pain kicks in (inserts eye roll).

This post is for week 190 of The Photo Gallery: The theme is Longest Day.

So, what did you do on the longest day of 2014?
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11 Responses to The Photo Gallery 190: The Longest Day

  1. lauracymft says:

    That’s a great photo. We had a similar day. Just great to see the sunshine again.

  2. Louise Perry says:

    This is just the kind of thing that I can see big man doing
    My recent post The Gallery: The Longest Day

  3. saveeverystep says:

    What a difference it makes to wake up to sunshine and birds singing. This is my favourite time of year, and I wish it could stay forever!
    My recent post The Longest Day, the Longest Wait

  4. Ben says:

    So she's continuing her transition to being a real monkey then? 🙂 Squealing drives me crackers and is Matilda's favourite thing at the moment
    My recent post The Gallery – longest day

  5. Mirka Moore says:

    A great pic of your gorgeous girl, she is so big! I am known for loving sunshine and summer, and really struggle with the British weather, I could have it 365 days in a year 😉
    My recent post The Gallery: Longest Day

  6. sarahmo3w says:

    Looks like great fun. The weather has been brilliant lately. It was a shame to spend the longest day stuck inside as those of us who went to Britmums Live did, but there are few more enjoyable places to be stuck inside!
    My recent post The Gallery: The longest day

  7. Adrienne Herbert says:

    What a great photo. This looks very much like me as a child, my knees have the scars to prove it. Tomboys rule! 🙂
    My recent post . . . The Gallery – Longest Day

  8. mamaelsie23 says:

    The wink is perfect for capturing this moment of fun. Agree with Adrienne Herbert – tomboys rule, I was one, I have two. Keep the fight alive!

  9. Sounds much like our day full of sunshine and outdoor fun, summer at last!
    My recent post The Gallery – Longest Day

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  11. Sarah says:

    Wonderful photo. This photo and your words made me laugh. I wouldn't be able to hold on for long with that bark digging in either (come to think of it, I wouldn't be able to hang on for long if it was a smooth as steel bar either!).
    My recent post The Photo Gallery | The Longest Day

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