The Photo Gallery 188: Detail


Clearing out some old folders (actual folders, not the digital kind) I stumbled on this photo.
Pre digital, an actual print.
When Dan was little I was very mindful of photographing the little things – things I wanted to remember when he grew up. The things you tend to forget.
Like the temporary tattoos they love to adorn themselves with, the fact that he loved as many bubbles in the bath as humanly possible (unlike his younger sister who can’t abide them). But most of all here I wanted to remember his eyelashes. Unfeasibly long, dark beautiful eyelashes.

Dan is 11 now, so all of these things have passed. And the chances of snapping a photo of those lashes are minimal at best.
So this is my little piece of advice from the mother of a pre-teen; Get all those photos while you can, especially in this digital age when you can snap as many as you like. Photograph the silly little things which make them, them.

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12 Responses to The Photo Gallery 188: Detail

  1. sarahmo3w says:

    Such a beautiful photo. I took a fair few pics of my kids when they were little (but nothing like the amounts people take these days) and I regret not having enough photos of the ordinary things – there's plenty of holidays, Christmas and days out, but not so many of day to day life.
    My recent post The Gallery: Detail

  2. mummybarrow says:

    What a stunning photo. That should be on the wall. The ordinary things are always the best photos I think.

  3. saveeverystep says:

    Great photo. Thank the Lord it's so much easier to take pics now we'e digital! I don't know how we ever managed with all that waiting and printing and not knowing!

  4. SusanKMann says:

    What a great picture x
    My recent post The Gallery 188 – Detail

  5. Herding Cats says:

    Such a beautiful portrait, lovely in black and white. I have to admit I did a double take where the tattoo is concerned, it looked quite real lol.
    My recent post The Gallery – Detail

  6. Kate Sutton says:

    That's such an amazing photo! Is he totally embarrassed by it? 🙂

  7. EmmaK says:

    What a gorgeous photo…and eyelashes, you are right. Wish I could get my daughter to sit still long enough to take a photo like this (she tends to reach for the camera before I've said "say cheese".
    My recent post The Gallery: Detail

  8. singlemarriedmum says:

    Good advice! My 12 year old just pulls the most stupid faces if he sees me with a camera now. Gorgeous photo – why is it that more often than not it's the boys who get the lovely long eyelashes?? Doesn't seem fair!!
    My recent post Invisible detail

  9. lauracymft says:

    Gorgeous photo. That's definitely one for a frame or canvas. Boys always have such long lashes, they are enviable!
    My recent post Detail #TheGallery

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  11. Louise Perry says:

    They just grow up so fast. I often worry I take too many pictures – maybe not x

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