By the light of the Xbox

by the light of the xbox

Here’s the conversation every morning in our house:

Me (exasperated face): “Dan, you’re on that screen again”.
Dan: “But I read all morning before I came on here”.
Me: “Did you really? Or are you sassing me?”
Dan: “No I did. Really I did. I read for like an hour and then came down and put the Xbox on”.
Me: “An hour? Just how early did you get up?”
Dan: “Early enough to do both”.

He says the last sentence with his trademark grin. The one he knows totally wins me over every single time.
But here’s the thing. He’s a really good kid. I have nothing to grumble about.
Because he does read every morning and he does help out around the house and he helps his sister with her homework (if she’ll allow him) and if I ask him to turn the Xbox off and come and help me with something, he absolutely will.

So I have no problem with him plugging  himself in and zoning out for an hour or so.
If only to see that face. Look at that face. That’s an ‘I’m about to score the winning goal in my Fifa 14 football match’ face!


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8 Responses to By the light of the Xbox

  1. sarahmo3w says:

    That is a great face! I'm pleased to hear he comes off when told and helps out round the house when asked. The Xbox has become a source of conflict in our house because it does stop the boys doing the things they are supposed to be doing, but I know that Minecraft can be good for them in small doses and I do like to see them doing something together.
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  2. That face! That is a lovely face.

  3. My daughter somehow manages to spend an hour playing on the computer before school. I might have to tell her she needs to spend time reading a book first. As an aside, he's growing into a very fine young man. Am I allowed to say such things?!
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  4. suzanne says:

    This is EXACTLY what goes on in our house every weekend morning. I have no idea what time my boy gets up but when I come downstairs he is firmly glued to the sofa, in his onesie, playing FIFA 14. He could have been up all night for all I know! But he's also a good kid and there are so many other things to complain about…..I like to cut him a bit of slack 🙂
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  5. 25castleson25clouds says:

    He sounds like a brilliant kid!

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