Win a Sage by Heston Blumenthal Tea Maker worth £199 [closed]

Heston Blumenthal Tea Maker

If ever there was a giveaway that was MEANT to appear on this blog, it has to be this one!
I do love a good cup of tea.
This has to be the pinnacle of ‘kettles’. And as Heston Blumenthal has put his name to it, you know it’s going to be good.

The Sage™ Tea Maker™ is the world’s first fully automatic tea maker.
It knows how to make the perfect cuppa – no matter what your favourite tea.
It brews for exactly the right time, at precisely the right temperature, keeping the tannins intact.
All you have to do is select the type of tea you are using and the leaves are automatically lowered into the water and then back up for perfectly infused tea.
And on top of all that, it has a programmable ‘start’ feature and it can also keep the brew warm for up to an hour – so you can wake up or come home to perfectly brewed tea whenever you want.

And as part of the campaign around this gadget, Heston Blumenthal is stirring up the country’s interest in tea.
He started at Westfield Shopping Centre in Stratford, where he surprised people by hiding in a Tea Vending machine with the perfect tea experience.
And you can hear him talk about how to make the perfect cuppa, what the best biscuits for dunking are (“Rich Tea is the Russian Roulette of dunking”) and MOST importantly of all, does the milk go in first or second . . .
All of this you can see on the video below; it’s lots of fun and informative too.
And if you like what you see you can chat with @sageappliances yourself on Twitter and join them on their Facebook page and via the hashtag #TalkTeawithHeston

So what do you have to do for a chance of winning one of these unique gifts?
It’s really easy, just fill in the widget below.

And if you want to see a review of the Tea Maker, fellow blogger Mummy Barrow has a run down of what she thought of it over on her blog.

Good luck x

a Rafflecopter giveaway

The competition is open to residents of the UK only (sorry rest of the world).
No cash alternative offered.
The prize is a Sage by Heston Blumenthal Team Maker worth £199. 
Entry is via Rafflecopter.
Make sure your contact details are easily available.
The competition closes at on Sunday, June 1, 2014.
One winner will be chosen at random from all the entries after the closing date.
The winner will be asked to provide their full name and address for the prize to be sent to.
If a prizewinner does not respond within a week of being contacted, the prize will be re-drawn and a new winner will be contacted.

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429 Responses to Win a Sage by Heston Blumenthal Tea Maker worth £199 [closed]

  1. Vicki g says:

    That is a seriously impressive looking gadget I ❤️ It

  2. Kelly says:

    I need one of these in my life!

  3. anne dalzell says:

    I love chewy dunking so caramel digestives and toffee pops, even a lemon puff on occasion!! x

  4. Tracy Nixon says:

    A ginger nut because unless you hold it in your tea/coffee for ages, it will not drop in!

  5. katie skeoch says:

    a bourbon cream, the biscuit keeps the chocolate from melting

  6. mummyoftwo2 says:

    Hob nobs as they soak up lots of tea and are just delicious!

  7. Tracey Peach says:

    Rich Tea because a drinks too wet without one ; )

  8. max says:

    short cake

  9. Jennifer toal says:

    Shortbread you can suck the tea through the holes 😉

  10. s edwards says:

    Rich tea as it goes soft quick

  11. Gillian Alexander says:

    Has to be the dark chocolate half covered digestive!

  12. Julie Ward says:

    Ginger biscuit, love trying to catch it before it drops in bottom of brew

  13. sylvia stavert says:

    i always dunk digestives go great with tea

  14. LynneH says:

    You can't beat a digestive for dunking

  15. Liane says:

    Ginger nuts – don't fall apart and they taste even more gingery!

  16. joanne darnell says:

    custard creams melt in the mouth

  17. tony machin says:

    A ginger nut as they dont go too soft

  18. laura banks says:

    bourbons not sure why i just always have done

  19. elizabeth ferguson says:

    Chocolate digestives, because I love the melted chocolate against the soggy biscuit. Still feel guilty doing it, though, because I always got told off for this when I was younger.
    Great prize, by the way.

  20. sarah evans says:

    a custard cream or a choc digestive i'm torn

  21. laura stewart says:

    i like a good old bourbon perfect dunking biscuit

  22. Samj says:

    rich tea as I love how soggy they get

  23. Paul Mellor says:

    A Bourbon because it makes the chocolate filling nice and gooey

  24. Julie Clark says:

    Shortbread – lovely dunked in tea 🙂

  25. Pam Hubbard says:

    Ginger nut buscuits they stay in one piece

  26. Rhoda K says:

    Digestive biscuits. I don't really know why but they just taste SO good when dunked!

  27. mummybarrow says:

    I LOVE this machine. LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE it. So much so that when we went on holiday to Cornwall at Christmas it came with us and sat in the bedroom so we could have a decent cup of tea in bed on Christmas morning.

    I am resisting the urge to enter this as we have one already, though I would love a second one for upstairs at home. But good luck everybody, it really is an amazing thing.

  28. Caroline kavanagh says:

    I love a twix finger dipped in my tea.

  29. Tanyawilliams09 says:

    Looks absolutely amazing, I could live on just tea!

  30. Tanyawilliams09 says:

    Hob nobs!

  31. olg says:

    chocolate digestive they are still cruhchy

  32. KATHY D says:

    Custard creams – the cream melts a little and tastes so nice

  33. neil dobson says:

    Has to be a custard cream but you have to time the dunk and hold to perfection or you get a floater. Just right and you have the perfect tasty treat.

  34. Duncan Nagle says:

    Chocolate Hob Nobs – the king of all biscuits.
    My recent post Sunny side up 🙂 #Lumia

  35. Simon G says:

    Hob nobs (choc)

  36. I'm weird but I hate the idea of dunking biscuits!
    My recent post Catch Phrase – review and giveaway

  37. Craig Havery says:

    rich tea the classic

  38. Anneka Hulse says:

    chocolate digestives as i love the melting chocolate

  39. Karen Nagle says:

    Ginger Nuts because they are sturdy little biscuits which don't dissolve on the first dunk

  40. Paula Barker says:

    Shortcake, very good dunkers, they hold there shape well!

  41. clair downham says:

    a chocolate digestive its so yummy

  42. ann clements says:

    chocolate digestives as the chocolate taste even better soft

  43. jamie says:

    chocolate digestives x

  44. Stacey says:

    A chocolate caramel digestive, mmmm

  45. Greig spencer says:

    a bourbon cream, they dun so well

  46. Richard Sober says:

    choccy digestive is still the best

  47. daz lawrence says:

    rich tea you have to be quick

  48. Kevin Honey says:

    I don't like dunking, but if I'm forced, it would be a ginger nut

  49. Aileen says:

    Sometimes only a nice strong cuppa tea will hit the spot. Throw in a couple of digestives and it's heaven

  50. Chris Fliss says:

    Rich tea fingers, 2 sandwiched together with butter and sugar (Got this habit from my Dad) 🙂

  51. Georgina Jacobs says:

    Ginger nuts – just loved the taste of them with hot coffee – all round hotness! Leaves your mouth burning ahah

  52. Lynn heath says:

    That question really made me think!!! I love dunking all biscuits – but I do like one that is a bit of a challenge, where you have to try not to let it drop in your cup!

  53. Hazel Christopher says:

    Hob nobs because they take a lot of dunking before they break 🙂

  54. samantha price says:

    custard creams

  55. Helen Huxley says:

    Chocolate digestives love how the chocolate melts

  56. Olivia McIlraith says:

    Looks amazing, tea is the best 🙂

  57. joanna butler-savage says:

    ginger biscuit – it just works!

  58. lynsey buchanan says:

    Hot nob

  59. debbie godbolt says:

    i love to dunk custard creams but its an art to time it so i dont get biscuit in my tea or coffee x

  60. kriss says:

    kit kat straw

  61. Paul Ballantine says:

    It's a good old fashioned custard cream, have done since I was at school 🙂

  62. Kym Robson says:

    Rich tea has to be the best, it's ideal for dunking and even has the word ‘tea’ in its name

  63. liz kidger says:

    I love dunking a Twix finger in tea.

  64. clair dutton says:

    digestives they dont get soggy too quick

  65. Emma dormer says:

    I’d love one of these,completely amazing.My favourite has to be mcvities caramel,soft gooey oozing caramel and melted chocolate,it’s quite durable too 🙂 x

  66. suzzee langton says:

    chocolate chip american cookies

  67. Graham Ross says:

    Chocolate Hob-Nobs,I like when the chocolate melts and you have that oaty biscuit ,tastes nice with tea

  68. Allan Wilson says:

    A Custard Cream – Childhood memories.

  69. fferfer43454 says:

    Ginger Snaps. Fun stopping them from disintegrating.
    My recent post Mikyle Lowe: And the Parchment of the Emerald Ring by M.J.L

  70. Tom Newman says:

    A tim tam!

  71. Louise Perry says:

    A rich tea – although a penguin is really good too if somewhat indulgent
    My recent post Cake Angels Ice Cream Cone Cupcakes

  72. Isabel O'Brien says:

    Chocolate bourbon, it goes nice and squishy but doesn't fall apart.

  73. shelley says:

    I would love to win one of these, Looks amazing 🙂

  74. Sam Williams says:

    Chocolate digestive – Just can't be beat

  75. It has to be Crinkle Crunch which just keeps it together once warm.

  76. Milk chocolate hobnobs because they don't break up
    My recent post Fun on the Beach #countrykids

  77. sarah says:

    chocolate digestives, can't beat a bit of chocolate with a cup of tea

  78. Suzanne C says:

    chocolate digestives-the melted chocolate is divine!

  79. Neil Graham says:

    Digestive – has a great taste when dunked

  80. nicola stott says:

    Hob nobs…great absorbing power!!

  81. Michelle Smith says:

    Custard cream as the biscuit goes soft to match the cream centre

  82. TheBoyandMe says:

    Has to be a chocolate hobnob

  83. Hannah Ingham says:

    The digestive!

  84. Valerie Seal says:

    It's a plain chocolate digestive for me!

  85. corinne says:

    Hobnobs, they soak up so much tea!

  86. Rhia says:

    Malted milk is the king of Dunkers!!! Ethical enough to hold it’s form but absorbent enough to be yummy and squidgy 🙂

  87. The mighty hobnob of course 🙂

  88. Andrew Rowlands says:

    nice kettle

  89. Nickie says:

    The ultimate dunking biscuit is a ginger nut however the ultimate dunking experience is a Penguin with the corners bitten off and used as a straw.

  90. marie yeardley says:

    ginger nut

  91. Amy says:

    Bourbon biscuits are great for dunking.

  92. sarah rees says:

    nice biscuits. they are my favourite

  93. michelle banks says:

    caramel digestives! ohhh so yummy!

  94. Stephanie says:

    Gingernuts as you get to dunk (safely) more than once!
    My recent post Operation Dogwood is now complete!

  95. emma collins says:

    i love dunking rich tea as they just taste lovely

  96. Richard Eldred Hawes says:

    It would look really good in my kitchen

  97. Miriam Said says:

    Nice biscuits are awesome for dunking, soggy quickly so no waiting and the yummy taste.

  98. Lyla says:

    Digestive biscuits because they melt in your mouth when soft

  99. Natalie Crossan says:

    A ginger nut has always satisfied my biscuit needs 😉

  100. Julie Fisher says:

    Digestives. They taste great once they've been dipped in tea.

  101. amanda brett says:

    fabulous prize,would love to win this <3 🙂

  102. John Jones says:

    Hobnobs are the best as the hot tea makes them taste ten times better.

  103. dee says:

    Fab prize

  104. Caroline Blaza says:


  105. colin gault says:

    Ginger Nuts

  106. Emma Ferguson says:

    Chocolate hobnob….they are the master of dunking as stay firm 🙂

  107. Nancy Townsend says:

    Rich Tea – because they soften perfectly.

  108. judy kennedy says:

    A simple rich tea

  109. kirsty100000 says:

    Bourbons because they are nice and chocolatey

  110. Andrea Williams says:

    Has to be a Digestive, even if they break it's fun scooping them out with a spoon!

  111. stevemiles2014 says:

    A Bourbon becuase they are my favourite

  112. christine szlobodnik says:

    Hob Nobs amber

  113. mary heald says:

    A chocolate digestive because if you time it right you just get the chocolate melted and the biscuit intact.

  114. Margaret McCormack says:

    tea-making par excellence!

  115. nicola hardman says:

    A Bourbon because they have a chocolate flavour without making your fingers sticky

  116. Kerry Locke says:

    Digestive has the perfect dunkability factor – holds shape and absorbs coffee = perfect!

  117. Mrs P says:

    I love a cup of tea and Bourbon as i love tea and chocolate and both of them together is a match make. x
    My recent post OOTD: 23rd May 2014

  118. Sara Boorman says:

    Wow that has to be the best way ever to make tea!

  119. samcornfield says:

    Country crisp because they are delicious
    My recent post

  120. derbyeditor says:

    What an amazing machine, can imagine the look of total bafflement on DP's face if confronted with that! Chocolate fingers best for dunking, obvs.

  121. Alex Kerr says:


  122. Keith Hunt says:

    A nice custard cream

  123. Geoff says:

    Ginger Nut – an undunked ginger nut is not a pleasant experience texture wise, but once dunked it becomes devine

  124. richard hill says:

    i like rich tea chocolates but you have to be quick with them or they break in half

  125. emma garratt says:

    A big fat cookie (the Chunky ones) mmm x
    My recent post Silent Sunday

  126. marie lovell says:

    Gotta be the hob nob, because you need a massive cuppa tea as it soaks it up

  127. Tea says:

    Rich tea biscuits and chocolate mcvities are the best

  128. Jadea says:

    I don't dunk anything…to me that's just gross!

  129. mydaysni says:

    How to pick….. a chocolate chip cookie..lush
    My recent post My Life’s Ambition is…

  130. Susan Sargent says:

    Ginger nut , do not drop to bits

  131. Chris says:

    looks fab

  132. claire curtis says:

    Custard cream

  133. daryl gott says:

    Rich tea biscuits. That's what they are made for.

  134. jardieni says:

    Ginger Nuts would be my dunker of choice. They soften up lovely in a nice brew.

  135. tracey thompson says:

    hob nobs, as it doesn't go soggy and fall in the tea

  136. kim neville says:

    chocolate hob nobs

  137. Sue Bowden says:

    I love a Maryland double choc, thick and chunky, lovin it when the big chunks of chocolate melt, so yummy!

  138. caroline says:

    A dark chocolate digestive – the chocolate JUST starts melting and the biscuit remains intact

  139. Louise Asekokhai says:

    Rich Tea as it soaks up loads of tea

  140. Phillip Roseman says:

    Bourbon Biscuits, as you dunk them the outer sandwich softens but the chocolaty bit inside remains lovely and crunch-illy firm and delicious. mmmmm…….. I think I'll go and dunk one now!

  141. RAJ SANDHU says:

    Rich tea biscuits as they were made for dunking!

  142. Hellie's Corner says:

    Ginger nuts, they're my favorite biscuit and they go brilliantly with a cuppa.
    My recent post The Photo Gallery: One Word

  143. gareth evans says:

    my favourite biscuit to dunk is …. someone else's

  144. Ann Skamarauskas says:

    ginger nuts, the tea softens them beautifully

  145. Carla H says:

    Would love one of these- would be a big improvement on my old teapot!

  146. spicers1976 says:

    A digestive

  147. My Life As A Mummy says:

    Custard Creams! Hot tea against the cold cream… awesomeness x x x

  148. Dawn Chapman says:

    OOOOH a custard cream!

  149. kate kathurima says:

    ginger nut as is a nice mix of flavors for the coffee

  150. snafflesmummy says:

    A good dunker is a Hobnob (chocolate of course)
    My recent post A Comic Book Bedroom Makeover

  151. felcity smith says:

    gingernuts all the way

  152. Anon says:

    Watch this video, share it with as many people as you can. this changed how I perceived gender issues.

  153. mike says:

    Digestives, sweet and soggy!

  154. elaine stokes says:

    a good old fashioned digestive…. it holds itself together even when you suck the tea out of it x x x x

  155. maureen moss says:

    gingernuts hold their shape best

  156. mamasyder says:

    Jammie Dodger for me, because dunking makes the jammie bit all chewy, yum!
    My recent post Sharing A Caffe Cagliari Moment

  157. bali gill says:

    fig roll, as I enjoy it when it's nice and soft throughout

  158. Zoe Roxby says:

    Ginger nut because I love the spicy flavour it leaves and the tea tastes amazing, my boys love chocolate chip cookies and bourbons and my husband anything he can get his hands on.

  159. Amanda Graham says:

    Lemon Shortbread is perfect with tea!

  160. Sarah Norgrove says:

    Have to be Lotus Biscuits, they go so well with coffee

  161. Rachel Mcmillan says:

    custard cream

  162. Michelle Ferguson says:

    Shortbread is my favourite

  163. Jo Hutchinson says:

    Chocolate covered hobnobs because they don't break apart when you dunk them but the chocolate goes all melty.

  164. Mary Chez says:

    A chocolate digestive because I like how the chocolate melts

  165. becca staples says:

    Shortbread fingers, so they go a little bit soggy but still have some bite! x

  166. jayne hall says:

    nice biscuit tastes nicer when wet

  167. Pamela says:

    Marie biscuits because they go nicely soft with a buttery taste.

  168. Claire D says:

    Chocolate digestives because its yummy

  169. Jennifer Burnage says:


  170. James says:

    Not seen one of these before!

  171. Rebecca Gransden says:

    Ginger fingers

  172. hayley morgan says:

    I do love a bourbon dunked in my tea, no reason other than I love bourbons!

  173. kevin smith says:

    Rich tea, perfect dunking thickness

  174. June Gaynor says:

    Plain digestive – why complicate things?

  175. sarah says:

    Has to be a chocolate digestive.

  176. Christine Caple says:

    I prefer gingernuts because they don't go too soft!

  177. Kimberley Johnson says:

    Rich tea biscuits you have to be careful they are not dunked to long or they break into your tea, end up with soggy biscuit tea

  178. laura jayne bates says:

    milk chocolate biscuits as the chocolate melts and its yummy

  179. Hazel Rea says:

    Dark Choco Liebniz because the chocolate tastes even more delicious when warm.

  180. Victoria Lowe says:

    Homemade butter shortbread biscuits – absolutely divine with a cuppa 🙂 x

  181. Zoey H says:

    Hobnob as they last a cuppa

  182. Ben Rideout says:

    Chocolate bourbon all day there made for dunking and who can resist chocolate

  183. W.Critchlow says:

    It has to be Hobnobs

  184. Pearl Davison says:

    I think I actually need this!

  185. Pearl Davison says:

    I think I actually need this to make a perfect cuppa to dunk my perfect dunking biscuit…the garibaldi!

  186. iain maciver says:

    mcvities digestives dunking all the way

  187. hannahlig says:

    Bourbons because the fondant in the middle goes gooey!

  188. suzanne drummond says:


  189. meljanie says:

    Rich tea as I love the sogginess of it when dunked ( Melanie M )

  190. Bonnie King says:

    Chocolate hob nobs! Could eat some right now 🙂 I like them because they are really oaty and of course chocolatey!

  191. cherie shaw says:

    Rich tea biscuits because they go really mushy 🙂

  192. jen lloyd says:

    ginger nut creams by fox… a quick dunk though!

  193. Anwyn says:

    I would so love one of these! I'm hoping for chocolate bourbon x
    My recent post Sheridan UK launch and a lovely day in London

  194. Christopher Nicholl says:

    Chocolate hobnobs they don't disintegrate too quickly

  195. Carol Portas says:

    ginger nut biscuits because they remain whole.

  196. Paul H says:

    Hobnob as survives dunking without breaking

  197. Arabella Bazley says:

    Malted Milk are great because they have great lasting power.

  198. winnie says:

    butter cookies – they melt perfectly in the mouth after dunking!


    What's your favourite biscuit to dunk and why
    digestives – l like them every which way

  200. Helen J says:

    Chocolate Hobnob – it doesn't fall apart and the chocolate melts 🙂

  201. K.C.Mankell says:

    Any of course, but ginger nuts or HobNobs perhaps first choice

  202. Rachel white says:

    ooo malted milk biccies… gotta do two tho because they fall too quickly 🙂

  203. Bev says:

    Ginger – it doesn't disintegrate as quickly!

  204. M.. Anthony says:

    Home made cookies are the best with any brew…

  205. Emily Carter-Dunn says:

    Custard creams. They leave a nice flavour in my tea.

  206. katherine b says:

    Rich tea – geting soft quickly

  207. Paul Emmerson says:

    Got to be a digestive – mmmmmmmmmmm

  208. Angie Hoggett says:

    shortbread because it makes them taste even more buttery and delicious!

  209. GEOFF WICKENS says:


  210. Angela L White says:

    Plain choc digestive, yum yum melted choc and tea 🙂

  211. David Hopwood says:

    Nice gadget

  212. helenbttl says:


  213. emily omara says:

    Custard cream!

  214. ellie thatcher says:

    Milk chocolate digestives . Yum!

  215. c tindale says:

    chocolate digestive because it is plain so it doesnt ruin the tea and when the chocolate melts it is delicious!!!!!!!!

  216. freakfire99 says:

    Chocolate hob nobs – the marines of biscuits!

  217. BEKI LACY says:

    A ginger nut as it holds it's shape!

  218. claire griffiths says:

    custard cream as they are just so morish

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  220. maria blythin says:

    ooo this sounds lovely and a good old rich tea is the best dunkin buiscuit

  221. Jennifer Morrison says:

    Bourbon they just don't taste right without being dunked

  222. Michelle Bruce says:

    Rich tea biscuits cos they are yummily sweet.

  223. isis1981uk says:

    Chocolate digestive

  224. Ruth davies says:

    I adore a good dunk for me I like a Garibaldi – As tea breaks down the biscuit leaving me with those little currents 🙂

  225. Suzy Foster says:

    Ginger nut crunch, nice firm biscuit that doesn’t end up at the bottom of your cup!

  226. Paula Munro says:

    It's got to be a chocolate digestive

  227. Brian Cheney says:

    Rich Tea fingers. They expand in a really satisfying way.

  228. Deborah Torr says:

    a garibaldi

  229. shirley evans says:

    rich tea,plain ,but a lovely dunker

  230. claire woods says:

    Digestive as they don't get too soggy.

  231. Nicola says:

    Digestives 🙂

  232. Pinkoddy says:

    I love chocolate hob nobs – all that texture and having to eat it fast in case the chocolate drips

  233. dorothy cavedner says:

    chocolate digestives because they melt in your mouth

  234. Paul Aislabie says:

    Ginger Nuts would be my dunker of choice

  235. emma falvi says:

    it would have to be custard cream as i can not eat them unless there have been dunked

  236. Got to be homemade shortbread!

  237. David Price says:

    Custard creams…because the tea flavour enhances the taste and slightly melts the biscuit if you don't leave it too long

  238. Patricia Walker says:

    I love dunking digestives because they soak up just enough liquid to make them super scrumptious!

  239. mbain1993 says:

    Hob Nob as they don't break. I love buttery oat biscuits

  240. Kim Lam says:

    Chocolate hobnobs. I know the chocolate melts and they go a bit soggy but they taste so good when dunked

  241. roz bulmer says:

    Nothing makes homes like a cup of tea

  242. roz bulmer says:

    chocolate bourbon hold it just long enough but not too long lol

  243. cookbooksanddoggybags says:

    Wow, this looks brilliant. I am however, not a dunker.

  244. carlie bryan says:

    vanilla crunch cream or 3 butter biscuits in one!!

  245. Nicola Andrijauskas says:

    Rich Tea Biscuit every time!

  246. Romana Richards says:

    A plain Oatie

  247. Romana Richards says:

    A plain Oatie because it does not crumble and dissolve and flavour the tea! It can take a couple of dunkings to soften it.

  248. jackie curran says:

    digestives, I love the soft texture when they have been dunked.

  249. Gillian Holmes says:

    Rich tea they don't disintegrate into the beverage.

  250. Michelle Williams says:

    A Chocolate Digestive of course 🙂

    Thanks for the great giveaway!

  251. Emma Price says:

    A chocolate digestive! you can't beat the classic digestive AND the chocolate melts which makes it extra indulgent!

  252. Phyllis Ellett says:

    Custard Cream, because you get the tea that soaks up in the biscuit but the 'cream' stays nice and chewy. Best of both worlds.

  253. Steven Montgomery says:

    Nice, a great little dunker 🙂

  254. kate says:

    I'm really keen to try tea made in this – love a good cuppa with ginger nuts.

  255. Janine Phillips says:

    Shortbread because it tastes fab dunked x

  256. Gillian Hale says:

    chocolate chip cookies

  257. shona Hall says:

    It's almost … beautiful! and I cant make a decent cup myself so will be most welcome in my kitchen!


    Hob nobs, because they taste perfect with tea & they're nice and filling 🙂

  259. David Allen says:

    Rich Tea – because it soaks up so much tea! 😉

  260. Elizabeth says:

    I like a good hob-nob – love a bit of texture

  261. JULIE CAMM says:

    Has to be plain old digestive…

  262. joanne liddement says:

    I love malted milk biscuits and have done since I was a child

  263. millymopsmum says:

    Plain chocolate digestive. Snap in half, put two sides chocky together stuff it all in. The weak willed can use two quarters, take a swig of tea being careful not to swig too much you'll choke, the bigger the bickie the more the choco smile. Don't like dunking makes tea taste funny.

  264. Helen Metcalfe says:

    shortbread is my fav dunk

  265. Jo Booth says:

    Rich teas or choc hob nobs, yum !

  266. Paula Readings says:

    Fruity Shorties. yum.

  267. Gwyn Sharps says:

    The Rich Tea because they're tasty and go well with a hot cuppa

  268. Katy Berry says:

    Rich tea, the simplest and the best

  269. Florence Cross says:

    Custard Creams as they hold together really well & taste delicious.

  270. Sue Bielewicz says:

    Can't beat a good hob nob

  271. stacy ryley says:

    Chocolate hob nobs… they last ages and are coated in chocolate, wants not to love

  272. caroline cordery says:

    i love lotus because the taste is perfect with my black coffee

  273. tara davies says:

    Cadbury chocolate fingers because they are moreish , can easily clear off a full pack with a cuppa in one sitting.

  274. janine atkin says:

    rich tea. i love how soft they go
    My recent post Parker Jotter Ballpoint Pen

  275. Dee Sherwood Wallace says:

    Dark Chocolate Digestive, I like the melting chocolate.

  276. Clare Scanlan says:

    Ginger biscuits are great for dunking in tea

  277. Joanne young says:

    Custard creams! Yummy

  278. Hannah Bee Griffin says:

    A Custard Cream, The biscuit melts and when you eat it the custard cream melts on your tongue super yummy

  279. Lyndsey Beckford says:

    A ginger nut because it goes soft but not soggy!

  280. Pam Francis Gregory says:

    I dunk Rich Tea Fingers, cos they are plain and fit in the cup

  281. debbie burfoot says:

    oooh a digestive for me to dunk

  282. Christina Jarrett says:

    A bourbon, because I love chocolate 🙂 x

  283. John Steele says:

    Varies but the humble custard cream is a frequent favourite.

  284. Janet Palmer says:

    Has to be a rich tea they were made for dunking 🙂

  285. olivia280177 says:

    the rich tea finger, perfect shape and size

  286. Helen G says:

    Brandy Snaps…….. My nana always called them posh dunkin' biscuits! good memories

  287. sheridarby says:

    Ginger nuts – they have just the right texture

  288. claire says:

    Does kitkat count? Either that. or ginger nuts… they hold together well, and the chocolate on the kitkat melts deliciously when it's dunked
    My recent post Animal Welfare during British Sandwich Week

  289. kristin burdsall says:

    Malted milk. Happy memories of nannies house

  290. jessica newman says:

    i love a custard cream because the cream melts and tastes scrummy

  291. Chris Fletcher says:

    Chocolate hobnobs – they are almost indestructible! No breaking off into the brew!

  292. foxesandfigs says:

    shortbread or any sort of biscuit

  293. anita roberts says:

    chocoloate digestives – the chocolate melts xx

  294. Tracy sheldon says:

    Lovely prize- me please!

  295. Rebecca Powell says:

    A milk chocolate rich tea biscuit – perfect when the chocolate starts melting!!

  296. rachel humphries says:

    chocolate digestive

  297. scarlett brannan says:

    chocolate digestive because the chocolate melts a bit

  298. Jeanette Chalmers says:

    Shortbread fingers

  299. Kq500c says:

    Definitely a chocolate hob nob

  300. Eleanor Powell says:

    digestive, i love trying to judge how long to leave them before they fall apart

  301. Petra Hora says:

    I love Australian brand called Tim Tam, here in the UK I go for Digestive biscuit

  302. Susan Hoggett says:

    shortbread , sweet and does not fall to bits when dipped

  303. Katarzyna says:

    I love short cake because its so sweet and crunchy.

  304. Jeremy Andrews says:

    Hobnobs. they are yummy and dont get too soggy

  305. Jackie Chapman says:

    Ginger biscuits are my favourties to dunk, I just love all things ginger 🙂

  306. Chris says:

    I don't dunk, but if forced it would have to be a ginger biscuit

  307. ashleigh armstrong says:

    twix bite the ends off then using it like a straw suck the tea through it, if you get it right the inside melts but gives you just enough time to eat it before it falls apart! its amazing 🙂

  308. Laura Vitty says:

    Rich tea… just utter perfection.

  309. Steven Edwicker says:

    Has to be a digestive

  310. Samantha Rummens says:

    hobnob just cos its my favourite biscuit

  311. Laura Carroll says:

    The chocolate digestive, because of the way the chocolate melts 🙂

  312. Shauna Barratt says:

    chocolate digestive because you can lick the melted chocolate off! 😀

  313. Gavin O'Shaughnessy says:

    The robust Ginger Nut 🙂 Never lost one yet!

  314. Joanne Welsh says:

    toffypops! The toffeee and chocolate melt and is yummy and sweet

  315. Andrea Johnson says:

    digestive. taste awesome

  316. saffron khan says:

    custard creams for me

  317. karen taylor says:

    Abernethy biscuits…….

  318. tarbs gill says:

    Jaffa cakes!

  319. Penny Hannibal says:

    My favourite are chocolate hobnobs because I just love them! 🙂

  320. gill says:

    A ginger nut

  321. kay says:

    chocolate chip cookies, just love the tase

  322. sue says:

    oreos, make fab dunkers

  323. Cheryl says:

    KitKat ~ but no so much dunking but using it as a straw!

  324. Hannah says:

    Penguin to use as a straw!

  325. Erica Price says:

    Hobnobs and ginger nuts seem to dunk well for me.

  326. Judith Eddington says:

    anther ginger-nut nut!

  327. rachel fisher says:

    Ginger nuts all the way

  328. Kay panayi says:

    Has to be malted milk

  329. Erica field says:

    I don't like to dunk biscuits x

  330. Emma Ellison says:

    Gingernut – the only biscuit I dunk, its just yummy!

  331. mel crossan says:

    a plain digestive, hate to taint the taste of my tea with anything else

  332. Sarah says:

    I cant believe I dont have one of these!

  333. Sarah says:

    Plain chocolate digestives – because why not

  334. itskateandme says:

    choc digestive because the choc softens but keeps things together yum

  335. carole carr says:

    jammy dodger

  336. Joanne Clarke says:


  337. Allan Fullarton says:

    I want one – amazing gadget!

  338. Tobys proud mummy says:

    Love my gingernuts best dunkers

  339. aaron milne says:

    Digestive or Hob Nob – they hasr a good soak up value

  340. helena says:

    hob nobs, dont break straight away

  341. Glenda Hanks says:

    Chocolate digestive, messy but lovely!

  342. Naomi Williams says:

    Ginger nuts

  343. MANDY DOHERTY says:

    Dark chocolate digestives, they hold together well and I love chocolate

  344. SUSAN L HALL says:

    Has to be a Timtam i love the fact we can get them here now as my friend who lives in Aus raved about drinking coffee through them – and she was right! they are like a penguin but not as dense so it soaks up the tea much slower.

  345. bernadette willis says:

    a ginger nut is always the best, followed closely by any type of digestive

  346. kimmie alex says:

    I love Hobnobs! They go nice and mushy

  347. jackie rushton says:

    Bourbon, because it is nice and chocolatey!

  348. adrian knox says:

    bourbon biscuits

  349. pauline black says:

    ginger nuts!It gives a nice taste to the tea to! Cant beat a ginger nut and a hot cuppa !

  350. Leesa Dunn says:

    Chocolate digestive….mmmm yum!

  351. Dan Staples says:

    penguin…. bite either side and suck up tea through it like a straw! AMAZING!!!!!!!

  352. Jacqueline Roberts says:

    I love a dunked custard cream delicious

  353. sandy henry says:

    Digestives because you can dunk for little bit longer x

  354. Sam says:

    Ginger Creams…It has ginger and cream…can't beat that!

  355. Mary Heatley says:

    Custard cream, soggy and delicious.

  356. Calypso says:

    Digestive biscuit

  357. bridie summersgill says:

    rich tea to see how long you can leave it without it falling in 🙂

  358. Sheila Reeves says:

    digestive as they seem to be the only biscuit that can take the tea and still stay the same shape/form & I love the slightly salty taste they have – now I want a biscuit!

  359. Julia M says:

    I like a biscuit that doesn’t go mushy and fall in my teacup. It has to be a ginger nut. Spicy and deliciously durable!

  360. Victoria Collingwood says:

    Choc digestive because the chocolate melts

  361. Robby Price says:

    A Hobnob by dunking it saves the teeth

  362. tina edwards says:

    bourbon because i love the chocolate when its all gooey and the soggy biscuit

  363. monika s says:

    caramel digestives – always tasty and my all time favourite

  364. Stevie says:

    I adore those Tunnock's caramel wafers. I have one or two with my cuppa. The odd dunk here and there to get the choc all wet and hot then put it straight in and catch all the running juices.

  365. Simon Emery says:

    Ginger Nut – they do not fall apart and leave crumbs in the bottom of the brew.

  366. Mike Gerrie says:

    A Chocolate Digestive because if you manage the excact time just before it fall it is amazing

  367. Naomi Buchan says:

    Bourbons, i love how gooey they go in the middle but you have to time your dunk carefully – they don't hold very long

  368. Deb Hambleton says:

    Kit Kat as i love it when the chocolate goes all gooey! 🙂

  369. Fran Morgan says:


  370. Jackie Allum says:

    Caramel Digestives because they're gooey, sticky and oh so naughty!!
    My recent post Love Peanut Butter But Not The Calories?

  371. andrea lloyd says:

    chocolate biscuit love the melting choc

  372. Victoria B says:

    Rich Tea – good plain biscuit but really tasty a little soggy

  373. cat says:

    rich tea

  374. Angela Paull says:

    Rich Tea – simple but perfect for dunking 😉

  375. Amanda Botterill says:

    chocolate cos you can lick the choccy off then slurp the bikkie

  376. kirstymills321 says:

    Chocolate digestives because they are so yummy 🙂

  377. Julie Booth says:

    Hob nobs- lovely, crunchy and tasty

  378. Carole Thornhill says:

    I don't dunk my biscuits as I don't like the mess at the bottom of the cup. If I had to choose one it would be rich tea.

  379. stacey kirkbride says:

    chocolate disgestive biscuits as the only better than chocolate if melted chocolate lol

  380. Dorothy says:

    Definitely gingernuts as they have the strength not to fall apart when dunked!

  381. Jayne K says:

    I don't dunk biccies in my tea.

  382. Daniel Stacey says:

    Custard cream, tastes lovely

  383. Lorna Wils says:

    rich tea

  384. Toni W says:

    Rich tea, they have the perfect consistency and you can catch them before they fall in your drink! 🙂

  385. antonia richardson says:

    Malted milk so yummy

  386. Julie Whittaker says:

    Hob Nob!!! Fairly robust and scrummy

  387. Tam Payne says:

    chocolate Hob nob – great structure and holds together well, taste fab dipped in tea.

  388. paul campbell says:

    a milk chocolate digestive, it is the king of biscuits and the chocolte just melts beautifully in the tea

  389. Lydia Pepper says:

    Shortbread! NOM! 🙂

  390. roleymartin says:

    Coconut Rings!!! turns em all gooey in my mouth, and when I was younger we were poor and I relied on these to get me through the day as out local shop sold them for 16p.

  391. Charmian Filewood says:

    Custard cream due to happy childhood memories and plus they are one of only a few that havent really changed over the years!!

  392. Kirsty Woods says:


  393. claire toplis says:

    HOB KNOB because it is the daddy of all biscuits
    My recent post Sunday Silent

  394. Oh wow! Perfect for my digestives 🙂 x
    My recent post Win a Sage by Heston Blumenthal Tea Maker worth £199

  395. Nancy Bradford says:

    chocolate digestives

  396. Nadia Stanbridge says:

    Digestive …. The full fat variety … And preferably chocolate coated!!

  397. Rachel Davies says:

    Rich tea because you can have two at a time

  398. pam lawrence says:

    I love love love Hob Nobs!!

  399. Colette Sheeran says:

    Chocolate Hobnobs because they go all gooey

  400. Louise Whittaker says:

    Can't beat a hobnob, they go all gooey yum

  401. Claire Nelson says:

    Ginger biscuits because as they get softer in the tea the gingery flavour is even lovely.

  402. champaklal lad says:


  403. Justine Powell says:

    ginger nuts because ginger and tea go together so well

  404. Claire Sutherland says:

    Chocolate digestives as the chocolate melts

  405. emma minazza says:

    hmm this is hard.. so many to chose from! i love rich tea but you have to be quick!!

  406. Reg Vandra says:

    Custard Creams in tea – the biscuit still stays firm & then you get a hit if the filling. Perfect

  407. ksenia zywczuk says:

    Oreo cookie, love the white filling with tea

  408. Lee says:

    Classic's , no better biccie for dunking mmmmmmmm

  409. Bryan Huddleston says:

    Homemade choc chip shortbread, dunked long enough till the choc melts 🙂

  410. Jo Evans says:

    Ginger nuts are best in tea!

  411. Chris Williams says:

    chocolate digestives, scrummy

  412. Mark Allen says:

    Hob Nobs. Sweet and substantial.

  413. Dorota says:

    bake my own cakes 🙂

  414. Karen says:

    Rich tea – because you know it's going to snap if you dunk too long!

  415. lisa tebbutt says:

    fab prize i love chocolate bisuits

  416. Jon Payne says:

    rich tea crispy and nice

  417. claire little says:

    i'm not a dunker 🙂

  418. donna jones says:

    bourbon biscuits they taste nice and more choclatier when dunked in the tea

  419. Helen Schofield says:

    Digestive biscuits so good dunked in coffee mmmmm

  420. Katie Walden Hall says:

    Chocolate caramel digestive, so yummy!

  421. Nadine says:

    rich tea are good

  422. Hazel M says:

    Choccy digestive! Yum x

  423. Stuart Payne says:

    jammie dodgers are fab dipped in tea.

  424. Peter Cusack says:

    Chocolate digestives – I like a challenge

  425. Sam Furniss says:

    Bourbon because it's chocolate ,which is most importtant; but also firm enough not to disintegrate straight away after the first dunk.

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