The Photo Gallery 185: Faces


I had a dream for my blog when I started it all those years ago.
It would be an online journal of our lives. It would show my kids the sort of childhood they had, what family life was like, what I was like, how I felt about raising them, the highs the lows the bits in-between.

And I’ve always remained true to that.

Well let me tell you dear readers, it has paid off. My kids look back on old posts on my blog and they love them. THEY LOVE THEM. I did good (does a little heel click in the air – I can’t actually do them in real life, but this is a virtual celebration so anything goes).

They love to read back on funny things they said, adventures we’ve been on, the phase when I was almost too afraid to go to the supermarket because every time (really, ever time) I stepped through those doors Mia would embarrass me.
And here’s the best bit; they ask me to read posts back to them. “Read the one about when you nearly had to cancel Christmas, mummy”

So to all those bloggers out there who are blogging for the same reason, I give you a renewed injection of inspiration; there is a very real chance your kids will love you even MORE when they’re old enough to read back through your archives *ahem*

This post is for week 185 of The Photo Gallery: The theme is Faces.
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This virtual gallery of photographs is about enjoying each other’s work, so go make someone’s day. You will get out of this whatever you put in.

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20 Responses to The Photo Gallery 185: Faces

  1. suzanne3childrenandit says:

    This is a great comfort to me, not least because I wrote a post yesterday where I explained how disparaging my middle child is of my blog! I then went on to explain my reasons for blogging and one of them is as a keepsake, something which I hope one day they will be proud of. This confirms it for me. Thank you.
    My recent post This Face

  2. Jess @ Catch A Single Thought says:

    This is so reassuring. More often I read about how our kids will be nothing but embarrassed at the thought of being written about so it's encouraging to hear that actually, they might quite like it!
    My recent post The Gallery: Faces

  3. sarahmo3w says:

    It's great that your kids love it, go you! I've still not been brave enough to let my kids read mine, but that's fundamentally the reason I started too – to share the highs and lows, the things that made me proud and the things that made me angry.
    Couldn't find linky, so this is me today…….
    My recent post The Gallery: Faces

  4. Helen says:

    What fun! Thoroughly enjoyed wasting an hour of my life that I’ll never get back on this!

  5. HelpfulMum says:

    I am so pleased for you that they love it so much. I always tell people I am proud of my blog, and that's down to you! I hope when my children are old enough we can look back at it together. They enjoy the pictures for now!

  6. LauraCYMFT says:

    What a great post. I do worry what my kids will think when they are older (especially in their teens) and read back and think what the heck Mum?! It's reassuring to hear that your kids love reading your blog. If anything, mine will help me remember these days when I'm too old to remember them myself.

  7. My eldest, Robb {11} came home from high school with a gorgeous collage he'd made at school. I asked him how he'd got those photos and his reply was "i googled your blog, mam and saved the photos to my computer". If my blog is worth doing just for that reason, i'm happy as.

  8. SusanKMann says:

    What a lovely post. xx
    My recent post The Gallery 185 – Faces

  9. softthistle says:

    Hmm, maybe it's just as well my first blog ended up in the nether world… 😉
    My recent post The Gallery: Faces

  10. Sarah says:

    That's why I started my blog too and we often look back.

  11. My Life As A Mummy says:

    I think it's lovely that they love reading your posts. I hope my kids love it too when they are older x x x
    My recent post The Gallery – Faces

  12. Lucy (_lab_) says:

    I LOVE that they enjoy reading your blog. Yours was such a timely post for me. I am starting to try and blog again for that very reason, recording development. This has always been for my own benefit/memory but lovely to think it will benefit the wider family too. Lucy x
    My recent post The Gallery: Faces

    • Tara says:

      I look back on my early stuff now and it really does give me a sense of nostalgia the way a single photograph never can. I love reading about how I felt, what the kids were getting up to, what we were doing as a family. So very worth it
      My recent post The Photo Gallery 185: Faces

  13. Sarah Ebner says:

    I love that your kids enjoy looking back. Mine love looking at photo albums and I think it's similar, but so much more interactive. Brilliant way to share memories and recall good times.
    My recent post The Gallery – Faces

  14. tinuke says:

    It's cool that the kids love your blog. My daughter often photobombs me when I'm trying to take pictures from the blog and she gets really excited when she sees images from trips we've shared. I hope when she's a tad older I can share some of the posts with her in the same way you have with your own children.
    My recent post Faces

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