House of bookworms

book worm

Mia is so obsessed with books and reading at the moment that this has become quite a common sight; whenever you turn a corner, there she is. Doesn’t matter how inappropriate the spot or how dark the nook it’s like she had one of those cartoon lightbulb moments and thought ‘I simply HAVE to sit here and read’.

So that bumping and cursing noise coming from my house? It’s me tripping over her as I come down the stairs then curse because how can you tell a child off for loving to read?


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4 Responses to House of bookworms

  1. SusanKMann says:

    I loved books and hope my children are the exact same as Mia x
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  2. So gorgeous and funny 🙂

  3. mamaelsie23 says:

    I am so going through the same thing with my BigL – she has just discovered Harry Potter. But I remember being exactly the same way. Sometimes I can't see her in the bed for discarded books. But I wouldn't have it any other way.

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