The Photo Gallery 183: Easter

Dog walk

This Easter holiday I made a conscious decision to put the camera down.
Something this blogger finds very hard to do.
You want to photograph everything; snap every little moment to make sure you capture the magic for future years.
And then share it.
But there problem with that is, sometimes you’re spending so much time behind the camera that you miss out on actually being there. I mean really THERE.

So I put the camera down. Sure I’ve taken a few photos, but nowhere near as many as I normally would. And most of those have been quick snaps on my phone.
And it’s been wonderful. We’ve just hung out for pretty much two weeks. Visited friends, hunted for eggs, decorated eggs, visited family, hunted for more eggs.
But by far the most regular thing we’ve done over the holidays is walk. Lots and lots of walking. Which means lots of lots of talking and catching up and chewing the fat.

It’s fabulous to capture those magical family moments – I’m a huge advocate of that – but sometimes you need to switch off, switch on to the humans around you and just make those magical family moments.

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19 Responses to The Photo Gallery 183: Easter

  1. Kizzy says:

    Totally agree, I felt the same when we went to Disney the other week.
    My recent post #TheGallery Easter

  2. Louise Perry says:

    Totally agree with you on this one. It's hard, but living and having the memories is more important than having the photos. That is a beautiful photo x
    My recent post The Gallery: Easter

  3. sarahmo3w says:

    Yes! Very true. I was actually really pleased on Monday when I didn't take any photos. I felt I'd taken too many over the last few days – even though we'd been doing fun things to warrant them and I will enjoy looking back on them. Sounds like you had a lovely, relaxing time.
    My recent post The Gallery: Easter

  4. mummyoftwo2 says:

    I have to agree that sometimes it is nice to not worry about snapping away every second and actually being there is more important.

  5. Adrienne says:

    Some of our best days on holiday, I didn't even have my camera with me. (Very rare) there's always an iPhone camera though, if I just HAVE to take a photo 🙂

  6. louisejedwards says:

    Brilliant photo, the weather has been so glorious so it has been great to enjoy it. xx

  7. Oh I completely agree on the not always really being “there” when you have the camera out. I love taking photos and framing up that perfect shot, but it can definitely be at the cost of everyone’s patience, and I’m sure I miss things while I’m getting my settings just right. I definitely try to get my photos early on on a day out or on a special occasion, so that I can get my shot and then put the camera away, and that seems to be my happy balance.
    Beautiful photo of your gorgeous girly. She is looking so grown up with that hand in the pocket pose. x

  8. …sometimes the more chilled out and the no plans week off are the best…and high five on the whole putting the camera down! i know i didn't do it!
    My recent post 16 / 52 {pasg / easter}

  9. Harriet says:

    That moment for me was on safari (as you do, darling), when a herd of buffalo careered by at vast speed and I was so busy trying to take their picture I didn't actually *look*. B says being in that moment, with the noise and the dust and the hooves and the smell was amazing, but I didn't experience it at all, and of course the pictures were rubbish and I ended up deleting them all.

    I'm not very good at putting the camera down even after that, but I do try. Sometimes. I even managed to paint my own egg…
    My recent post An Easter Gallery

  10. SusanKMann says:

    What a great picture. Glad you had a great time. x
    My recent post The Gallery 183 – Easter

  11. Kara says:

    Your daughter looks so much like you! Stunning photograph xx
    My recent post We found where the Easter Bunny lives!

  12. mummybarrow says:

    The word that springs to mind is "majestic"

    What a great pic.

  13. I know exactly where you're coming from and that's why we go camping to get away from the distractions of technology.
    My recent post The Gallery – Easter

  14. singlemarriedmum says:

    Lovely photo.
    So many ways to catch the moment now; too easy sometimes to forget to live it x
    My recent post St George's Day egg cosy

  15. lauracymft says:

    That's a great photo. So true, it is hard to put the camera down as you want to capture everything to look back on. But then you do miss things too. Nice just to enjoy the moment sometimes.
    My recent post Easter #TheGallery

  16. lisaslife1970 says:

    That's a lovely photo 🙂 I used to be one of those annoying people at gigs with their camera up all the time till I realised I wasn't really getting the atmosphere!
    My recent post That Was Easter?!

  17. catherine says:

    i've put my camera down quite a lot recently, my son is so full of bounce and life that all I ever get is a blurred shot anyway!
    My recent post The Gallery: Easter

  18. I am not sure I can even enter this week for the exact same reason. Phil had a couple of weeks off, and we have introduced no screen days as L loves her iPad a little too much….. that has meant we have been making memories but not capturing them. Off to see if I have anything. May have done a few sneaky phone snaps too!
    My recent post The Body Shop & Me

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