The Photo Gallery 181: A Photo I’m Proud Of

Mia on stage
Despite her feisty demeanour, Mia is quite shy.
Ask her to do anything in front of a group of people she doesn’t know and she panics.
It never looks like panic. It looks like an eye roll, arms folded, “I can’t be bothered”.
But I know it’s a mask for her shyness.

This is Mia at her school play. They staged it during the early evening to make sure as many parents could visit as possible.
The hall was packed. She’s only been at this new school for a few months, so she knows a handful of parents.
Lots of strange faces staring up at her.

We had a conversation a few months ago about getting married. “How could you stand being the centre of attention mum?” she asked me. “Didn’t you mind all those people looking at you all day? I think I’d hate it”.

The day the school play acting parts were announced she was very matter of fact about it all. Hers was a non-speaking part which, again, she rolled her eyes at but I knew she was relieved. She got to stand at the side, out of the limelight. No pressure.
On the night she sang every song as if she was being tested on how well she could convey the emotion. It was marvellous. She mouthed along to the lines of every other child’s speaking part.

The photo I’m proud of isn’t a particularly ‘good’ photo. As is usual at school plays, I’m sat completely over the other side of the hall to where she is and there are at least 15 parents between her and me with their phones/tablets/cameras raised in the air to grab a photo.
What I’m proud of is the moment I’ve captured; my girl coming out of her shell, realising she needn’t be quite so shy any more. Realising that performing in front of others is actually quite fun.
Because on the way home she announced: “Next year I think I’m going to try and get a speaking part”. 

mia on stage2

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28 Responses to The Photo Gallery 181: A Photo I’m Proud Of

  1. sarahmo3w says:

    Fantastic! Well done, Mia! I was so proud of my son recently when he took a speaking part in the school play. My daughter sounds the complete opposite to Mia – she loves being centre stage with all eyes on her, but she's not so keen on talking to people in small groups!
    My recent post The Gallery: A photo I’m proud of

  2. Hellie's Corner says:

    Lovely photo, and well done to your daughter for performing in front of all those people. I think they just need to come round to these things in their own time. And in the end if they don't that's fine, other wise the world would be full of actors!!
    My recent post Poppy Seed Heads ~ Macro Photography…

  3. mamasyder says:

    Gorgeous photos. Bless her, hope she gets the speaking part that she wants next year x
    My recent post The Gallery – A Photo I'm Proud Of

  4. Mirka Moore says:

    Well done to her, it must be hard being at new school, and good luck with next year's part 😉 By the way, she is GORGEOUS!
    My recent post The Gallery: A Photo I’m Proud of

  5. Cathy Powell says:

    Absolutely gorgeous photos of Mia, Tara. Thank you for sharing.
    My recent post The Gallery : A Photo I’m Proud Of

  6. HelpfulMum says:

    These are such beautiful pictures. Well done Mia. I always used to enjoy performing when my family weren't watching!
    My recent post The Photo Gallery – A Photo I'm Proud of

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  8. lauracymft says:

    Well done Mia! Great photos. She looks like she's having a great time.
    My recent post A Photo I'm Proud of #TheGallery

  9. kimmer2111 says:

    Well done Mia! Such beautiful photos x
    My recent post Interview with my girls….

  10. Coombe Mill - Fiona says:

    Beautiful photo of a beautiful girl, I'd be proud too!

  11. SusanKMann says:

    Aww what a beautiful picture and well done Mia xxx

  12. English Grandma says:

    Soooo lovely…for Mia and you, Tara x

  13. My Life As A Mummy says:

    Well done Mia.

    Lovely photos, she looks so elegant

    Laura x x x
    My recent post C Section Recovery

  14. MummaG says:

    Beautiful, so lovely that she now wants to try out for a speaking part, well done Mia x
    My recent post Aubergine and broccoli bake with spinach and ricotta

  15. Liz says:

    These are wonderful photos TC – they look almost as if they've been specially lit. I do wish I'd been more confident as a photographer when No 1 Son was small xxx

  16. aww you must be so proud, she reminds me so much of my daughter at the same age – who is now in yr 6 & desperately wants to have a singing /speaking part in the summer production!
    My recent post Half Price Family Attraction Tickets

  17. Sian says:

    I love your Mia rocks!
    My recent post Haribo Easter

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  19. Sarah says:

    Such a lovely choice of photographs and a very moving moment to capture and be proud of x

  20. They are beautiful photographs, they really capture her in action.
    My recent post The Gallery: A Photo I’m Proud Of

  21. Elaine Livingstone says:

    well done Mia,not only on this year but also for thinking ahead to next year. Glad the change of school has been good for her and that she can enjoy her childhood again.

  22. mamaelsie23 says:

    As a teacher for 16 years – a Drama one at that – I totally get what you're saying here. This is a wonderful photo that encapsulates the beauty of non-academic activities in school. My eldest has found rugby to develop her confidence. A moment a mum will always remember!

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