A week in mornings

washing on the line

I posted a while ago about our school run. The madness, the car journey, the millions of bags I’m expected to carry.
Our school run has significantly changed since then. No more driving, lots of walking, different schools. A dog!
I actually have the time to hang the washing out on the line before leaving the house.

So here is a week in mornings in the Sticky Fingers house. More than two years on!
The sun came out, washing went out on the line, jackets were shed and spring was definitely in the air.


morning cat

* Mia loves her bed. Loves it. She’s a teenager in waiting as most mornings I have to draaaaag her out of it. And at the moment she loves having her hair in rags so it’s curly for school! I think she looks so adorable when she’s sleeping.
* The cat also loves her bed. Or my bed to be more precise.


breakfast smoothie

* I love coming into the kitchen and changing the date every morning. I also love coming into the kitchen to the sight and smell of daffodils which feels very English to me.
* Breakfast is this breakfast smoothie which I’m now addicted to.

kickers school shoes kickers school shoe

* New school shoes. These are just superb; so robust and old fashioned looking. Not sure Mia is as enthused as I am as “they’re just school shoes” she tells me (with added eye roll).
Many thanks to Cloggs for sending these Kickers school shoes to review. They’ve got a cracking website with loads of big name brands on offer.

morning sky blossom

* The weather has been just lovely and the sky so blue – which is surprising given that this time last year we had snow.
* The blossom is out in force right now. This is my neighbour’s tree and is the first thing we see when we step outside the house; an explosion of white.

Joules wellies joules wellies and dogenglish fields

dog walk

* At the weekend we go discovering exciting new walks with the pooch. We go over fields, down the canal side, through forests. We need decent footwear! So many thanks to Joules for the gorgeous and very stylish wellies Mia and I were sent to review. We’ve used them loads and we totally look the business. As you can see, the dog is a fan too!
(I have the aptly named Posh Premium Welly £69.95 and Mia has the rather fabulous Candy Pink Pony Print wellies £24.95).

mothers day

* Of course, the best way to end a week is with Mother’s Day; there is nothing finer than homemade stuff. Nothing. Except maybe flowers. Flowers come a close second.

So, are your mornings similar? Or are you still on the MANIC, GET DRESSED, GET OUT THE HOUSE QUICK stage?!


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19 Responses to A week in mornings

  1. WallyMummy says:

    We love a bit of Joules in this house :))) makes me feel all countrified! lol x

  2. kimmer2111 says:

    What lovely photos!
    Looks like you have lovely mornings! I wish mine were more like that! x
    My recent post McCain Ready Baked Jackets – Review!!

  3. Mirka Moore says:

    I love Joules, have actually received a gorgeous tweed jacket for a review this morning, cannot wait to show it off. Stunning photos as always.
    My recent post #FitnessTuesday: 6 Weeks Before the Prague Marathon

  4. Expat Mum says:

    We're fairly organized. Get up at 7, leave the house at 7.50 and school is a three block walk (quarter mile if that). However my ten year old literally has to chivvied to do everything. This morning he was supposed to be brushing his teeth and i caught him just standing in the middle of the living room. I asked him what he was doing and he said "Oh, just day-dreaming". Sigh.
    My recent post Ranting about ranting

  5. Nicola says:

    It doesn’t matter how early I get up or how organised I think I am in the morning, I still need just five minutes more

  6. She has her hair in rags! I remember doing that as a child – I could never sleep for all the lumps in my pillow but I loved my hair in the morning!
    My recent post Wot so Funee? Signs my children are getting older

  7. genuineplacebo says:

    Your mornings sound perfect! I love your photos, they're all bright and fresh and very, very spring like! I'm now off to investigate that smoothie recipe! x
    My recent post Debbie’s Reasons Why She Chose Baby Led Weaning – Guest Post

  8. sarahmo3w says:

    What a lovely idea for a post! Mia looks so cute sleeping in her rags.
    We're a bit 'get up, get out!' but it's so much easier only taking two kids to school (although the third still needs nagging!). I always like to get my washing hung etc before school as it makes for a better start to the day when I get home.
    I could imagine my daughter and I would be the same over the Kickers – I would think they were the best thing since sliced bread and she would think they were a bit too boyish and would prefer some different ones!
    My recent post The Gallery: What I'm doing right now #widrn

  9. mamaelsie23 says:

    What beautiful photos! Well our house to be full on crazy when I was working full time – leaving the house at 7.20am, back in the house at 6.20pm. My conversations with the 3Girls consisted of 'Get in the car', 'Get out of the car'. Now I'm having a wee break from work it's definitely a little calmer. Just a little!

    Recently discovered your blog and I love it, love it.

  10. Laura says:

    Lovely photos. I work full-time with a commute of over an hour each way so our mornings can be very frantic!
    My recent post Kids Today: Seeing the world through their eyes

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