Win a kMix Hand Blender Set worth £100 [closed]

win a kmix hand blender set

One of my very favourite gadgets in my kitchen is the hand blender.
I use it all the time. Every day in fact. It is THE gadget!
I use it to make my Healthy Heart Smoothie for breakfast – the best way to start the day in my humble opinion. Apart from a bacon sandwich; that’s obviously the best way to start the day, but this is way healthier!

This Kenwood kMix Hand Blender set is so much posher than the one I use.
The tri-blade blender comes in red, almond or graphite grey and comes with chopping blades, a balloon whisk and all fits together in a space-efficient storage system.
It looks fab too.
And I’m giving you the chance to get your hands on it – with your pick of your favourite colour too!
For more details about the blender visit the official Kenwood site.

kMix hand blender set

I’m teaming up with John Lewis to offer this fabulous gadget to one lucky reader from their electrical range. 
Just fill in the widget below to enter; it’s as easy as that!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

The competition is open to residents of the UK only (sorry rest of the world).
No cash alternative offered.
The prize is 1 Kenwood kMix Hand Blender set from John Lewis in your choice of colour; red, almond, peppercorn, worth up to £100.
Entry is via Rafflecopter.
Make sure your contact details are easily available.
The competition closes on Friday, April 4, 2014.
One winner will be chosen from all the entries after the closing date.
The winner will be asked to provide their full name and address for the prize to be sent to.
If a prizewinner does not respond within a week of being contacted, the prize will be re-drawn and a new winner will be contacted.

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722 Responses to Win a kMix Hand Blender Set worth £100 [closed]

  1. genuineplacebo says:

    Soups! I love using a hand blender to whizz up the soup whilst it's still in the saucepan 🙂
    My recent post Review: Lindam Safe and Secure Playpen

  2. mummyoftwo2 says:

    I would use this to whip some cream for a sweet treat! I was stood whipping for what felt like hours last night so this would really help!

  3. activities4kidz says:

    My recent post Top That Publishing Children’s Books

  4. Ellen says:

    I'd use it every day, from tasty soups to baking fabulous cakes!! I used to have the cream one but my husband broke it, not impressed with him, he was well & truly sent to the dog house!
    My recent post Lemon & Coconut Blondies

  5. Lisa maguire says:

    Cheesecake, scones, buns, the lot. 🙂

  6. Rebecca says:

    I want to get the kids into smoothies… With hidden healthy ingredients! Love the kMix range 🙂

  7. Tracey Peach says:

    I Would make Soup for the whole family

  8. John Menzies says:

    wonderful Mixer

  9. tracyknixon says:

    A nice trifle with whipped cream for Easter! Thank you!

  10. Peggy Muncie says:

    would give it as present for my son and his girlfriend, as they have just moved into their 1st home together

  11. Mary Gibson says:

    I'd use it to make soups.

  12. beverley says:

    Date and walnut loaf, to start with!

  13. suzanne drummond says:

    everything from cakes to smoothies i just love it

  14. Laura says:

    Definitely soup, we love it in our house.

  15. rhiannon says:

    Think I might do some soup first I'm in the mood for spicy lentil but I would move on to some ginger cake next

  16. Romana Richards says:

    A vindaloo ( Anjum Anand) . It is really a vinegary curry (Portuguese influence) and can be hot or not but involves blending vinegar and various spices, garlic and ginger to make a marinade, with cubes of pork and cooking for 30 minutes an hour or two later. Yum!

  17. kim plant says:

    cupcakes from scratch x

  18. BNM says:

    Everything – I really need to win this as I may have broken a bit on the one we have!
    I love blenders they're great!


  19. iain maciver says:

    a pastry apple pie

  20. Rhoda K says:

    I think I'd start with some soup.

  21. David Fendick says:

    lots of soup

  22. redrosemummy says:

    Home made apple puree for my little girl, it's a favourite treat
    My recent post Chill Factor Colour Blast Squeeze Cup Slushy Maker

  23. Smoothies and myself thinner as a result 😉
    My recent post Disneyland Paris Holiday Surprise Reveal

  24. Paula Hambly says:

    As sad as it may be my first choice would be a well blended angel delight

  25. s edwards says:

    Smoothies & soups

  26. Kevin McGovern says:

    Muffins, muffins and lots more muffins! Di d i mention that i want to make muffins?

  27. I’m planning on handing it to the teen, she’s the baker in this house 🙂

  28. Cheryl Kean says:

    hopefully yummy smoothies! x

  29. Miriam Said says:

    Cakes, lots of cakes, and perhaps some soup.

  30. Jayne says:

    I've always wanted one of these, I'd make a fruit smoothie. 🙂

  31. melanie stirling says:

    Different soups,I have soup everyday!

  32. Claire McCreesh says:

    Love creamy soups 🙂

  33. Vicki g says:

    Wow that’s much posher than the old crapy one I’ve been using and all the bits are there! I would make smoothies and soups and pesto

  34. kellyjo walters says:

    I'd blend up some strawberries and bananas and make fruit roll ups / fruit leather

  35. Gina M says:

    Whip some cream for a banoffee pie

  36. John Taggart says:

    Lots of nice soups

  37. elaine dale says:

    lots of cakes

  38. derigirl says:

    I love making all kinds of soup since I am diabetic and I know what goes into them and they are delicious

  39. james wood says:


  40. samantha price says:


  41. Susan Lloyd says:

    Soups and cheesecake x

  42. Susan Laing says:

    I am the smoothie queen and have just recently suffered the death of my own hand blender so this would be an ideal replacement

  43. dee says:

    To make some yummy cakes will be easier than a hand mixer

  44. Karin Joyce says:

    My old hand blender died a death late last year. I have always loved blending soups so that would be my first order of business but I can see milkshakes becoming a favourite item with this gadget if we’re lucky!
    Karin xx

  45. MANDY DOHERTY says:

    Beef and Vegetable soup

  46. Harley says:


  47. David Zipfell says:

    Would love to win this prize

  48. Shelly Beckman says:

    Smoothies and cakes!

  49. tony machin says:

    whey and fruit smoothies

  50. Joy Portas says:

    Fruit Crumble

  51. Hele R says:

    Soups 🙂

  52. tracey says:


  53. karen cowley says:

    Definitely for angel delight , this would be amazing , thanks for the chance xx

  54. Ooh, I would love this – soups, smoothies, chopping veggies quickly…
    My recent post MATS Bootcamp – Jelly!

  55. Donna R says:

    I'm growing courgettes this year can't wait to make soups with them

  56. Michelle says:

    Soups and smoothies!

  57. Kelly Innes says:

    surely it is far too pretty to be used? Can I not just sit and stare at it over my morning coffee???
    My recent post Tesco Mum of the Year Awards 2014

  58. Amanda Graham says:

    Lots of different soups!

  59. CHRIS ANDREWS says:

    What do you plan to make/create with your kMix Hand Blender?
    soup – l love to make home made soups and this would make life easier

  60. Laura Caraher says:

    I would whip up some strawberry and banana smoothies 🙂

  61. ann clements says:

    banana muffins

  62. michelle banks says:

    cakes with my grandaughter x

  63. hayley green says:

    Smoothies all the way!

  64. Andy Caldwell says:

    love making soups

  65. Suzy foster says:

    Lots of scones!

  66. richard hill says:

    probably some sort of cake but will need the wife to tell me what to do lol xx

  67. Tania Atfield says:

    Make madeleines and lemon loaf cake.

  68. Rudy Roversi says:

    A curry paste

  69. helen says:

    banana and strawberry smoothies

  70. Paula Hambly says:

    A well blended butter scotch angel delight!

  71. Keith says:


  72. Carla Morris says:

    I love to make soups with my little boy. Showing him how these wonderful veggies can be made into different things. We also make dips, our favourite is houmous

  73. sharon mead says:

    meringues 🙂

  74. Kay Broomfield says:

    Simple blended fruit and veg for my little girl towards the end of the year, she's due in June!

  75. natasha M says:

    Lots of cupcakes!!!

  76. Louise A says:

    Hmm.. carrot cake!
    My recent post Mushroom, Leek and Parmesan Slice/Pie Recipe

  77. Sam Williams says:

    Soups and smoothies

  78. Valerie Falconer says:

    My old hand-blender, given as wedding present twenty-nine years ago, has just conked out. If I do win this, I bet it arrives after I've bought a new one!

  79. Mary Heald says:

    Chocolate Brownies. Yum.

  80. Georgie says:

    Smoothies with the kids!

  81. bev says:

    i use these to whip cream for on top of yummy desserts! sorry hips!

  82. Beckie Duncan says:

    all sorts of things……my little boy loves cooking and baking!!

  83. lisa sargent says:

    i think i would make some soup 🙂

  84. hollymarierose says:

    to make a soup

  85. Iasha says:

    Soups and smoothies

  86. diana jones says:


  87. Jean Bolsover says:

    Tasty milkshakes & desserts

  88. Abby Bookham says:

    My blender has just stopped working so this would be perfect

  89. Mr Danny Cox says:

    Fruit juice

  90. Amanda Hattie says:

    I'd use it to blend stuff up for my baby (banana's etc) that's due in 9 weeks time when he can eat in a few months time 🙂

  91. Edward Guerreiro says:

    The obvious answer is anything and everything. But the first thing I would make is a simple vegetable soup, probably Butternut Squash Soup with a little chilli & crème fraîche. It’s been a long time since I have had it.

    However, saying that, I find the set to be so aesthetically pleasing, that I almost wouldn’t want to use it at all, just in case I got it dirty 🙂

  92. Olga Constantinova says:

    lime merengue and mango soufflé

  93. James Seale says:


  94. sharon johnson says:

    id whip cream, for my kids, as my arm aches doing it now! xx

  95. Jonathan Gordon says:



    Vegetable soups, and fruit smoothies……………..xxxxxxxxxxx

  97. Lorna Kennedy says:

    Probably the first thing would be a lemon meringue pie, but I could use it every day in all manner of things!

  98. Steve B says:

    Soup, without getting covered in it while it is boiling hot. 🙁

  99. MIKE AMBLER says:


  100. david colfey says:

    Victoria sponge

  101. Hazel Rea says:

    Soups and desserts – starting with Parsnip and Apple soup.

  102. chris @thinlyspread says:

    Soup, smoothies, cake topping, purees, pate – everything really! It would be incredibly useful!
    My recent post Rosehips on A Kitchen Table – Seasonal Recipes

  103. Lynne D says:

    Having a sweet tooth it would have to be making cakes and desserts 🙂

  104. Susan Smith says:

    Soups, and allsorts of delicious things

  105. Smoothie for breakfast, soup for lunch and erm cake for dinner? Anything and everything – I’d love to get my mitts on this!

  106. P Millington says:

    I have always wanted to try soups – other people make it look so easy.

  107. Zoe G says:

    Loads of things, definitely soups with well loved recipes from my mum, smoothies and baby food when my niece comes to stay with us

  108. Louise Palmer says:

    Smoothies, soups and baby food!

  109. Paul Wilson says:


  110. Heather Haigh says:

    soups, smoothies, desserts, loads of things.

  111. EMMA WALTERS says:

    this would be perfect for my non-churn ice-cream & save my poor arm from whisking for ages!

  112. hannah oneill says:


  113. Rita Hutton says:


  114. safaribob says:

    Has to be potato and leek soup……..

  115. karen says:


  116. Paulina says:

    easter cookies for the whole familie of course

  117. Caroline Clarke says:

    Soups, smoothies, sauces, healthy cakes and cupcakes, anything I can think of!

  118. Tony Mann says:

    With this lot I won't need to ask the question "will it blend"?

  119. Ellen Hewitt says:

    Just discovered a website with curry recipes that we love but they involve chopping lots and pureeing lots so this woudl be a great time saver!x Thanks for the opportunity.

  120. Karen Davey says:

    the fluffiest sponge ive ever made !!

  121. Helen Grayson says:

    Tomato soup with mixed herbs 🙂

  122. Sue Bowden says:

    First it would be soup's, then my slim fast, using a blender really fluff's the mixture up – yummy!

  123. Alana Walker says:

    Some yummy soups and some home-made baby food.x

  124. Sean L. Lee says:

    Curry sauce

  125. karen delaney says:

    id use it for soups.

  126. judith says:

    kids come first .. so it will be used most of the day on smoothies

  127. LynneH says:

    The smoothest hot chocolate ever

  128. Allan Smith says:

    Chocolate cake!

  129. jessicawlondon says:

    Meringues, as I have a huge glut of eggs from our three chickens!

  130. pauline hii says:

    milk shakes

  131. I've got a great recipe for a pesto that needs a jolly good blitz of some pine nuts and walnuts! After that, it's smoothies for breakfast 😀
    My recent post Developing a Poster – Ocular Unction!

  132. Denise says:

    I can taste the piña colada smoothie now

  133. Greig spencer says:

    vegtable soup

  134. L BUNNING says:

    A lovely spicy soup will be my first creation.

  135. richard mortimer says:


  136. Leona S Fisher says:

    Lots of desserts!

  137. Toni W says:

    Soups! 🙂

  138. Rob Tapson says:


  139. Tracy Hanley says:

    buns, cakes, soups and maybe some jam

  140. Judy says:

    I'd make a cake for my son!

  141. Dorota Amellal says:

    smoothies (- banana & strawberry & cinnamon 🙂 yummy

  142. Pamela Savagfe says:

    Soup. Lots and lots of soup

  143. KATHY D says:

    Lovely homemade soups

  144. shirley evans says:

    lots of cakes

  145. Beth Bowdler says:

    Some lovely healthy soup

  146. laura jayne bates says:

    a cake

  147. tamalyn roberts says:

    my double chocolate fudge cake, with lots of fab cream

  148. Kevin says:


  149. melanie allen says:

    gluten dairy free it would be the addition to the kitchen that I need 🙂

  150. Rich Tyler says:

    Anything & Everything I'd be on the internet trying to find things to make with my new shiny blender! 🙂

  151. adeinne tonner says:

    Some yummy soup

  152. Stacy says:

    I would really like to make a decent soup with my prize 😉

  153. Alison Johnson says:

    My leek & potato homemade soup.

  154. Roger says:


  155. Peter Hewitt says:

    Soups and perhaps the odd cheeky Pina Colada

  156. ashleigh says:


  157. pete cleasby says:

    banana cake

  158. Sarah Davies says:

    I make a lot of soups. This would be great to replace my flagging blender. (Far smarter too!)

  159. sylvia hughes says:

    fresh tomato soup

  160. Dianne Hanson says:

    Lots of lovely baking for the Summer, strawberry flans, victoria sponges and trifles 🙂

  161. Ane S says:

    I would love to use it to make cheesecake 🙂

  162. Laura Jeffs says:

    Plenty of gorgeous soups!! I love soups 🙂

  163. Katie Evans says:

    It's fantastic for making soups and sauces, it would get lots of use in my home 🙂

  164. Emma Nixon says:

    Homemade veggie soup

  165. Jim Kerr says:

    Everything I can

  166. abigail edkins says:

    lots of lovely soups to take to work

  167. Paula Barker says:

    good for home-made soup

  168. laura stewart says:

    id use it for soups xx

  169. alex b says:


  170. Julie Gazzard says:

    I would like to try making some nut butters 🙂

  171. Paul Ballantine says:

    I'd use it to make my protein shakes

  172. Anneka Hulse says:

    carrot and coriander soup

  173. S CLARK says:


  174. Helen says:

    Soups, smoothies and cakes

  175. I would make my favourite treat…….hummus…………this tool would make it so easy. I would really appreciate winning one. Thank you.

  176. Janine Phillips says:

    I'd use it for sauces x

  177. Kat Lucas says:

    Oreo cookie mousse with whipped cream

  178. Kevin Honey says:

    Whipped Cream

  179. caroline cordery says:

    salad dressings and healthy pancake batter

  180. Rikka B says:

    A pavlova

  181. Judith Lightfoot says:

    Banana ,strawberry & blueberry smoothies & lots of soups

  182. Pam Francis Gregory says:

    I love smoothies!

  183. Eva Vida says:

    caramel cheesecake

  184. Jeremy Rance says:

    Soups and Cakes so i can be be good and healthy then bad and pig out haha

  185. Rachael G says:

    Soups and pasta sauces

  186. tinkertink2010 says:

    I would use it all the time – from salsa's to soup to cake, cake and lots of cake! x

  187. phallam says:

    A blender is the most important piece of kitchen equipment.I use one everyday but would love to win a new one.

  188. Victoria says:


  189. olg says:

    lots of soup

  190. Kev C says:

    smoothies to start 🙂

  191. mousegran says:

    Some light fat-free sponge cakes that I can then pack full of whipped cream and strawberries!

  192. clair downham says:

    everything but some homemade soup would be good

  193. Susan Nisar says:

    Baby food to freeze…

  194. Lisa Collins says:

    A yummy omelette

  195. Keith W says:

    Baked alaska!

  196. Jed Harper says:

    Lots os goodies for my 2 young sons!

  197. sarah rees says:

    nice chocolate cakes

  198. Emma Chamberlain says:

    cheesecakes, and soups – Yummy

  199. David Vessey says:

    Lovely homemade soups!

  200. lynn heath says:

    My old hand blender is long overdue an upgrade so would love this – I would use it for whizzing up soups and sauces

  201. jenny owen says:

    Soup!! love making my own soup

  202. Amanda Richardson says:

    blended vegetable soups a great way to get the children to eat extra vegetables

  203. Zoe Roxby says:

    I have a party coming up soon so it will help me make alot of things.

  204. Helen Huxley says:

    Soup, meringue , cake, pastry, whip cream, puree , coulis the list is endless don't know which I would do first

  205. Sheila Hodgson says:

    Soups and sauces

  206. frances hopkins says:

    Soups x

  207. Charles Omelo says:

    healthy soups and juices

  208. Lorraine Tinsley says:

    I'd make some low fat soup for myself and some purees for my baby daughter

  209. Donna Parkin says:

    batter as am so into tempura prawns at moment and this will help me mix the light batter due to my illnesses find it painful at moment

  210. maggie ali says:

    lots of yummy things 🙂 smoothies are our favourite 🙂

  211. jenny morgan says:

    some lovely cakes yummy

  212. Julia says:

    This would be really useful for me, the whisk attachment would help a lot because i am disabled and struggle with whisking things

  213. NicolaAndrijauskas says:

    Lovely filling and healthy soups 🙂

  214. marie glover says:

    Baby food

  215. Simon Fullard says:


  216. HelpfulMum says:

    Ooh, I would love to make some smoothies. I have lost the attachment to my handheld blender.

  217. elizabeth wragg says:

    A Carrot cake 🙂

  218. moonlite2012 says:

    milkshakes and cakes

    debbie godbolt

  219. Laura Morris says:

    Coffee and walnut cake – my fave!

  220. Val Swift says:

    Smoothies and soup

  221. Rena Plumridge says:

    Carrot and coriander soup

  222. victoria welton says:

    Lots and LOTS of cakes!!

  223. Kieran says:

    Cheese scones

  224. lisaslife1970 says:

    I'd blend clementines for cake for me and swede & sweet potato for the dog 🙂

  225. MummaG says:

    I would use it for everything, especially juicing fruit and veg for detox.
    My recent post Season's Trends

  226. Martina Pichova says:

    Soups and in the future baby food.

  227. Well I'm likely to be making a lumpy something less lumpy, Cog on the otherhand will be whipping up something quite delectable. Tomorrow she will be ahdn beating melted chocolate, cream, ginger and biscuits into a tart she is baking. It gets good as they grow up 🙂
    My recent post People Watching

  228. ashleigh armstrong says:

    lots! my little girl is just starting weaning so I have lots of blending to do, and a 4 year old that always wants cake made 🙂

  229. gaynor davies says:

    i would try my best at giving soup a go with it :=)

  230. a e groom says:


  231. Janet rawstron says:

    Milk shakes, smoothies, soups and creams for toppings.

  232. Caroline Blaza says:

    Would have to be soup

  233. Marion says:

    Soups 😀

  234. lugworm says:

    Soup, soup and lots of soups

  235. Tammy Tudor says:

    chicken noodle soup

  236. Anthony Webster says:

    start simple with a nice victoria sponge

  237. Claire Jacobs (@vampybear) says:

    Lots of healthy soups for me and my toddler, as well as some smoothies in the upcoming summer!

  238. Neil Stephenson says:

    Ice cream

  239. kelly says:

    Homemade soup 🙂

  240. leemc says:

    as we are on a health kick in prep for our holiday, it would be smoothies for mornings and soups for lunches.

  241. Sandra Lane says:

    Love to try my hand at macarons

  242. tracy sinclair says:

    I would use it to make smoothies, I used to have a blender, which was ideal for making them, so quick, but it would come in useful for lots of other things too, ideal for blending the babies food when she's at mine too x

  243. Abigail says:

    I would start with an angel delight because I fancy one!
    I love the red set <3

  244. Christina Brown says:

    Oat and raisin cookies as I have such a craving for them right now! 🙂

  245. Sarah Norgrove says:

    Homemade mayonnaise

  246. Kelly Curtis says:

    Fruit smoothies! i love them, and dont have a blender, so this would be fantastic xxx

  247. Rob Tunnah says:

    Creamed broad beans – yummy!

  248. debbie jackson says:

    key lime pie 🙂

  249. Claire Smith says:


  250. Daniel Stacey says:

    A big sweet treat

  251. Lorna lyons says:

    I plan to use it for everything; making soup because blending it disguises the vegetables from my children; making cakes and treats for my family

  252. Jen Palmer says:

    Smoothies 🙂

  253. fferfer43454 says:

    Humas for Mrs.R
    My recent post Free Clothes

  254. laura banks says:


  255. ian says:


  256. Andrew Rowlands says:

    soup soup soup mmmm
    almond pls

  257. Jennie Heard says:

    Soups Galore

  258. laura stewart says:

    id use it to make yummy soups

  259. Lauren Old says:

    I would whip some cream for a trifle!

  260. Rob Griffiths says:

    Leek and Potato soup

  261. nickietypecast says:

    Hand blenders are great for smoothies or for creating create home made soups 🙂
    My recent post Filofax Review : Personal Patent Compact in Duckegg Blue

  262. lynn savage says:

    There's so many things I'd use this for – whizzing my soups beautifully smooth and cream, whipping cream, making smoothies, mushing my swede etc

  263. Mark Cameron says:

    Home baking, and lots of it

  264. Siuzanne says:

    I'd be more adventurous than usual and attempt lemon meringue pie.

  265. Sara Jones says:

    I would use it for soup, my family's favourite is spicy vegetable soup 🙂

  266. Suzanne Cooke says:

    I would make perfect pancakes.

  267. KATHY W says:

    soups and also, a cheesecake…:)

  268. Stephen Lee says:

    This looks an Ideal tool for my soups

  269. ben says:

    a leek and potato soup!

  270. David Paterson says:

    Ham and lentil soup

  271. joanne darnell says:

    mushroom soup

  272. tim poole says:

    Curry paste

  273. chrissie curtis says:


  274. William Gould says:

    Smoothies made from our home grown fruit!

  275. may p says:

    I'd love to make my favorite soup recipe with the help of this little brilliant helper! As well as my kids! 🙂

  276. Louise Asekokhai says:

    Mashed vegetables and homemade soups.

  277. ryan says:

    everything sweet!

  278. emma says:

    chocolate cake is always a winner

  279. Michael Griffin says:

    lemon meringue pie

  280. Julie Ward says:

    Would give it my son, he blends loads of things

  281. francesca grimshaw says:

    DESPERATELY NEED A HANDBLENDER – mines broken! I'd use mine to make delicious soups!

  282. Alexandra Smith says:

    Homemade mayo with lots of garlic – Nom!
    My recent post The Disappearance of Emily Marr – Book Review

  283. Gillian Holmes says:

    Spicey Parsnip soup
    My recent post Yoga

  284. John Jones says:

    Lots and lots of soups.

  285. nataliewhite91 says:

    Parsnip soup!! 🙂

  286. Hassni says:

    A mess.


    Cupcakes 🙂

  288. Brian Cheney says:

    They are great for making soups.

  289. claire says:

    Cupcakes with my boys x

  290. Kate Duckmanton says:

    Loads and loads of baby food!

  291. Ray Dodds says:

    Bakewell Tart

  292. steve cooper says:


  293. ashley smith says:

    soup 🙂

  294. Chloe metcalf says:

    Chocolate brownies 🙂

  295. John Lynch says:

    a nice hearty soup

  296. jodie yorke says:

    smoothies and soups.

  297. emma baker says:

    Home-made sweet potato soup! 🙂

  298. rebecca nisbet says:

    some scrummy chocolate filled muffins

  299. Zara Penrice says:

    Cakes and soups!

  300. Allan Wilson says:


  301. Ruth Harwood says:

    Smoothies, yum!

  302. Isabel O'Brien says:

    Parsnip and potato soup.

  303. soozybee says:


  304. Gabrielle Svensson says:

    Lots of soup

  305. Sylvia Witham says:

    I'd try it out with some meringues

  306. clairew137 says:


  307. Claire D says:

    Soup, soup and more soup

  308. jo b says:

    Probably soup. Leek and potato

  309. nicola hardman says:


  310. Natalie Crossan says:

    Lots of smoothies 🙂 x

  311. Kirsty Mills says:

    I's use to blend my homemades soups

  312. Rachel Stephenson says:

    Soup and lots of it!

  313. Dawn Henson says:

    Soups. I love Soup!!

  314. helen booth says:


  315. Lyla says:

    I'd make fresh fruit cocktails

  316. suzanne says:

    We love to make cakes so I think this would certainly assist us – better than beating by hand which I've been doing for about 20 years!

  317. Rachel Mcmillan says:

    Cake, Cake and More Cake

  318. Harley says:

    I would make some great crab cakes with this little invention. Looks like I would have fun doing it too!!

  319. Iona Cornish says:

    Lentil and Vegetable Soup

  320. Charlotte Hood says:

    The first thing I'd make would be pea and mint soup! Yum!

  321. Frances Wood says:

    Would be great for making lots of healthy soups to take to work for lunch.

  322. Blake Ahearne says:

    healthy soup

  323. Ingrid M says:

    I bake a cake every Sunday, so this would be very useful to me 🙂

  324. michele says:

    Soup and lots of it 🙂

  325. Stacey Carnell says:

    Home made bread and soup Mmmmmmmmm 🙂

  326. isis1981uk says:

    Some butterscotch brownies!

  327. Laurie-ann says:

    A yummy green Thai soup

  328. Rey Chunara says:

    I'd use it to bake a coffee cake to start

  329. karen taylor says:

    Everything in my new Mary Berry cookbook I received for Mother's Day : )

  330. Ann Skamarauskas says:

    cake, cake, cake, cake and possibly cake

  331. Isobel Gibbons says:

    Puddings (sweets)

  332. Victoria Easton says:

    Bake a chocolate cake that might actually rise!

  333. Laura Costello says:

    I'm trying to cut out rubbish and eat healthier so I would use it to make some nice smoothies with fresh fruit xx

  334. Keith says:

    Make a Victoria Sponge and then whip a cream filling

  335. gemma clark says:

    Defo soups, my hubby will make smoothies!

  336. Andrew says:

    I'd probably try a soup first too, never got around to making soup…
    Perfect excuse to try.

  337. Averil Lea says:

    Hand blenders make soup making so much easier.

  338. Richard Eldred Hawes says:

    Just the job as I make a lot of soups

  339. deborah davies says:

    im trying very hard to lose weight and get healthier so i would make lots of tasty soups and fruit smoothies.

  340. Kathryn Booth says:

    peanut butter and banana smoothie

  341. Debbie Burfoot says:

    lots of homemade soups

  342. Rose says:

    Smoothies 🙂

  343. Gwyn Sharps says:

    Soups and smoothies

  344. Michelle Ferguson says:

    Lots of soup

  345. claire says:

    I spike L's smoothies with good things…… sshhhhhh!
    My recent post The Gallery: Sport

  346. Richard Rowley says:

    Whip some cream up to put on some home made scones

  347. Joanne Welsh says:

    All of my recipes for my diet!

  348. Emily says:

    My recent post Does your Granny deserve an award..?

  349. Jennifer Kerrawn says:

    I love baking and this would be just perfect for cupcakes as well as for loads of other things.

  350. androidyandy says:

    I would be making a wide range of vegetable soups, sweet or savoury omelettes and pancakes batter mixes plus fruit drinks – Good honest healthy food and drink primarily from fresh vegetables & fresh fruits.

  351. lynsey buchanan says:

    I would give it to my niece so she can make baby food

  352. Leanne Lunn says:

    My partners birthday cake

  353. Simon Benson says:

    Some delicious soups and sauces

  354. Angie Hoggett says:

    some nice soups to keep in the freezer

  355. Michael Clyma says:

    Id make a lovely carrot and coriander soup

  356. tina edwards says:

    soups and i would blend food for my baby granddaughter

  357. Amanda Seville says:


  358. Sam Stevens says:

    milkshakes. Yes.

  359. Sarah Hollins says:

    A pavalova, my grandma is a whizz at them, all that whisking by hand – but this mixer would just be ideal to give her a break!

  360. judy kennedy says:

    a fudge cake

  361. aliceColling says:

    It will be brilliant to soup!

  362. Lorna Wil says:

    Would love to make home made smoothies and soup.

  363. Jo Evans says:


  364. Diane Radford says:

    Soups, cakes, pesto and would also use to wizz up home made baby meals 😀

  365. Rebecca Gransden says:

    a smooth pasta sauce

  366. Christine Caple says:

    I would try making some soup.

  367. Janice Papworth says:

    If I won I'd make lots of healthy soup

  368. maureen moss says:

    a super dupper chocolate cake with all the extras

  369. Catherine Bell says:

    It would be great for smoothies

  370. lindsey stuart says:

    Im on a diet and make lots of soups 😀 i would love to blend up some soups with this fantastic blender.
    I would also use it for my homemade yogurts and smoothies 😀

  371. claire curtis says:

    Some walnut brownies…. lovely with a coffee and a quite moment lol

  372. christine szlobodnik says:

    Creamy carrot cake

  373. Mike Martin says:


  374. Lisl Hemmins says:

    I take homemade soup to work everyday and this would be very handy for breaking up the lumps!

  375. bridie summersgill says:

    would love to try mayonaisse

  376. Gerald Thomas says:

    Definitely Soup

  377. anniealmond says:

    I would love to get back to making smoothies- I used to have them as an alternative to sugary cereals, until my old hand blender blew up (literally!!) (

  378. sam schofield says:

    i would create the most wonderful delicious milkshake you have ever seen it would also be handy for the kids

  379. Sheryl K says:

    Pesto or soup or pancakes… I can't decide.

  380. Erica field says:

    Lots and lots of cake!!!

  381. Susan Hoggett says:


  382. barbara clarke says:

    some lovely soup

  383. Amanda Deacon says:

    I would make cakes, puddings, soups, anything and everything

  384. Sarah Lewis says:

    Some lovely soups.

  385. Lyndsey Beckford says:

    Lots of lovely soup!

  386. zoe bryan says:

    Would have to be a cheese cake Strawberry Kiwi and Honey Comb for my kids 😀

  387. Sarah S says:

    I seem to use a lot of breadcrumbs in my cooking and this would be perfect for creating them.

  388. Nicola Mc says:

    I'd make a nice cake!

  389. tarbs gill says:

    Cake! 🙂

  390. Laura vitty says:

    I love making soups with my homemade veg 🙂

  391. Phillip Roseman says:

    leek and potato soup – my favourite

  392. becca says:

    Soup and blending veg into sauces so the kids don't realise!

  393. annie h says:

    I would make soup, meringues, cakes and whisk cream

  394. Kat Glynn says:

    I make a lot of baby food, soups amd I also like to make my own pesto 🙂 x

  395. ROSE P says:

    my husband would use it to make a mess in the kitchen for me to tidy up

  396. Kim Lam says:

    Taramasalata – I love the stuff

  397. Ben says:

    I like Paula's idea for blending Angel Delight! I think myself, I'd start with a nice soup 🙂


  398. saisse sanders says:

    A yummy carrot cake x

  399. Phyllis Ellett says:

    A nice banana cake

  400. vicki hennie says:

    I would make a nice red pepper and carrot soup

  401. emma says:

    homemade soup! yum

  402. Lisa Fletcher says:

    Banana Milkshake

  403. irene gilmour says:

    would start out making soups

  404. george brown says:

    smoothies and sultana scones

  405. Sam Gregory says:

    Soups, cakes and smoothies

  406. carly bryan says:

    make some dips like hummous for my kids

  407. sandra bald says:

    Soup as I make lots of it. Courgette & Lemon is our favourite and a hand blender would be ideal

  408. Steven Montgomery says:

    The perfect gravy 🙂

  409. sarah davison says:

    fruit smoothies for my two girls

  410. Stephen Dittrich says:


  411. olivia kirby says:

    meringues, too much like hardwork by hand!!

  412. Samantha Atherton says:

    I'd make some macaroons for my husband, some breadcrumbs for making fish fingers with my little girl and then blend up some soup for a healthy lunch.

  413. Hayley Todd says:

    I would use this fab blender to make some delicious smoothies for my daughter, thick creamy milkshakes and homemade vegetarian soups x

  414. helen spillett says:

    ooohhh sauces, soups and cakes!!

  415. Cat Williams says:

    Light and fluffy cake mix

  416. Jessica cook says:

    Cheesecake x

  417. Lynne Rea says:

    Soups and Smoothies

  418. melanie edjourian says:

    oooooo a smoothie 😉

  419. Geoff Hibbert says:

    Home made soup – except tomato, can't beat what Heinz do.

  420. dani graves says:

    I'd use it to make some yummy dips like houmous and tzatziki

  421. gina brett says:

    more soups

  422. michaela says:

    I would like to do soup and smoothies and also maybe baby food if it is suitable 🙂

  423. Kirsty Woods says:

    Love making soup so this would be great

  424. liz ferguson says:

    im on a low carb, soup based diet, so this would be perfect

  425. Anthea Holloway says:

    I would mix up some chocolate brownies and then some whipped cream for a trifle!

  426. patanne1 says:

    I would use it to make fruit or veg smoothies 🙂

  427. kristin burdsall says:

    Gingerbread with my little ones

  428. Jonn says:

    Soups for my Bairns and smoothies for me!

  429. Pete S says:

    Soups & smooothies

  430. Alcro says:


  431. joanne liddement says:

    I would make up batters to make pancakes for breakfast and also soups for lunchtime

  432. jen morgan says:


  433. anne woodthorpe says:

    defo smoothies!

  434. Deb Alexander says:

    Lots of lovely home made soup! YUMMY!!!!!

  435. Penny Ford says:

    Parsnip Soup

  436. kate says:

    id make my mum fresh soups!!she has to go to work with tinned soup so this way i could make them fresh for her to take.
    and smoothies too!!

  437. Sheila Reeves says:

    Vegetable soup, or some smoothies

  438. Barry Ranns says:

    A good custard

  439. Karen Louise wright says:

    I would make soups x

  440. vera Bahounkova says:

    I would make Soups for my grandson Toby

  441. Jo Booth says:

    I would make some yummy cupcakes with my daughter 🙂

  442. Denise C says:


  443. kim styles says:

    Easter egg shakes- a milk, milk chocolate and white chocolate shake with icecream and mallow !!!!!! very unhealthy but just for a treat

  444. rebecca roberts says:

    soaps, it would be perfect

  445. janice skelton says:

    Would love to win a red one so I can make some super meringues!

  446. Stevie says:

    I think it would be a home made chicken and mushroom pie.

  447. Ruth davies says:


  448. Kelly Martin says:

    I often make pancakes for breakfast and my current hand blender is broken so this would be made to make pancakes, yorkshire pudding mix, baking mix for chocolate fudge brownies and much more.

  449. Eleanor Powell says:

    lots of healthy homemade soup

  450. jenrhymer says:

    I would use it to make smoothies and to blend the baby's food for her first foods 🙂

  451. Alison Burns says:

    I’d use it to zap soand to whip us creamy desserts. Lovely giveaway.

  452. David Douglas says:

    Mushroom soup

  453. Gary Wild says:

    This will do very nicely for blending my soap.

  454. Victoria Savill says:

    The perfect pavlova

  455. lia burns says:

    i'd love to win to make lots of smoothies for me and the kids 🙂

  456. Helen Gilbert says:

    Love experimenting with soup recipes and my own fruit and vegetable drink concoctions !

  457. Shirley French says:

    Smoothies! would love this!

  458. Jane Wathan says:

    Winter warming hearty home-made soups – just in time for summer!

  459. Nadia says:

    soups soups soups!

  460. Clare Parker says:

    Some lovely smoothies xx

  461. sheridarby says:

    soups and smoothies

  462. Chris Fletcher says:

    I'd love to make my favourite cauliflower and stilton soup!

  463. kim heeps says:


  464. Nicola Holland says:

    A delicious healthy soup

  465. monika s says:

    Chocolate cake mixture x

  466. Belinda says:

    I like making soup and my son likes making smoothies so it would be well used

  467. caroline Bellamy says:

    thank you – great prize

  468. Sam P Toms says:

    Maybe a nice cake x

  469. tazzy keen says:

    soup, butternut squash and sweet potatoe I think.

  470. Claire Nelson says:

    Lots of soups which is currently my son's favourite thing.

  471. clare davies says:

    tottenham cake! been obsessed and no where sells it!! so would make my own endless amounts!!!!

  472. limaechopapa says:

    Soups 🙂

  473. Angela Williams says:

    whip up a cheesecake

  474. janine atkin says:

    id use it for cake making
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  475. Liz Burton says:

    Cakes, soups, pesto.

    Not necessarily in that order!

  476. Emma Wolski says:

    Lots of soups!

  477. Trish D says:

    Cakes, cakes and more cakes 🙂

  478. nicola white says:

    i love making my cakes so i would do cupcakes with the kids x

  479. jessica newman says:

    soup and meatballs

  480. Jayne Rigby says:

    A fruit posset

  481. Kerry Lethbridge says:

    Lots of yummies for my twins Amber and Ethan

  482. N Hume says:


  483. JOY DEHANY says:

    soups, sauces, crumble and meringue…there's loads you can do with that.

  484. @jodiekins22 says:

    My husband would use it to make curry paste. Me, I'd be making smoothies Something could go horribly wrong there I fear,…. Strawberry Madras Smoothie anyone?
    My recent post The Piano Lesson ..

  485. JEN SHEARER says:


  486. Kirsten Murphy says:

    My friend works in an Indian restaurant and has promised to show me how to make all the authentic curry pastes once I have a decent blender

  487. Debbie Preston says:

    Soups and lump free mashed potatoes

  488. Susan Freeman says:

    Soups – it will get well used as I make a lot of them 🙂

  489. FARIDAH BROOKER says:


  490. Jayne K says:

    Banana milkshake

  491. alice lightning says:

    whip up deserts make smoothies for my family whatever takes my fancy really looks superb it definatly looks as though it get the job done in no time with great results

  492. Emad says:

    Some yummy nutmixes for dessert toppings

  493. Chantelle Kemp says:

    Lots and lots of home made Soups!!

  494. I would use to make a lovely tomato soup.
    (sam fernley)
    My recent post My 1st Years review and giveaway

  495. julie henderson says:

    smoothies and soups as hubby just been put on high blood pressure tablets so a change of diet will be happening over next few weeks

  496. pam lawrence says:

    Soups, pureed fruits, cakes and meringues – for starters!

  497. Joseph Mitchell says:

    I would make a biscuit recipe my son loves – lemon drizzle biscuits!

  498. jadedcorsa says:

    Cakes glorious cakes….especially my fave cake, Lemon drizzle!

  499. Natalie Gillham says:

    I dont know what I'd do first but I'd do loads with it, soups, sauces, cakes, smoothies etc 🙂

  500. Karen Painter says:

    I like to make my own herbal remedies and toiletries so this would be great to chop and mix everything up for me in superfast time.

  501. David Price says:

    vegetable soup

  502. john mills says:

    Great prize, fantastic for healthy soups!

  503. Susan Trubey says:

    cakes cakes cakes

  504. sylviagill says:

    soups, Cakes, so many uses, and my old Kenwood could really do with replacing, but it just keeps going on and on !

  505. Stephanie Tsang says:

    I'd make some delicious healthy fruit smoothies.

  506. corina cullen says:

    This looks like a fab piece of kit, I would use it to make my soups

  507. Chevaune Stanley says:

    A lovely big sponge cake with jam and cream! My beaters don't fit my hand mixer, so that would be brilliant to be able to make a cake 🙂

  508. carol boffey says:

    soup love soup

  509. elaine stokes says:

    a healthy smoothie with maybe a little booze in

  510. kate sain-burns says:

    soup 🙂 yummy

  511. Kate Phillips says:

    I'll do a smoothy for breakfast.

  512. Vicki A Smith says:


  513. Amanda Botterill says:

    that cheesecake in the picture looks pretty good, might have a go at making one of those

  514. trevor linvell says:

    A healthy red cabbage soup

  515. charlotte says:

    soup, cakes, curry- I would love to make loads and loads

  516. Sarah H says:

    My daughter is off to uni in a couple of months so this would be a lovely treat for her as she loves to cook 🙂

  517. andrea lloyd says:

    soup like to make

  518. sandy henry says:

    Everything that needed mixed or whisked, would be so much better than having to bring out the food processor x

  519. Stacey Craig says:

    First of all I would make meringues I hate hand whisking it's a nightmare.

  520. Veronica Butt says:

    Gorgeous healthy fruit and vegetable smoothies

  521. abby says:

    ooooohhhh id make cakes,smoothies soups and mousses

  522. tara says:

    soups mostly and smoothies

  523. persian says:

    soups and for hummous…yummy

  524. samantha says:

    Id use it for soups, general blending and chopping dried fruit for the kids, but Id also use it to blend down fruit and vegetables so I could hide them in the dinners I make better as my 13 year old step son is rather veg phobic so if he doesn't know its there he might eat it.


  525. Philip Boyle says:


  526. louise pearson says:

    It would have to be a smoothie for little girl who adores them x

  527. S Stringer says:

    My sister's hair

  528. becci cleary says:

    Some lovely Buttercream for the fairy cakes I am always having my arm twisted into making by my 4 Year Old 🙂

  529. helen jones says:

    breakfast smoothies using fresh and frozen fruit

  530. David Allen says:

    cake mix 😉

  531. Trudee says:

    I just started Slimming world, this would be perfect for making so many things from soups, dressings, desserts..oooh the possibilities are endless!

  532. laura pyper says:

    woud be fab to make smoothies 🙂

  533. ann weir says:

    ooooo we love smoothies in this house so would be the first thing i make 🙂

  534. Emma Biddulph says:

    Lots of things – we are trying to create more of our food ourselves and this would be really useful in a number of ways! Soups, fruit smoothies, broths and sweet treats!

  535. dorothy cavender says:

    i would love to make soups with it

  536. Emma Price says:

    CAKE! Lots of cake!

  537. Naomi Buchan says:

    Pancakes, lots of different types x

  538. jodie harvey says:

    smoothies 😀 and it woluld be awesome for my 4 month old daughters food in a few weeks time 🙂

  539. Sarah Cooper says:

    Lots of cakes

  540. Keith Wallbanks says:

    Cream of celeriac soup would be first on my (long) list

  541. Christine Bray says:

    Baby foods and slimming smoothies LOL ( go hand in hand, babies & slimming)

  542. Ruth Hedges says:

    A large chocolate cake for my family 🙂

  543. makila wheatley says:

    blended fruit for smoothies or homemade sorbets now that summer is coming

  544. maria blythin says:

    some lovely soups x

  545. cherie shaw says:

    Smoothies for my children 🙂

  546. lisa williams says:

    i would love to make my favourite leek and potato soup.

  547. Robby Price says:

    Homemade soup

  548. k dunn says:


  549. kelly says:

    a cake for my boyfrind

  550. Marie McMahon says:

    would be perfect for soup making, can no longer hold a knife so have been missing home made soup x

  551. Jacqueline Roberts says:


  552. tony houghton says:


  553. Prerna Gupta says:

    Definitely soups!

  554. Louise Whittaker says:

    curry pastes my fav

  555. Janet Rumley says:

    Home made soups and baking with my daughter

  556. Rachel Gilbey says:

    I plan to use it to help me make some delicious cakes

  557. Ann Robinson says:

    I think i'd try gucamole, i love it but the supermarket stuff tastes terrible

  558. katie dupont says:

    First i will make some lovely soup and use it to blend veggies in our pasta sauce so the children dont know they are in there:)

  559. karen dixon says:

    smoothies – i love smoothies great for when i need a sweet treat

  560. alexandra okcu says:

    soup and smoothies

  561. lemonscake says:

    I would use it to chop all the ingredients for nut loaf 🙂

  562. kelandab22 says:

    A lemon cake would go down nicely

    Kel Ellen Hirst

  563. Irene Murdoch says:

    Carrot and Almond soup is a favourite of mine

  564. Leesa Dunn says:


  565. Frank Field says:

    fresh soup

  566. Gail Bennett says:

    Soups 🙂

  567. Pauline Burroughs says:

    Smoothies for my little granddaughter

  568. Katy M says:

    Healthy smoothies for the whole family! Get really bored with the same old drinks everyday 🙂

  569. Helen Craigs says:

    Cakes like I used to make when my children were small

  570. Alison says:

    Soup to start with

  571. Aasiyah says:

    Would love to win this wonderful hand blender!

  572. Aasiyah says:

    Would love to whip up smoothies and soups

  573. cat says:


  574. Jannette says:

    Cupcakes x

  575. Elizabeth Williams says:

    I would make smoothies

  576. Lynsie Lynn says:

    Lemon Drizzle Cake 🙂 The family love it and this would be fantastic to help me make it! 🙂

  577. Fiona Ramsay says:

    Healthy soups!

  578. Penny Hannibal says:

    Blueberry muffins 🙂

  579. claire little says:

    chocolate brownies 🙂

  580. Susan Elai Carter says:

    It would be ideal to whizz my concoctions down to soup and purée level …great tour disguising fab vitamin rich good for the mini me palate. (Read kids who say nooooooo! Don't like it )

  581. Sue Carter says:

    Veggie soup, the perfect healthy supper

  582. sarah gray says:

    I want to make some lovely ice cream. x

  583. teresa sheldon says:

    soups, and beat egss for a decent frothy omelette

  584. tracey thompson says:

    I fancy having a go at making a homemade healthy soup

  585. sarah palmer says:

    cakes and soups xx

  586. Victoria B says:

    I have soup every day at work so this would make it so much easier and healthier.

  587. claire fawkner says:

    I plan to use it to make some butterfly cakes for my little ones

  588. Joanna c says:

    I used mine to whip up cake batter and soups but mine just broke after years of over use hehe 🙁

  589. Annaloa says:

    Winter soups and smoothies. healthy stuff !

  590. victoria thurgood says:


  591. Amanda Philp says:

    Soups and birthday cakes for my family!

  592. 2013dogs says:


  593. Lisa Pope says:

    Butternut squash soup

  594. Nicola Biven says:

    Soup !

  595. jackie rushton says:


  596. JULIE CAMM says:


  597. Jeremy Andrews says:

    I would like to make a soup.

  598. felicity says:

    soups mainly

  599. Mary Chez says:

    I would make soup

  600. George Williamson says:


  601. Beki Lacy says:


  602. Kat says:

    Some nice tomato soup

  603. champaklal lad says:

    soups and cakes

  604. Christina WongCurley says:

    Sponge cake

  605. Ms Colleen Thomas says:

    I am loving it so much

  606. Bryan Huddleston says:

    Cakes and biscuits

  607. Elaine Hollis says:


  608. heather Tinkler says:

    Soup 🙂

  609. Charmian Filewood says:

    Soups for when I am being good, Butterscotch Angel delight for when I am not lol

  610. Brenda Bradley says:

    Yorkshire pudding batter for a start, my mixer is broken and I miss baking and cooking. Chocolate brownies, cakes, carrot cake, banana muffins, the list is endless

  611. Rachel Craig says:

    Pavlova :- as a treat for my Mum.

  612. lorraine polley says:

    a lot of soup as im on a diet!!

  613. Kathryn Casbolt says:

    Lovely light sponge cakes 🙂

  614. becca staples says:

    Will start off with some soup x

  615. Mandy Waller says:

    Some lovely cakes 🙂

  616. Karen R says:

    We would make soups, smoothies, protein shakes, pancakes, cupcakes…

  617. jayne hall says:


  618. Jo Bryan says:

    Blending my tomato and spice base for a curry!!
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  619. claire haskins says:

    i would make some fresh soups

  620. Karen Usher says:

    Cake cake and more cake!

  621. Jenny Rogers says:

    I would start with a smoothie and then make some butternut squash soup.

  622. Katherine Coldicott says:

    I'd make some lovely chocolate mousse.

  623. ruth says:

    Shakes all sorts

  624. Lucy carter says:

    I would use it to make soup

  625. Yasmin J says:

    Apart from smoothies, I'd use it to blend together baking ingredients, soups, sauce bases etc.

  626. Kirsty N says:

    I'd use it to blend lovely soups! My current blender is rubbish and leaves lumps!

  627. ali thorpe says:

    Lots of soups!

  628. carol phile says:

    I want to have a go at homemade hummus

  629. bridie summersgill says:

    yorkshire puddings

  630. Rachel B says:

    some delicious soups and sauces

  631. EmilyKnight247 says:

    Lots of soups! I love making soup, but my hand blender died!

  632. alison clark says:

    Cakes and batters , i have baking ays sometimes when i need to clear my head and this would certainly save my wrists.

  633. HELEN ANDERSON says:

    Fruit Smoothies

  634. Jamie says:

    Cake 🙂

  635. Adele Hill says:

    lemon drizzle cake

  636. Allison says:

    I'd make some soup and some brownies to follow!

  637. Victoria says:

    victoria sponge 🙂

  638. Lora says:

    carrot and coriander soup

  639. Lisa Wilkinson says:

    My little girl's first birthday cake 🙂

  640. Jane Middleton says:

    chocolate mousse

  641. Laura Corrall says:

    I love smoothies. but also would use it later down the line for making baby food as I'm due a little baby soon.

  642. Sarah Guy says:

    I think I would start with some soup.

  643. sairz eastham says:

    soups, and hot chocolate

  644. Paula Phillips says:

    Lots of cakes.

  645. Maureen Williams says:

    Soups, and dressings,

  646. helenthemadex says:

    sweet potato and cumin soup! this would really help a lot

  647. Kristy Brown says:

    OOhh a cheesecake for the hubster

  648. Diana says:

    Cheesecake! 🙂

  649. angela sandhu says:


  650. Claire Butler says:


  651. Joanne Blunt says:

    Smoothies and soups. Oh, and cakes.

  652. Lesley Bain says:

    My kids and I spend a lot of time in the kitchen baking for fun…..this would come in handy for so many things! They are keen to make smoothies and milkshakes too 🙂 x

  653. Teresa Lee says:


  654. SUSAN L HALL says:

    i want to have another go at Macaroons

  655. Robyn Clarke says:

    Baby food for my daughter and smoothies for my son

  656. Brenda Wilkes says:

    French Onion Soup – my favourite!

  657. Diane Halliwell says:

    Home made soup. x

  658. Valerie Thorpe says:

    I am just getting into making curries so this would be fab x

  659. sarah fleck says:

    a yummy cheese cake.

  660. Lucy Bishop says:

    I’d use it to make baby food for my son and delicious treats for my husband

  661. Karis says:


  662. sjw01 says:

    To make some lovely, healthy soups 🙂

  663. Rosie says:


  664. Rebecca M says:

    I love making cakes for my friends. And soups for my parents!

  665. Anne KIAZ Brookes says:

    my grandsons first blended meals instead of tinned food.

  666. Sam Furniss says:

    Lemon Meringue pie, it's my favourite.

  667. Farhana says:

    Chocolate cake

  668. John Forster says:

    Banana bread – I love it!

  669. Avs says:


  670. Jocelyn says:

    Smoked Salmon Pate

  671. Kirsty Sparks says:

    Smoothies 🙂

  672. Micky Ricketts says:

    I would use it to chop my veg so it's easier to hide in other food so my kids will eat them!

  673. Annamarie Riddiford says:

    Its my mum's birthday soon and I would love to make a cupcake tree for her

  674. Clare g says:

    This would be great to wizz up soup but also a real baking must have!!!

  675. Lian Hunt says:

    lots of slimming world goodies. Quite partial to chick pea cake at the moment

  676. christy beckett says:

    The first thing I would make is a tomato and coriander soup. I would use this for making smoothies too x

  677. Joy Lawson says:

    Lots of yummy baby food 🙂

  678. Sandra Clarke says:

    I would make an Easter Cake and a trifle.

  679. Danielle Pearce says:

    A lovelly Mushroom Soup I think, but so much more xxxx

  680. Nathan Webb says:

    I''m a massive fan of soups so I would have to try making my own!

  681. Amanda Mallows says:

    This would be perfect for whizzing up yummy smoothies and soups – I'm desperately trying to get thinner for the summer and this would be a great help.

  682. Deb Hambleton says:

    I'm doing the 5:2 diet so would love to make my own soups

  683. Helen B says:

    Homemade soups 🙂

  684. Claire Long says:

    Lots of cakes!

  685. Natalie says:

    Lots of yummy fruit smoothies

  686. Bohdan Kuczynski says:

    Soups of all sorts

  687. Judi says:

    hopefully start making all sorts of cakes and puddings

  688. lisa tebbutt says:

    soups and sauce

  689. sian hallewell says:

    alemon meringue pie

  690. Emma Green says:


  691. Leslie says:

    Im loving smoothies at the moment. But I only have them when I go to costa, need this to make my own 🙂

  692. Natalie Henderson says:

    Lots and lots of cake!!! 🙂

  693. Helen Allan says:

    Curries and cakes.

  694. catriona nation says:

    Baby food for my daughter

  695. Susan Carruthers says:

    Delicious soup!

  696. Amanda Norwood says:


  697. chirag patel says:


  698. Susan Fraser says:

    I make lots of soup so think it would be really useful for that

  699. Kerry-Ann Pope says:

    I would make my sons favourite Carrot Cake and the Banana & Strawberry Smoothies that they adore.

  700. Diane Wood says:

    My breakfast smoothie – banana, pineapple, strawberries, peach and nectarine. Delicious!

  701. Sue Brett says:

    It would be brilliant for chopping, then blending veg for soups.

  702. Phil Brett says:

    I would use it to make my signature dish – Millionaires shortbread

  703. susan willshee says:

    I recently bought a chocolate fountain (never used from a charity shop for £4!) and the chocolate needs to be chopped up before it can be put in the fountain. I'd use the blender to chop my choccie 🙂

  704. Zoe Coen says:

    Smoothies for my children

  705. Lisa Sands says:

    CAKE! x

  706. John Ettery says:

    just been told I need to eat more healthily by the Doc, this will certainly help me

  707. Holly Boyd says:

    I would make pancakes and see how smooth it gets the batter

  708. Jean says:

    For me it has to be soup as there's nothing better than homemade.

  709. Alisa Moore says:

    soups and sauces

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