Ebay collections

ebay collections

One of the greatest inventions as far as I am concerned is online shopping.
I cannot praise it highly enough. It has saved me on numerous occasions when I’ve need to find some difficult to find item the children ‘urgently’ need or when I simply cannot face the thought of driving into town.
And who doesn’t like having the postman ring your doorbell with armfuls of boxes just for you?

Then eBay contacted me and asked if I’d like to do a spot of window shopping for them.
Hello? Would I ever!
They have just launched a new ‘eBay Collections’ feature to the UK site (it was launched in the US last year) and it basically allows you to create groups or themes of items on your own profile page. It’s pretty much Pinterest for eBay but here’s the thing, you can actually BUY the items in your collections!

Which I warn you is very very dangerous. I’ve already spent a fortune on things I didn’t know I needed!
The beauty of the new feature too is that you can follow other users and gain inspiration from their collections too.

I’ve created 14 collections so far (I could easily have done a LOT more. I’m reining myself in) and I’ll be updating them over the coming months when I see new and interesting items to add.
Here are my Ebay Collections, let me know what you think.
And here’s a little taster of what you can expect!

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