Tips: How to take great photographs for your blog. And the Reasons to Believe challenge

reason to believe

Have you ever seen a photo and it totally lifts your spirits?
One that makes you smile or warms your heart or gives you a boost for the rest of the day.
A photo that shows just how great this world we live in can be.

This is one of mine. The Dog.
Dirty, dishevelled, in the woods, on one of our long, meandering walks. He makes us get out there and see sunrises we’d ordinarily miss, nature we’d avoid if the weather was too bad.
Best thing we ever did was get a dog. I may have mentioned that once or twice.

Well, that’s the kind of photo I’m looking for.
And not just me; I’ve teamed up with Coca-Cola UK to find these photos; to find your Reasons to Believe.
The brand is championing positivity through their new Reasons to Believe advert which highlights that despite all the negatively we see day to day, there is still more good than bad in the world.

Do you have a photo that showcases that for you?
I’m not running the Gallery as such this week, but you can still link up your photo – any photo – here.
If you have a photo you think is a good ‘reason to believe’ you can add your post to the linky as usual.
You can also Tweet it and Instagram it using the hashtag #ReasonsToBelieve where the Coca-Cola digital team will be waiting to share some of their favourite photos. You can tweet them at @CocaCola_GB
And here’s the really exciting thing – Coca-Cola are going to take some of those photos and use them across their digital channels to help spread the feel-good factor. To bring a little sunshine to the internet.
But please note, if you use a photograph with just children (under 12s) in it, Coca-Cola will not be able to showcase it for you as they do not market to under 12s.

The photos we’re looking for need to be inspiring, original and of suitable quality.
You can read the full terms and conditions here.
Or you can just join in for the fun of it – spread a little sunshine.
It could be a photo of people, objects, landscapes, animals, family, your favourite thing, nature or something inspiring.

how to take great photos for your blog

To help you join in, Coca-Cola has asked me to share some tips and advice on how to take photos to be proud of – how to capture those amazing moments in life which we look back on and smile.

1. What are you taking the photo of?
Sounds obvious, but ask yourself what do you want to achieve with your  photo; what story do you want to tell, what is the purpose of taking the photo?
This should then help you with composing the shot – what do you want in the background, do you want it up close or with more background detail?
Ask yourself, are you capturing a moment, an emotion, something beautiful. If you’re photographing a person, do you want to concentrate of what makes them them? Is it their hair, their legs, their eyes, something they’re wearing?

photography composition

2. What do you want the photo to look like?
Do you want your subject matter to fill the frame or just be a part of it? Do you want conventional or quirky? Frame your shot in your mind before actually setting it up; have the end image in your mind’s eye.
If you want to aim for something different, think about what shot most people would go for, then alter it slightly to make it more interesting.

3. What is your focal point?
Like duh! But it’s so easy to lose sight of it and your photo ends up blurred or out of focus or you’ve focussed on 3 things so no one knows what to actually look at!
And don’t be afraid to move in close; if the focus of your photo is too small it’s not going to have any impact.

photo composition

4. Keep the background neutral
If you’re taking a photo of an amazing flower, nothing is going to mess that up more than a busy background where the flower is lost. Move around until you get a different perspective; play around with angles and perspective. Make sure your focal point isn’t ruined by clutter or people.

5. Use natural light wherever possible
The flash is just going to kill any atmosphere in your photo stone dead unless you really know what you’re doing, so avoid it as much as you can.
If you’re taking a photo of something indoors, move to a window or other source of natural light and use that as your ‘flash’ instead.

6. To edit or not to edit
If you’re not entirely happy with your final shot you can edit it to add more colour, less shadow, alter exposure etc. Try PicMonkey which is a free online service. You can also create galleries in there if you want to show of a few photos of the same subject.

photography shapes

When you post your photo to your blog, use it as big as you can. I’ve seen some really gorgeous photos on people’s blogs but the impact is lessened because it’s so small. Use the width of your blog; don’t be embarrassed about illustrating a post, SHOUT about it!

Now go find your Reason to Believe x

This is a sponsored post.

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13 Responses to Tips: How to take great photographs for your blog. And the Reasons to Believe challenge

  1. i literally put my cheese and crackers down to just stop and take it in that awesome photo of your handsome dog!

  2. These are great tips, thank you. I'm making 2014 the year I improve my photos and I've already learned so much – it's astonishing how much there is too it, and yet how simple it is once you know how.
    My recent post What to get a nine year old for her birthday!

  3. saveeverystep says:

    I really love this theme, even if it does come from a global behemoth of a brand! Just found my inspiration, so linking up.
    My recent post Reasons to Believe

  4. Hellie's Corner says:

    Wow that's a lovely photo of your dog.
    Great tips, thanks. I'll be back later in the week to link up once I have posted my latest photo's.

  5. Hellie's Corner says:

    I have linked my latest photo's 🙂

  6. Katie Price says:

    It's true that a picture DOES say a thousand words! Love your dog btw! x
    My recent post Reasons to Believe – SMILE!

  7. Your dog is beautiful – I need your camera too! Stunning photography x

  8. candice says:

    Great photos and tips! Love the dog pic and rugby photos. I always struggle to take good photos and yet its so simple (Also hate having my photo taken ha!). Found an similar article with some great tips with examples, you could take a look at.

  9. Just come across this post when looking for tips ont aking photos with my new canon.
    Thanks for sharing! Really useful x
    Alexandra Ashton recently posted…Easter fun – decorating, chocolate and family timeMy Profile

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