Half term, we loved you

This February half term I had nothing planned. Not a jot.
Which nearly made Dan hyperventilate because, boy does that boy like things planned out.
“What, we have no plans? Like, none at all?” (don’t get me started on the whole ‘like’ in every sentence thing.
“No Dan. Things will evolve, we’re going with the flow. See where the week takes us”. 
He was NOT happy.

As it was we had a packed, fun and excellent week. The sort of week that has seen both my children in bed, flat-out on this Sunday night ready for the return to school tomorrow.
For here is the thing; you don’t need fancy stuff to fill your week with fun. Good old family fun. The sort of fun you look back on and say ‘that. That was a good week’.
We visited old friends, went on long walks with the dog, met up with good friends, baked, chilled out, played rugby (them, not me).

So thank you half term. We had a blast.

Chilling together friends

Half Term Collage

in the woods

woodland girl

handsomest dog in the world


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6 Responses to Half term, we loved you

  1. Love that pic of Mia's muddy behind!

  2. Although my boys are slightly older- we did the same, yet we ended up at the cinema, bowling for a friends b'day, badminton, both then had days were they either had a friend round or they were at a friends and then enough slob time in between! Was a great week with no stress 🙂
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  3. mamasyder says:

    Totally gorgeous photos. Love the muddy bum!
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  4. Looks like loads of fun and I agree, the unplanned stuff is usually the best!

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