Can technology bring romance to your Valentine’s Day? {Sponsored post}

Early on in my romance with the husband, he bought me a kettle for Valentine’s Day.
Yes, you heard me right, a kettle.
Not even a fancy one.

But here’s the thing; I really needed a kettle. I was living in a flat with the very minimum of luxuries and he knew how much I love my cups of tea.
It’s possibly the most romantic gift I’d ever received!

These days the big issue has become, have gadgets taken over the romance of Valentine’s Day? Do we spend too much time online and not enough time face to face?
Personally I believe technology really does have a place where romance is concerned.
What about the other halves who are working away or can’t be home to cuddle their loved one? Being able to connect no matter where you are is one of the greatest gifts technology has given us.

And tablets really are leading the way now; with the ability to chat, connect, entertain and delight in equal measure.
Sony have been thinking along the same lines as they’ve produced an infographic on how their latest tablet, the Xperia Tablet Z, can help create the mood and give you a romantic night in this Valentines.

Valentine's Day survival guide - Infographic

Courtesy of Sony

Sony make a range of Xperia Tablets and smartphones, each with a slick, compact design, fast processors and impressively sharp displays. And most importantly of all when you’re plugging it in to watch a movie, they have a long battery life!

The latest model for the Xperia Tablet Z operates on a symmetrical, minimal design – it’s just 495 grams and really thin and portable making it the ideal take-anywhere device. And it looks gorgeous too.

However it is far from delicate, with premium materials used to ensure it performs to its maximum potential. And by far my favourite feature, is that it’s powered by Mobile BRAVIA Engine 2, which basically means every image is rich, bright and clear.

Sony Experia Tablet

This Valentines my husband and I will cuddle up on the sofa and watch a movie WE really want to see together – something of a rarity when you have two kids in the house!
And you have a great one too, whatever you’re doing too.

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  1. Rita Fantham says:

    So true and right all that, Tara…..well put x

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