The Photo Gallery 171: Something Beautiful

something beautiful

It’s really easy to lose sight of the beautiful baby years as your children get older.
The perfect little pout turns into a full on ‘you’re SO mean’ pout.
The flawless cheek gets covered in rouge as she ‘experiments’ with make up.
The quiet moments are now usually when something naughty is taking place.
The button nose wrinkles up much more often when you announce it’s roast dinner for tea and she wants pizza.
But what doesn’t change is how achingly beautiful they are when they are sleeping and at peace with the world. And even when you’ve argued and fought and you’ve shouted and HATED yourself for it, you watch them lying there and just breathing and think how utterly blessed you are.

This post is for week 171 of The Photo Gallery: The theme is Something Beautiful.
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19 Responses to The Photo Gallery 171: Something Beautiful

  1. saveeverystep says:

    What a scrunchy, yummy baby. Makes your arms yearn for a cuddle
    My recent post A child’s perspective

  2. mummyoftwo2 says:

    Gorgeous photo. It's lovely to remember how they were isn't it.
    My recent post Something Beautiful #TheGallery

  3. sarahmo3w says:

    Gorgeous photo! You’re so right, they’re still beautiful when they’re older, even if they can be a bit more challenging.

  4. Mama Syder says:

    Awww what a beautiful baby! I yearn for my lot to be babies again.
    My recent post The Gallery – Something Beautiful

  5. mummybarrow says:

    Too cute!!

  6. lauracymft says:

    So gorgeous. I love sleeping babies!
    My recent post Something Beautiful #TheGallery

  7. Jess @ CAST says:

    Beautiful photo! I agree, there is something so gorgeous about sleeping babies.

  8. jacq says:

    Ah yes, Babies. I remember those. Before it got complicated…
    My recent post The Gallery: Something Beautiful

  9. Awwwwww so beautiful! You are so right, it is easy to lose sight of the babies they were.
    My recent post The Gallery – Something Beautiful

  10. A Patchwork Life says:

    so very, very true…
    Just the most adorable photo x
    My recent post The Gallery: Something Beautiful

  11. John Clayton says:

    I vaguely recall what mine were like as babies – we've a rogue's gallery of them, 1 girl and 4 interchangable boys where you need the other clues in the picture to work out which one they are… Life really was so much simpler then, even if it did involve a lot less sleep.

  12. HelpfulMum says:

    What a beautiful picture and a wonderful post. There is something so inherently special about checking on a sleeping child.
    My recent post The Photo Gallery: Something Beautiful

  13. Notmyyearoff says:

    Awewwe just so beautiful!

  14. I totally agree, I could watch my son sleeping for hours, beautiful, truly beautiful
    My recent post Something Beautiful – The Photo Gallery

  15. 25castleson25clouds says:


  16. JallieDaddy says:

    Beautiful photo of a beautiful baby, & a beautiful post 🙂

  17. Kara says:

    That is such a beautiful photograph and I really want that jacket / cardigan!

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