My New Year promise


To make a promise work you have to write it down.
There is something in the actual action of committing it to paper and pinning it somewhere you see every day that puts a stamp on it. A seal of approval.
So how about if you write it down for EVERYONE to see? Not just stick it on your fridge or your noticeboard where you can choose to ignore it if you choose.
How about making sure that promise you make to yourself sits on the internet for everyone to see?
Which – if you look at the silver lining here – means you’ve also got all those people to support you if you should slip up at some point.

A new year promise can come in all shapes and sizes: Get fitter, floss your teeth more, learn to chill out, stop obsessing over someone inappropriate, finish that degree, start that degree, improve my photography, start a sport/an instrument/a new language, tell my other half I love them more, get a dog, stop drinking so much coffee/wine, start drinking more water.
It really doesn’t matter how big or small.

So, I’m kicking it all off with my New Year promise to myself here.
I am going to get myself and my family fitter. Move more. All of us.
And yes, we ALL take our trainers off without undoing the laces!

So, what have you promised yourself for 2014? Reveal all.


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14 Responses to My New Year promise

  1. Jim says:

    Good luck! I'm pledging to lose a few myself and tone up.
    My recent post Happy New Year

  2. Lauren says:

    Good luck! I make New Year promises on my blog too, it's a linky this year. This will be our year!
    My recent post New Year New Me 2014 – January Promises

  3. Becky (English Mum) says:

    Excellent! I've found having a dog really forces you to get out and about even when you don't really want to! My promise is not to sweat the small stuff, pick my battles and create a calm (ish) atmosphere – not always easy with two teenage boys, but they'll be gone before I know it and I want to enjoy them!

  4. Expat Mum says:

    Well, since my bathroom scales were about 4 or 5 pounds too light, I am a) buying myself some reliable scales and b) losing that lot and a bit more if I can. I wrote it in a blog post so that I would have to make it happen. I have also decided to learn a few more creative things and take the time to do them. We have a lovely bead shop nearby so I'm going to take a class in crocheting wire and beads.
    My recent post Teaching Geordie to Americans

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  6. Kate says:

    I'm not one for making promises – too much pressure – but I would LIKE this year to be about doing well at work and being more chilled at home. Working more on the whole work/life balance. Watch this space.
    My recent post What Makes a Good Friend?

  7. hurrahforgin says:

    Good luck! Mine is to chill out a bit more, reclaim a bit of me time and do another art class or something creative. All in line with getting a bit less stressed about things that don't really matter!
    My recent post The Post Christmas Devil Child

  8. Mirka Moore says:

    Good luck with that. I need to stop drinking too much wine and coffee, will not be that easy as I love them both. I also need to start training for the Prague marathon and swimathon properly 😉
    My recent post Fitness Tuesday is Back: Training for the Prague Marathon

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