How to fall asleep

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Personally I’m a head on the pillow, out for the count kind of girl.
I don’t know if it’s the years of yoga, the being able to switch off at the drop of a hat or the ability to daydream on demand.
But sleep has always come easy to me.

I also have a bit of a bedding fetish. I adore a good duvet and never ever scrimp. You need to be able to wrap yourself up like this in it and for it to feel as light as a feather. So when I was offered a Fine Bedding Company  ’boutique silk duvet’ to review  I was sceptical let me tell you. I’ve had a silk duvet before and was most disappointed. Plus I have an awesome duvet on the bed at the moment so why would I give it up?
Then the Fine Bedding Company said ‘it will give you princess poofiness because it’s much plumper than a pure silk duvet. And it’s washable. And it really is poofy’.
So I agreed and took the super kingsize (I KNOW!) duvet cover off my current, much beloved duvet, only to find that BAM it is actually a Fine Bedding Company product. I’m clearly a fan!
And oooooo, it’s fabulous. Comes in it’s own storage bag (rather than the useless box and acre of plastic you usually get). Proper hotel room poofiness, which is obviously essential as demonstrated by Mia.

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BUT. What about those people who can’t fall asleep? Even with an awesome sauce duvet? I asked Twitter and Facebook what they thought. What are their little tricks and hints for how to fall asleep?
And here are some of them, the weird and the wonderful. Many thanks to everyone for joining in and helping out.
(NOTE: If you read right through to the end there is a free ‘chill out’ download for you to try out)

Susan K Mann: Strangely olbas oil on my pillow & to read for a bit.

Melanie Trevelyan: Lavender candle burning for a few minutes while reading.

Elaine Croft: Vicks on my chest.

Nickie O’Hara: Listening to podcasts

Karen Grumpyishmum Hannah: Listening to relaxing music. Ludovico Einaudi always sends me off to sleep.

Marianne Weekes: Lie on my side, I hold the corner of my quilt in my hand and tuck it under my chin so I am snuggled tight, shut my eyes and off I go.

Libby Price: Has to be one leg under the duvet, one over the top! And I have been known to read my Kindle until I drop it onto my face and wake myself back up!

Tasha Goddard: Lie down and fall asleep. Sometimes I even fall asleep before I manage to lie down (while reading, watching TV, or even drawing).

Gayle McFarlane: Am trying to get out of the habit and go back to reading before bed, but I like to listen to something – radio, podcast, something like that. I rarely hear the end…

Jen Smith: If I really really can’t sleep, I imagine my feet falling asleep then my legs etc.

Steph Oliver: I read a bit, but having had trouble sleeping for the last few years, I’ve now hit on a white chocolate Options drink which seems to do the trick. Or I watch something on TV I REALLY want to see, then I usually fall asleep really quickly!

Liz Jarvis: Never read or watch TV in bed, you have to make sure psychologically you see the bed as somewhere you’ll be sleeping. If light from outside bothers you get blackout blinds. Make sure room isn’t too warm or cold. Don’t drink alcohol, coffee or tea too close to going to bed (you’ll have disturbed sleep). Lavender spray/essential oil is great. A relaxation technique is to tense your whole body and then slowly let it unfurl, from your toes upwards.

Sharon Humphries: I compose letters or emails I’m going to send, or do deep breathing. I never take my phone or iPad to bed!

Rosie Shelley: Bach Rescue Night Drops. And logging off Facebook.

Amy Taylor: Reciting times tables in my head works for me. I guess I’ve always taken comfort in numbers!

Jane Alexander: This Works pillow spray is The Business. I also listen to guided meditation tapes (never normally hear more than the first five minutes), so if I act strangely it’s because I’m being subliminally brainwashed. I always slept like a kitten until I was pregnant…then had EVIL insomnia – as in couldn’t sleep until 5am…every night.

Merry Raymond: I’m terrible at overthinking at night but crochet before bed and then a kids classic audible story in one ear works in moments.

Kate Sutton: I remember having this Avent pillow spray when I was pregnant – used to knock me right out, God only knows what was in it! Nowadays, it’s an episode of Breaking Bad, lights out and I’m straight off!

Josie George: Rain sounds mp3 and imagining I’m in a tent under my duvet. *zonk*

Stuart Sharp: A down pillow and darkness usually does the trick … and resisting good coffee after dinner. Great coffee = wide awake until the small hours.

Julia Young: Neal’s Yard Night Time tea, reading, counting backwards from 100…..

Fiona Cambouropoulos: I read every night however tired I am, anything from 3 pages plus of a fiction book nothing to do with my real life. It really works for me to take my mind off stuff that would otherwise keep me awake.

Wendy Henderson: I tend to fall asleep OK but then wake up after my first sleep cycle and find it hard to get back to sleep. I read Paul McKenna’s book and he recommends visualisation – which does work. I imagine that I am sitting in an empty theatre looking at the stage and then I describe all I can see to myself, it works – probably because is so incredibly dull.

Gappy Tales: Er… masturbation? *runs away*

@nikkiann: I was told at pain/fatigue hospital group that sleep goes in cycles & you should go to bed when tired (but be already bathed etc)..but if you missed that cycle you’d have to wait until the next one.

@uleygirl: Don’t have a TV in bedroom …. In fact switch TV off way before go to bed. Play rugby. Drink port.

@wifeandmother: No screen time for half hour, and yoga breathing

@allinonebabyfun: This is really sad but I go through what I’m doing the next day, I swear I get to about lunch and bang!

@nicholadobbie: After suffering insomnia for 18mths I started using a sleep hypnosis app last year. Out in under 20mins now! #hallelujah

@2boys1mum: To switch off my brain I count backwards from 500. If my mind wanders I start again.

Sandra at the online hypnotherapy centre Thinking Slimmer also contacted me to say she is currently offering a free ‘chill out’ download. So those people who wrote above that a hypnosis download worked for them, well, now it’s your chance to try that out for yourself for free.
You can download the free Chillpod here.

Goodnight all, sleep well and sweet dreams x

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  1. WallyMummy says:

    Wish I could sleep… since having a baby I spend my whole life knackered, and juts can't get any quality sleep! It sucks! And I look like I have slept in a skip most days… lol x

  2. 25castleson25clouds says:

    They had me at poofy! Looks lovely

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