Harry Potter Studios. A second time around

harry potter studios hogwarts

So is there more to see once you’ve peeked behind the scenes of the Harry Potter Studios tour?
Could there possibly be more magic to discover, more secrets to be revealed?
I went back with my 11 year old at the invite of the studios (and this time introduced my husband to it all) and found I concentrated much more on the detail this time around. I found things I had previously missed from basically floating around the studios with my mouth agape (!) This time I took the time to dig a little deeper.

harry potter studio guide

At the start of the tour you queue to be taken into a room (of about 200 people) for a prelim talk about what lies ahead. Of course, if you are in a queue of more than 200 people, you could end up not being let in during that showing and will have to wait about 10 minutes.
In steps Jeromine, a fabulous Harry Potter studio staff member (and queue wrangle) who entertained us all with magic tricks and banter. Just standing there with him made me realise that in the few people stood around us there were couples from Italy, Brazil, Germany and Norway. Which is pretty amazing.

So, we took the tour again. If you want to see my first and more detailed look at it, read my Harry Potter Studio tour review here.
The photos I took from this visit definately reflect a more detailed tour for us. See which of the Harry Potter sets/characters/details you recognise here.
NOTE: We visited Harry Potter Studios during their Christmas period when Hogwarts and the sets are given a festive makeover.

harry potter studios at christmas

harry potter studios props harry potter studios props 3 harry potter studios props 2 harry potter studios masks harry potter studios hogwarts model
hogwarts model under snow
harry potter mermaid

And a few tips from me if you’re going any time soon (and don’t mind a few spoilers):

  • Take the time to read the information tabs if you don’t pay for a digital guide. They’re packed with interesting information and titbits.
  • Talk to and ask questions of any of the studio guides you see walking around. They are more than willing to answer any of your queries and challenge you to ask them a question you think they won’t know!
  • Stay and watch the simply stunning Hogwarts model through the different lighting stages; from dawn to dusk. The light completely changes what you see and at nightfall, little lights in the building twinkle in the dark.
  • If you buy nothing else in the studio shop, make sure you come home with a packet of Bertie Botts Every Flavour Beans. THE best fun we’ve had not knowing whether you’re popping a Candy Floss or a Dirt flavoured bean into your mouth!
  • You see that photo up there of a portrait hanging in Dumbledore’s office? Recognise him at all? That’s Stephen Fry, who was immortalised in paint after agreeing to be the voice of the Harry Potter audio books.
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  2. I cannot wait to go to the Studios, L has just turned 7 and is crazy about Harry Potter so this is on our to do list for this year. Thanks for the photos and tips.
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  3. lauracymft says:

    My 6 year old is reading the books just now after watching the films and playing Lego Harry Potter on Xbox LOL, he did it kind of backwards. I think he'd love the studios! Great tips and amazing photos.
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