Winter garden

autumn acer leaf

It is surprisingly beautiful in my garden at the moment.
Sure everything is dead and shedding it’s summer coat and there is a sea of leaves covering pretty much everything (it’s fabulous to have trees in the garden but oh the leaves the leaves come autumn!). But there is beauty to be had.
I spent a whole day clearing leaves, removing dead branches and giving the lawn a final mow before the cold REALLY sets in.
And I remembered just how much I love my ‘outside room’.

The mower hated how wet the grass is and misbehaved a few times, spewing out grass cuttings in great fat belches. But we got there, together, in the end.
Also meet the ONLY snail allowed in my garden and possibly the prettiest compost heap ever! She’ll be a rotting mass of lovely mulch next year, but right now just look at those colours.

leaves in winter


ceramic garden snail

the prettiest compost


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3 Responses to Winter garden

  1. MsXpat says:

    Amazing colours and textures :0)

  2. Ben says:

    Love those reds, autumn really is a beautiful time of the year isn't it? Oh and that compost heap is surely also the perfect home for an army of snails isn't it?
    My recent post Swimming with the fishes

  3. Sarah says:

    Wow, such amazing colours and stunning photographs! Beautiful.
    My recent post Feeling Festive | The Photo Gallery

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