Win a John Lewis hamper worth nearly £250 (closed)

John lewis hamper

One of the best parts of being a blogger is having the opportunity to spread a little love at Christmas time and offer some fabulous prizes to bring a little extra sparkle to someone’s festivities.
And that’s just what I’m doing today, for I have a John Lewis party hamper up for grabs worth nearly £250.
The bespoke luxury hamper contains everything to help your seasonal party go with a swing, including 2 bottles of Prosecco, Spiced Orange Gin, Cocktail mixer set, a Mulled Wine Kit, an assortment of food gifts including Jelly Beans, Divine Del Mini Dipping Sauces and Holdsworth Cham Choc Selection.
Hampers are a real treat at this time of year and you can see the whole John Lewis hamper range here.

The lucky winner is: Sandy Calico. Well done Sandy and merry Christmas x


All you have to do for a chance of getting your hands on one of this hamper is tell me what your favourite drink is at Christmas and why.
Personally mine would be a mojito cocktail. Or a cup of tea. I’m easily pleased!

There is no right or wrong answer, it’s just a bit of fun. The winner will be picked at random after the closing date – Monday, December 16.
For an extra entry you can tweet ‘I want to win a fabulous John Lewis party hamper with @tara_cain #StickyFingersJohnLewishampercomp

Rules and stuff:
The competition is open to residents of the UK only (sorry rest of the world).
No cash alternative offered.
The prize is 1 bespoke John Lewis hamper.
Entry is via comment on this blog post. An extra entry can be made via Tweet with the tag #StickyFingersJohnLewishampercomp
Make sure your contact details are available.
The competition closes at 10pm on Monday, December 16, 2013.
One winner will be chosen at random from all the entries after the closing date.
The winner will be asked to provide their full name and address for the prize to be sent to via courier.
The winner’s details will be passed on to the PR company who will be sending out the prize.
If a prizewinner does not respond within a week of being contacted, the prize will be re-drawn and a new winner will be contacted.

Good luck and thanks for entering x

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547 Responses to Win a John Lewis hamper worth nearly £250 (closed)

  1. lauracmcintyre says:

    Boring i imagine but i love Hot chocolate around Christmas . I don't drink it any other time but the minute December rolls around i become an addict..

  2. Claire says:

    My favourite drink is the milky coffee with drink whilst eating chocolate fingers and opening presents, sitting on the living room floor, with the Christmas tree lights twinkling away 🙂

  3. Super Amazing Mum says:

    ooooh I do love a baileys at Christmas, only time of the year I drink it! Great prize BTW xx
    My recent post LOVING the #legochallenge

  4. redrosemummy says:

    Christmas isn't Christmas without mulled wine for me, so warming and the spices sort out those wintry sniffles too.
    My recent post O Christmas Tree!

  5. Karen says:

    My favourite Christmas drink would have to be a Tia Maria coffee. Hot, slightly boozey and with a good swirl of squirty cream on top. I never drink them at any other time of the year so they always make me feel festive 🙂

  6. allyouneedisloveandcake says:

    Got to be baileys for me – it always reminds me of Christmas!
    My recent post Listography – Our top 5 Christmas Traditions

  7. Jayne says:

    Mine would usually be a Port and Lemon, but I'll have to avoid that completely this year, what with being up the duff. If we're talking non-alcoholic, I'd go for ginger beer.
    My recent post Mini Pupstars iPad App Review

  8. Hav says:

    Oh I totally agree with a nice cup of tea!!

  9. jaynehowarth says:

    Mine is my Christmas Day glass of Kir Royale made with my husband's homemade cassis – absolutely gorgeous! Otherwise, red wine or latte 😉

  10. kelly mills says:

    I would say I’m a woo woo girl all year round. Looks more festive than a glass of wine.

  11. Wendy McD says:

    I like a nice glass of port. It just feels so festive and warms you against the Winter's cold. x
    My recent post Christmas at Poundland

  12. A Whisky Mac for me – whisky and ginger wine!
    My recent post Christmas with John Lewis

  13. jennypaulin says:

    oooh hard choice between mulled wine and Bailys on ice! mind you a cup of tea is also well received after all the excess by the evebing!! great give away, thank you Tara x x
    My recent post The Trees and Decorations Are Up #Christmas2013

  14. Careering says:

    My favourite drink on Christmas Day is a Baileys with ice…it's because practically the only thing I can fit in post Doctor Who and Christmas Dinner is a sipped, cold liquid dreamy short. A bit like me. If I was shorter/ Great EPIC giveaway Tara! xx

  15. Rachel G says:

    I'm not a big alcoholic drinker, and would rather be tucked up with a nice cup of tea or a cocoa – but with Christmas Dinner, I love a little glass of Bucks Fizz. For me it's a memories thing, as I remember being allowed a little bit at Christmas' with my grandparents, who are no longer around.

  16. Champagne to put the zing into the celebrations!

  17. Laura McIntosh says:

    A big Bailey’s hot chocolate, by the fire, in a cosy pub, after a cold winter’s day – perfect!

  18. Katie Dann says:

    Christmas is all about Hot Chocolate, with squirty cream and marshmallows!

  19. Tracey Peach says:

    My favourite drink at Christmas is Bucks Fizz made with real orange juice because it's fun just like Christmas

  20. Elspeth says:

    Christmas is the only time it's ok to drink advocaat and lemonade, so it's got to be a snowball for christmas!

  21. Sonya Cisco says:

    Vermouth. I dont even like it, but it reminds me of Christmas' as a teenager and the first alcoholic drinks my parents would allow me- heavily lemonaded I should add- though bit late for social services to rescue me now….
    My recent post Win a Hotel Chocolat Festive Wreath

  22. Bigfashionista says:

    ALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL the alcohol, (stressed mother alert

  23. tiggasblog says:

    i wud of said cider yrs ago but geting older and look forward to a cuppa now

  24. Sandy_Calico says:

    That's like asking me to choose between my children. No, I can't do it. My favourite drinks at Xmas are Champagne AND Tia Maria in coffee (but not at the same time).

  25. Laura says:

    I usually start with Kir Royale and try and stick to something fizzy all day long.
    My recent post I clearly have my priorities right

  26. Peaf says:

    A white russian, easy to drink one or two too many!

  27. Hele R says:

    Gingerbread latte for me. Two of my favourite things in one and it's so yummy! I tweeted too 🙂

  28. My Two Mums says:

    My favourite drink at Christmas used to me a nice thick advocaat. But as I've got older I prefer a nice drop of port.
    My recent post Beano celebrates its 75th anniversary

  29. Tracy says:

    Mine is Champagne…. looove the bubbles popping on my tongue !

  30. frances hopkins says:

    ooo Baileys and ice for me 🙂

  31. christina curtis says:

    Hot Chocolate with Cream and Marshmallows! Tasty and Keeps me Warm.

  32. christina curtis says:

    Tweeting @ashortnsweet

  33. Lakes Mum says:

    Baileys 🙂

  34. Ooh mine is a hot chocolate with a shot of baileys and a roaring fire by the side of me! Perfect winter!
    My recent post Gingerbread House Kit – Thanks Skyes Cottages!

  35. Jules says:

    My favourite drink at Christmas is a Snowball as it reminds me of my Grandma. She always used to have four little bottles of them in the fridge on Boxing Day when I would go round and we'd have two each and watch crappy Christmas films together….

  36. Julie says:

    Champagne, darling! 😉 (to be fair, not just at Christmas either….)

  37. muddynosugar says:

    Lovely lovely port, in front of the fire after the kids have gone to bed. x
    My recent post Blacks Outdoor Clothing Review

  38. Diane Caldicott says:

    Its got to be hot mulled wine (accompanied by a mince pie of course!) This is the true smell and taste of Christmas for me

  39. it would definitely be chambord & cava/prosecco/champagne
    My recent post Getting Crafty with Shloer

  40. Lynne Walker says:

    Advocaat, lemonade and a cherry on a stick – childhood memories and my daughter got drunk on 2 of these and the family never let her forget it at Christmas time.

  41. Maggie Hill says:

    Baileys!! don't really drink it any other time of year, but makes me feel really Christmassy 🙂

  42. Nickie says:

    We make "snowballs" at Christmas (never ever any other time of the year) – advocat and lemonade. Classy!
    My recent post Soundtrack To My Life – Louise

  43. Alison says:

    I love a contreau after Christmas dinner but otherwise white wine or tea

  44. Mum in Meltdown says:

    It's got to be our Bucks Fizz at Christmas breakfast/ lunch- love it 🙂

  45. Jilly Pearce says:

    I love a cherry brandy

  46. helen says:

    Hmm, I would have to say my fave Christmas drink is champagne or baileys in hot chocolate!
    My recent post Don’t believe the headlines….

  47. CoffeeCurls says:

    Bucks Fizz for breakfast because we let the boys have a (very very diluted but they don't know that) glass too and it's a lovely family tradition now.
    My recent post The Playroom by John Connor

  48. Helen p says:

    My favourite xmas drink, enjoyed mid morning, is a big breakfast cup of hot chocolate, fortified with Kalhua, and a load of mini marshmallows chucked over the top, snowballs. This gets me in the mood to deal with the cooking (hic).

  49. Hellie's Corner says:

    Baileys, I avoid it all year, but at Christmas I love it..
    My recent post Advent Calendar

  50. kimbothebookworm says:

    Normally I would love a port and brandy on Xmas Day but this year in honour of my darling Dad who sadly passed away in May I will be having a Brandy and dry ginger as it was his favourite drink. We'll be toasting him as we tell him how much he is missed by his two daughters and two grandsons who adored their Pops!

  51. Shell Louise says:

    Baileys, any flavour except coffee but especially the new chocolate flavour!
    My recent post Our gingerbread houses 🙂

  52. Elaine Livingstone says:

    non alcoholic mulled wine for me.

  53. I don't drink much throughout the year but when it's Christmas my Dad always buys a bottle of Disaronno for me and my sister's to share. With that being said however, after a shopping trip on Sunday and discovering Costa's new white hot chocolate I can see that becoming my Christmas drink of 2013! I just hope it stays and it's not just for Christmas, it's lovely x

    Tweeted also for an extra entry:

  54. Steve Thomas says:

    Rum Yum! 😀

  55. Nicol Lock says:

    Would have to be a snowball – very untrendy but it reminds me of my Nan. Has to be a glass of champagne on Christmas morning though 🙂

  56. Iota says:

    Can't beat a glass of champagne (or similar!)

  57. marcus says:

    mine is baileys have a glass every year on christmas day

  58. paula burnside says:

    I have a bit of addiction at the moment to Starbucks orange mocha….It just tastes so festive!

  59. Amelia Kennedy says:

    Home-made mulled wine! Festive, warming, rich and tasty …

  60. Rhonda says:

    Gingerbread latte.

  61. Barbara Daniels says:

    Snow ball, every time

  62. Deborah Munn says:

    Port as it reminds me of my nan who always loved a port. She died at 97 so all I can say it did wonders for her.

  63. FionaLynne Edwards says:

    I get busy with the cocktails at Christmas. I made one last year which knocked my stepmum out for the afternoon! It was a Woo Woo with lots of woo!

  64. kerry thwaite says:

    i dont actually drink , so i love a nice milky coffee to help me relax on christmas night

  65. Chris says:

    A shot of Baileys in a latte for an extracreamy, luxurious taste.

  66. stacey says:

    ive just had a baby ,my second so anything to chill me out is nice , i like mulled wine but i just love tea , with a cookie or yummy biscuit yummy and nice film on tv all snug on sofa x

  67. suzanne cooke says:

    I like a Taboo and lemonade.

  68. Richard Burwood says:

    Wolf Blass chardonnay with the crimbo dinner! perfect!

  69. Caroline Clarke says:

    Hot chocolate with mini marshmallows!

  70. Stephanie Davies says:

    Ooh for me is HAS to be champagne – there's on 2 times in the year I drink it Xmas and NYE. There's something, for me, that's so decadent about it, that excitement whilst waiting on the cork to pop, those first bubbles that go your nose 🙂 the noise it makes as it gets poured into crystal champagne flutes…….ahhh for me its the epitome of luxury and such a treat that I wait nearly all year for.

  71. Claire C says:

    for me its hot chocolate all the way! i especially love it with blackberry syrup it tastes gorgeous! and of course the whippy cream and sprinkles on the top!

    Alcoholic wise id say a snowball, as its quite light and it looks very pretty and festive! 😀

  72. Samantha says:

    A small sherry and a chocolate off the christmas tree is the tradition in our house. Love sherry.

  73. Ellie Bromilow says:

    non alcoholic is hot chocolate and for the alcoholic drink it has to be a Baileys i only have that at Christmas! 😀

  74. alexandra says:

    I love a Bucks Fizz on Christmas morning x

  75. Paula says:

    Wine, vodka, champagne, gin, bacardi, port, sherry, brandy…….anything to get me through the day

  76. Ann Mckenna says:

    Brandy and ginger because it's a rare treat now as I rarely drink during the year because of medical problems. I allow myself a few at Christmas as it's always been my favourite tipple.

  77. julie h says:

    Champagne, always top for celebrations and festivities

  78. eleni zenonos says:

    Egg nog, it's so sweet and rich!

  79. Angela Evans says:

    Irish Coffee, lovely

  80. kimmer2111 says:

    Ohh Baileys with Ice! Yum!

  81. Iain Dutton says:

    Champagne on Christmas morning – adds a special sparkle

  82. Vicky says:

    A ginger hot chocolate topped with cream and marshmallows is my favourate drink to have at Christmas time x

  83. Francesca Tuck says:

    Whisky Sour

  84. sam schofield says:

    mine has to be a traditional mulled wine

  85. Stewart Johnston says:

    My favourite Christmas drink is a dry sherry. It reminds me very much of my grandmother who used to toast everyone with sherry on Christmas Eve. It has that warming rich taste that feels like it's a drink made for Christmas.

  86. Yaracuy says:

    My fave drink is red wine, Medoc for me pls.
    By the way I can't get to enter via Tweeter. Tried many times.

  87. syllabubsea says:

    Our favourite Christmas drink is a tradition from my husband's side of the family – snowballs! No not the little 1970s style bottle of pre mixed snowball but a hand made mix of advocaat, lemonade and (my favourite) freshly squeezed lime juice. Delicious!

  88. Claire Tucker says:

    Baileys, Christmas in a glass

  89. Lorraine Johnson says:

    My favourite drink is a margarita. I rarely drink, but this cocktail reminds me off a fantastic holiday we had in Orlando, when I drink it, I feel special again!

  90. tracy nixon says:

    Baileys on ice – as it is creamy and relaxes me after all the pre-Christmas rushing around!

  91. Caroline ward says:

    My favourite drink at Christmas time is a snowball, it’s the only time of year we drink it and my teenage kids can enjoy one too.

  92. Katie Cliff says:

    Eggnog! Because it's sweet and boozy!

  93. Christina Brown says:

    Hot chocolate with a sneaky bit of amaretto in 🙂 It's a lovely winter warmer!

  94. mary chez says:

    My favourite drink at Christmas is Tia Maria

  95. Gavin says:

    I’ve recently discovered port. It’s an age thing I guess, but I’m loving it.

  96. Sandra martin says:

    A glass of wine for christmas lunch, then its coke with ice and a slice or a cuppa 🙂

  97. CDA says:

    Baileys – it's not Christmas without it! 😀

  98. Angie Allen says:

    Wine is a great Christmas drink , I can open a bottle & share with family & friends

  99. michelle kane says:

    a fuzzy navel – vodka, peach schnapps and orange juice. My husband and I drink these on christmas eve when the kids have gone to bed – yummy

  100. joe johnson says:

    Mojito's strawberry

  101. jennifer thorpe says:

    Baileys, because it always starts the christmas celebrations off

  102. Anne Hawley says:

    I love to have home made mocha with frothed milk and chocolate sprinkles

  103. Clare F Wood says:

    I love a Bucks Fizz at Christmas as not really a drinker but something I do enjoy

  104. Mary Judge says:

    An Irish Coffee after dinner, just seems to finish off the meal

  105. victoria says:

    Egg nog just because I never have it any other time of year so it's special 🙂

  106. Stacey Tripconey says:

    A glass of champagne as it is a special occasion!

  107. Paul Cooper says:

    whiskey in my tea at the start of the day then a whiskey and ginger ale champagne with the Christmas dinner then a long sleep

  108. Rena Plumridge says:

    Champagne is my favourite hmm

  109. kendra florence says:

    Baileys with ice mmmm

  110. Emily says:

    Champagne, the bubbles make me giggle!

  111. varsha says:

    I love drinking eggnog on Christmas day.

  112. lorrainestone says:

    Bitter lemon, don't know why but at Christmas it is the drink that I have the most!

  113. Jacqueline Fawcett says:

    My favourite drink at Christmas is wine! Why? Well, because I love it so much Christmas is a great excuse to drink lots of it. 😛 xx Merry Christmas 🙂

  114. madeline connolly says:

    irish coffee made with whiskey


    Gin and Tonic, with Ice and Lime

  116. Nicola B says:

    Mine would be a lovely Gingerbread Latte – so warming and Christmassy!

  117. Kelly Koya says:

    mulled wine with a hot of ameretto 🙂

  118. MEGAN says:


  119. Fiona King says:


  120. Rachael G says:

    I really like having a nice cold orange and passionfruit J2O at Christmas.

  121. Countryidyll says:

    My favourite Christmas drink is a bottle of Sancerre with the turkey (well not all of it for just me!). Sad to say, now that I'm retired my wine is usually from the bargain basement, but my Christmas day tradition, for many years, is a lovely crisp glass of especially good white wine, which I savour with great pleasure!
    My recent post Photo Gallery: Nature

  122. justine says:

    My favourite drink is Tea always has been and always will be

  123. andrea miles says:

    mines a smowball as it brings back happy childhood family christmases

  124. Mary Heald says:

    A hot chocolate is my favourite Christmas drink because after all the festivities it is so relaxing to sit back, sip the hot chocolate and unwind.

  125. Champagne for me please! Got to be bubbles at Christmas 🙂

  126. Sandra Stitchell says:

    It would have to be a Mulled Wine, as it makes me feel all warm cosy and festive.

  127. Ashleigh Allan says:

    Baileys – it is so indulgent!

    I have tweeted as @ashlallan

  128. shirl says:

    Has to be a Snowball – just at Christmas!

  129. Jan Roberts says:

    I usually indulge in the family tradition of fino sherry before lunch.

  130. Elaine Chadwick says:

    Sherry – its the smell of Christmas in a glass

  131. Claire Bodin says:

    Barcadi and coke really warming

  132. Make do mum says:

    Bucks fizz – a good excuse for drinking at breakfast
    My recent post Minicrafting

  133. Lucy Tyler says:

    We always crack open a bottle of Baileys at Christmas and I look forward to it every year 🙂

  134. Kate ONeill says:

    Baileys, because it always feels so festive (and calorific!)

  135. isabell Stewart says:

    Harvey's Bristol Cream. My grandfather never drank except at Christmas and always Harvey's. What was even better was my brother and I were allowed to have very small amount of sherry in a very large glass filled up with lemonade. I still have sherry every Christmas 50 years later!

  136. vikki sanderson says:

    Jack Daniels on Ice, or maybe with a dash of coca cola. 🙂

  137. pemonka says:

    My favourite is mulled port. It smells soooo Christmasy.

  138. Vicky says:

    Cherry brandy – great in cold weather!

  139. Carla Morris says:

    For me it's a Baileys and Tia Maria over ice….mmmmm beautiful 🙂

  140. kerrie pointon says:

    snowball – reminds me of my nana who used to let us have one starting at about age 10 on boxing day – passed last year 🙁

  141. Janie Reid says:

    Given I've just bought 3 bottles of prosecco that was half price…it's fair to say my favourite Christmas tipple is Prosecco.

  142. Mama Owl says:

    It's got to be snowman soup
    My recent post A Christmas Wreath Review

  143. Rachel Ray says:

    Have to admit a nice hot cup of earl grey is my ideal drink at any time of year – Christmas included.

  144. Katarina Lloyd says:

    My favourite drink is homemade mulled wine – a great winter drink and makes the house smell amazing!

  145. Lynda Jones says:

    My new Xmas Fav is Mulled Cider with a shot of Rum, it is delicious and so Christmassy

  146. Emma Holness says:

    I love hot chocolate at Christmas, perfect with cookies.

  147. Annabel Firmin says:


  148. Mark Pitchers says:

    A Snowball cause it just oozes class!

  149. Phil Darling says:

    My favorite Christmas tipple is Mulled wine – I love the spiciness and it warms me up

  150. jen jackson says:

    a glass of bailys

  151. ALISON M says:

    Christmas for me is Advocaat and Lemonade as that was the first "grown up" drink I was allowed at the dinner table and now have a Snowball every year!

  152. Kim Youngs says:

    Baileys & Tia Maria mixed its superb

  153. Stephanie Tsang says:

    I love a Baileys because it makes me feel festive. I have tweeted @pookybearcheung

  154. Judy says:

    It's usually a cup of tea, to keep me going!

  155. Siobhan says:

    For me it would have to be a Spiced Apple Cider, delicious 🙂

  156. sue h says:

    chocolate baileys – it's very more- ish!

  157. glenn hutton says:

    Champagne for me…

  158. Sarah Robinson says:

    I love a creamy Bailey's over ice. Yum!!

  159. Kirsty says:

    A well kept pint of bitter in the pub near where i grew up. Served in a window glass of course!

  160. Margaret Dunlop says:

    Champagne because it is a special treat at Christmas.

  161. Bex Allum says:

    Southern comfort and lemonade

  162. tim anderson says:

    JD and coke as it is for the best of times!

  163. sarah davies says:

    Toffee vodka 🙂

  164. Kate Rushton says:

    Homemade Mulled Wine – warms me up and kills all the dreaded winter germs!

  165. Julie Feathers says:

    Mulled wine, the scent just makes it so christmasy

  166. Jay Scales says:

    Ever since we visited Lindisfarne a few years ago, we have a tradition of having a glass of real honey mead befoe lunch on Christmas day – it's quite hard to get hold of, so we order one bottle online especially for Christmas!
    My recent post Going on up – We have stairs

  167. Anne-Marie Large says:

    Tea. 😀 Why change the habit of a lifetime? 😉

  168. Caroline H says:

    I love a Snowball at Christmas – they're so naff and 70s but at Christmas you can get away with it (and I do, secretly really, really like it!).

  169. Marina Frow says:

    Mine is bucks fizz, its so sweet and lovely!

  170. Megan Adams says:

    Baileys (Mint) – because I only ever drink it at Christmas, so its festive!

  171. Rosalind Sargent says:

    My favourite tipple at Christmas time is Snowball with a cherry on top, I remember my mum and dad giving it to me when I was a teenager all those years ago it is usually the first drink we have on Christmas Eve and my son Loves it to so the tradition may continue 🙂

  172. russell says:

    A spiced warm cider made with aspalls cider! Had it at a Christmas fair the other day and it was to die for!

  173. Helen C says:

    I never drink it at any other time of year, but I love an advocaat and lemonade at Christmas. It was the only drink I was ever allowed as a child (very, very diluted!) so it must be a nostalgic thing.

  174. K-Ville says:

    A gin sling. Clean and fresh.
    My recent post Christmas Cat

  175. TraceyLP says:

    I love to have an Irish Cream with ice at Christmas – as its such a treat! Baileys or a Baileys-a-like will do the trick 😉

  176. Sarah Morris says:

    Its Baileys for me, only time I really drink it but it feels so nice and warming on a day when I just want to be cosy and well fed.

  177. Denise bell says:

    Hot chocolate and baileys, caramel baileys if possible.

  178. Denise says:

    I have tweeted

  179. Kylie jenkins says:

    You can’t beat some gorgeous mulled cider. Such a winters Christmas drink and a lovely alternative to mulled wine

  180. Dave and Jayne says:

    It's become a bit of a tradition for us to have Bucks Fizz instead of plain orange juice on Christmas morning – starts the day as we mean to go on!

  181. I'm afraid I'm a fan of a Snowball on Christmas morning!
    My recent post We are Mark Warner ski ambassadors!

  182. Caroline kavanagh says:

    I just love a hot cup of strong tea with a warm
    Mince pie.

  183. Linda Tweed says:

    I love mulled cider. All the spices say 'Christmas' to me. Where I come from (the USA) cider is non-alcoholic, but I'll gladly have it UK style 🙂

  184. karl says:

    a festive mulled wine lets you know its nearly Christmas time. especially with a decent glug of rum in

  185. Harriet says:

    hot chocolate with marshmellows

  186. Mirka Moore says:

    You guessed it right, champagne all the way for me 😉
    My recent post LeapFrog LeapPad Ultra: Tested & Approved!

  187. shellsterooney says:

    Snowballs or mulled wine, only drink these during the festive season so i feel like it's really here when i start drinking these!

  188. Brigitte Leprince says:

    I love a Baileys at Christmas because it is luxurious and special, since I don't drink much during the year!

  189. Craig Smith says:

    A lotta champagne. And then whatever else I can find.

  190. John Dean says:

    I like a Brandy at Christmas because it warms you up and the very smell of Brandy brings back good memories of Christmas gone by!

  191. David says:

    Babycham reminds me of the first time I got tipsy!

  192. Julia Kiss says:

    Christmas is special with a black coffee and whisky …. or a baileys …. or a hot chocolate and brandy ….. I love Christmas

  193. Chris Reid says:

    Irish coffee is my Christmas must have drink.

  194. keshia esgate says:

    Baileys, cos its lovely to come in from the cold and have a glass by the fire 🙂

  195. Rosemarie Dean says:

    I like a nice glass of Babycham!

  196. Allan Mees says:

    prosecco so much better than over rated French champagne

  197. lynn says:

    being t total mine is hot orange juice simmered with mulled wine spices, it lovely

  198. laylat says:

    champagne at noon

  199. Ann Angie S. says:


  200. Trish says:

    Homemade mulled cider, the only time I drink cider all year!

  201. Charlie says:

    Gotta be a glass of bubbly for me. . . something really special

  202. Danielle Woodman says:

    A nice strong coffee with a shot of baileys in because it makes me feel all warm and fuzzy

  203. Claire Warren says:

    Pretty much anything at Christmas – even a cheeky sherry or three!! ; )

  204. Emma Gallagher says:

    Mulled wine as it's the only time of year I get to drink it!

  205. Elizabeth Smith says:

    I had a hot spiced apple juice from a train station a few years back and I'm going to try and recreate it, as an alternative to mulled wine

  206. Champagne or Cava, all day!
    My recent post Damn Fine Cup of Tea

  207. ERICA DITTMAN says:

    Bucks Fizz is my Christmas drink and its the only time I drink it

  208. IRENE BOLTON says:

    On Christmas Dy i love to have a Port and Brandy mixed together in equal measures. It's Wonderful after xmas dinner. and tastes just like Christmas!!

  209. elaine robinson says:

    I love mulled wine,it makes me feel all warm and cheerful.

  210. Joanne Baldwin says:

    Baileys – it's the tast of Christmas!

  211. Paul Wilson says:

    I like a nice Sherry – it's a family tradition to drink Sherry at Christmas.

  212. Sally Carter says:

    Gin and Tonic with plenty of ice and a slice of lemon

  213. Margaret says:

    I love a glass of Prosecco with my Christmas lunch, as I am usually nominated to drive I also love a strong cup of tea

  214. lauracymft says:

    I love a hot chocolate at Christmas…well any day really but it's calorie free at Christmas of course 🙂
    My recent post Matalan Children's Costumes – Review

  215. Nick Aris says:

    Old fashioned but I love a glass of port at Christmas!

  216. Phill Ramsay says:

    Mango daiqiri, bit random for christmas but after a late winter holiday in mexico it has become a bit of a tradition

  217. Dave says:

    Southern Comfort in a brandy glass with crushed ice in front of a real fire

  218. Rebecca Maddocks says:

    A snowball because it is Christmas!

  219. Hayley says:

    Mulled Cider. Delicious and a really christmassy smell!

  220. Rebecca D says:

    A Snowball, they are perfect for Christmas!!

  221. Melanie says:

    Prosecco to start then mojito's to finish both an evening and me off

  222. ruth steel says:

    Has to be Baileys. I only drink it at Christmas as it is so rich. Lovely yearly treat though.

  223. Julie Holden says:

    Sloe gin
    Sloe,sloe,hic hic sloe………….

  224. Julia Routledge says:

    Hot Chocolate with a slug of Brandy in it, sitting in front of a roaring log fire on a cold and frosty night!

  225. Adrienne says:

    My mum loves Baileys so I buy it at christmas time, with her in mind. We have a generous glass with a scoop of ice cream instead of ice. Lovely.
    My recent post . . . A-Z

  226. Charley foulds says:

    has to be baileys- such a treat!

  227. toni quandt says:

    Brandy neat no ice! I need it on xmas day to cope!

  228. JILL MANN says:

    Baileys with ice x

  229. Kerry v says:

    Has to be baileys – only ever drink it at Christmas.

  230. Julie Booth says:

    I love Port and Lemon- it always reminds me of my granny and it's very Xmassy.

  231. k dunn says:

    mulled wine because its christmas in a cup!

  232. Kay Adams says:

    Sherry, as it reminds me of Christmas, as I only ever drink it at Christmas!

  233. Ritakd says:

    My favourite Christmas drink is a snowball, it's the first alcohol drink my mum made me. It always reminds me of her.

  234. Zoe G says:

    Ginger wine but only at Xmas, my mum always bought it at Xmas

  235. Cheryl Edwards says:

    Egg Nog

  236. Donna Edmondson says:

    I love what my children call an ice cream float, a scoop of ice cream in lemonade with a straw and a spoon 🙂

  237. Tracey Belcher says:

    I love a nice cognac to sip – If it is good enough for Santa then it is good enough for me 🙂

  238. Kizzy says:

    A nice glass of Prosecco on Christmas morning is the best way to start the day!

  239. Joanne Mapp says:

    I love a glass of hot mulled wine. It is a family tradition and we each pick a spice or fruit to add. Lovely and warming on a cold Christmas Eve.

  240. Meryl Rees says:

    I don't drink alcohol so we have Shloer at Christmas

  241. anthony harrington says:

    I will have a nice Latte!

  242. Erica says:

    Ok, if we're talking alcohol then I've just discovered frreeze at home strawberry daquiris by parrot bay – they aren't as good as cruise cocktails but they are not bad at all!

    Non alcoholic has got to be a delicious cappucino from the Nespresso machine, we don't skimp on our coffee 🙂

  243. Nika says:

    Czech beer Staropramen !

  244. Mandy Rawlinson says:

    Champagne…..without a doubt!!

  245. maureen findley says:

    i love bucks fizz because it is somehow acceptable to drink it Christmas morning. Naughty but nice !

  246. Hot chocolate with a large (read double) shot of Amaretto. Yummy x
    My recent post Elf on the Shelf Day 11

  247. Sara Hughes says:

    Irish coffee – lovely!

  248. Darren says:

    Mulled wine, such a nice wintery drink that always makes me feel festive and for that reason I can only drink it in December or I get in the Christmas spirit far too early in the year.

  249. Stephen says:

    It has to be a Whiskey Mac for me. Tradition dictates it!

  250. liz denial says:

    I love Hardy's Crest sparkling pinot noir chardonnay, it's as good as champagne at a fraction of the cost

  251. sarah birkett says:

    Its got to be mulled wine, just the smell is enough to put me in the Christmas mood

  252. Stephanie Whitehouse says:

    Mulled wine at the Christmas concert – it gets the season going for me

  253. mark lloyd says:

    mulled wine because it is warming after a brisk winter walk

  254. twinklenicci says:

    my fave christmas drink is hot chocolae but with some brandy cream in it ….not very good for you , but thankfully christmas is only once a year lol

  255. femjh says:

    Hot chocolate with mini marshmallows, great giveaway thank you,


  256. HelpfulMum says:

    For me, a Christmas drink has to be hot chocolate with a dash of Amaretto. Perfect!

  257. Lesley Taylor says:

    Hot Chocolate with Baileys mmmmmm

  258. Jo mynametooshort :) says:

    If I can find any (!) an organic sulphite free red wine – but they are few and far between!

  259. mark colombus says:

    Got to be Sherrey – its the 1st drink we have on xmas day, great start to the day.
    My recent post All Time Low @ Under the Bridge

  260. Stuart Dunlop says:

    It has to be Mulled wine around a roaring fire, just after a winter walk. Bliss

  261. Larry says:

    Mulled wine because it gives you a lovely warm festive glow

  262. Gareth Watkins says:

    Shloer because it reminds me of Christmas as a kid in Wales.

  263. Debbie .B says:

    Freshly ground coffee

  264. Anna Emslie says:

    Cocoa with marshmallows. It's brilliant the night before Christmas when the weather is cold.

  265. Charlotte Ingham says:

    Hot Chocolate with a shot of Baileys!

  266. A nice chilled Prosecco to clear the palatel
    My recent post FLNG Compressor and Driver Optimisation – Dr Sib Akhtar

  267. Amy says:

    Has to be a Snowball. My Dad has made us one for years, fake ones (non alcoholic) when we were little, and real ones now. It is Christmas, nostalgia, family and happiness all in one glass.

  268. mark sanderson says:

    Rochester Dark Ginger Wine, it's just so Christmassy!

  269. firsttimerunner says:

    So my favourite Christmas drink is an Aperol martini – one part Aperol, two parts gin, made more orangey yet by spritzing clementine oil from the skin of said citrus fruit over a flame and into the drink, and then dropping the peel into the drink. PERFECTION for doing the sprouts

  270. Cheryl says:

    Hot, frothed chocolate with a pinch of cinnamon. Always feels like an indulgence.
    My recent post Apple Sauce and Cinnamon Christmas decorations

  271. Laura B says:

    My favourite is a snowball, although sometimes I add a large vodka and call it an avalanche!

  272. lynn lewer says:

    I love Baileys with ice its goes perfectly with my after dinner coffee

  273. My favourite Christmas drink is the Irish Coffee my Dad makes after lunch on Boxing Day. I only hope my baby is born by then so mine doesn’t have to be a “virgin decaf” version this year! X

  274. juliet44 says:

    Home made Sloe Gin made from collecting Sloes from Cotwalton Lane on a winter walk

  275. Pam Whitham says:

    It has to be a Baileys for me

  276. Joan says:

    Coffee with Tia Maria after Christmas dinner, then a sleep in front of the telly

  277. lizzy lou says:

    a nice bottle of asti always goes down well

  278. emma says:

    cant beat a gingerbread latte 😉

  279. Sean Brady says:

    Water, as it's the only thing that can rehydrate me.

  280. jen english says:

    I've just discovered Toffoc, toffee vodka so that's what my favourite drink is this Christmas

  281. 76sunflowers says:

    Chai tea latte with extra marshmallows 🙂
    My recent post Another favourite alternative Christmas song…

  282. Louise Smith says:

    Bucks Fizz

  283. Stacey Rowe says:

    Hot chocolate! It's warming and gives me a chocolate fix too! Bonus!

  284. Gavin says:

    Caipirinha – gives that warming Brazilian feel to Xmas

  285. Laura Symons says:

    Buzzfizz! Refeshing and light

  286. John Tingay says:

    Strong cup of tea for me – anything else just makes me look forward to the next cuppa even more!

  287. deedee says:

    orange juice and lemonade

  288. Louise Perry says:

    Ooooo I love Mojitos too – but I have just bought some Chambord to go in champagne x
    My recent post Foam Handprint Christmas Decoarations

  289. Em Duds says:

    A Christmas Eve sherry (old lady chic!) with my friend who lives in Paris now and just comes home for Crimbo. This year we’ll toast her teeny weeny new baby boy called…Robin!

  290. David Paterson says:

    Mulled wine – hot, spicy, tasty on freezing days

  291. A James says:

    Mulled wine, I only drink it at christmas 🙂

  292. Louise Comb says:

    I love my own mulled wine best of all. It contains my magic secret (until now) ingredient: honey 🙂

  293. Janet Dixon says:

    My favourite drink at Christmas is Hot chocolate with cream and marsh mellows after a brisk walk with the pooch.

  294. ClaireArchie says:

    Hmmm. Now having a taste for drink or the alcoholic variety, this is no easy question. Of course, I do love the mulled wine, but I think I shall have to opt for a bellini as my absolute favourite 🙂

  295. Tammy Tudor says:

    mine is rose i love it, and its a treat at christmas

  296. Barbara Stephenson says:

    Gin based cocktails so many to choose from – Absent Friend/s toast at Xmas

  297. Jason says:

    Mulled wine, perfect drink to warm yourself up on a cold winters night!

  298. kath Robinson says:

    Red wine Fantastic with Christmas dinner

  299. Jo Davis says:

    My favourite is Snowballs….it reminds me of my childhood, feeling very grown up by being allowed by my Mum to have my first adult drink !!

  300. SARAHANN TONNER says:

    A nice bellini! x

  301. Debbie Bird says:

    I always have bucksfizz Christmas morning its a tradition

  302. Meg Fenn says:

    Wow. great prize. Lovely blog. I think my favourite Christmas drink would have to be a mimosa. There's just something really special about a Christmas breakfast accompanied by a sparkling mimosa while the kids open their pressies. And boxing day brunch is not boxing day brunch without one!

  303. Jaki Flowers says:

    I like an ABC at Christmas – Amaretto, Baileys and Cognac. It's deliciously rich and special.

  304. Claire Jenkins says:

    Mulled wine, as it gets me in the christmas spirit

  305. Stephen leach says:

    ginger wine because it is watm and spicy just like christmas

  306. christine burton says:

    hot mulled wine

  307. Liz Marriott says:

    Got to be Bailey's

  308. ANN ANGIES says:

    Twinings tea.

  309. Siobhan C says:

    I know its boring and predictable, but it simply has to be Mulled Wine. I adore it, and if you drink any stuff left over in January, its just not the same, my poor brain gets confused!
    My recent post Mourning Mandela

  310. Dawn Costen says:

    I'm not a drinker so a nice cup of tea is always most welcome – especially when someone else makes it for me!

  311. Zoe Hermitage says:

    I am addicted to snowballs at christmas my nan used to make them for me as a treat when i was younger (shhhhhh) and every year its like shes here with me when im drinking them

  312. 25castleson25clouds says:

    My favourite drink would have to be martini and lemonade – dry martini! Although if I am driving it will be pineapple and soda water or if I am out and being skint I am now drinking blackcurrant squash with fizzy water!
    My recent post What will the neighbours think?

  313. C Parkin says:

    Gin and tonic but while pregnant I'll stick to ginger tea

  314. It's the cup of tea we enjoy with a slice of cake when we're watching the children's film in the afternoon after Christmas dinner.
    My recent post Keep on paddling

  315. Hilda Hazel Wright says:

    Hard to answer, it could be stella artois 4% because it goes nicely with our Christmas Curry (xmas dinner!), or it could be the lovely Hendricks gin that we treat ourselves to at Christmas, or it could be red wine that is so lovely with lots of meals and to sip on a cold dark evening or it could be lovely tasty Jack Daniels and diet coke or the new amazing Jack Daniels honey that I like a sip of at the end of an evening…then again like you a cup of tea goes down a treat!

  316. Bob Clark says:

    A fine single malt whisky – best choice at Xmas and the New Year – in fact all the year round – so satisfying and smooth

  317. Dee Dmonte says:

    Nice cuppa tea – when the dinner is cooked, everything is cleaned away and everyone is relaxing stuffed full of turkey 🙂

  318. Tracy Newton says:

    I would say a couple of glasses of champagne or a big mug of Earl Grey Tea

  319. frances hopkins says:

    Bailey and Ice – ooo pure indulgence

  320. kathleen waite says:

    Bailey's, I only buy it at Christmas!

  321. Carol Greenfield says:

    Champagne with lunch and Buck's Fizz for breakfast followed by the next 364 days on fizzy water.

  322. jo glasspool says:

    Baileys as I really look forward to xmas so i can indulge in one or two. x

  323. Lyndsey Brett says:

    Cherry Lambrini.
    I get a bottle of it every year and I just love it!

  324. stacey webb says:

    a nice baileys with a couple of lumps of ice

  325. joanna orr says:

    Our special homemade Xmas Pina colada! The more we have, the stronger the mix gets…..lovely!!

  326. Julie Clements says:

    Calypso coffee made with fresh coffee, Tia Maria and freshly whipped cream. Perfectly indulgent for a Christmas treat.

  327. DD's Diary says:

    My favourite drink at Christmas is – lots! Lots of bubbles if poss – prosecco or champagne if I can get it. Lovely.
    My recent post Official: there are still some nice men left

  328. Ben says:

    A nice cup of tea first thing in the morning when there is no rush to do anything or be anywhere 🙂
    My recent post Swimming with the fishes

  329. stephen cook says:

    Oh a nice big mug of tea – just the ticket after all that wine & beer during Christmas Day Lunch!

  330. Michael Finch says:

    Cherry Brandy – my aunty used to give me a small glass when I was younger and this taste has always meant Christmas to me!!

  331. foz says:

    Starbucks Egg Nog latte…it is a real treat and you can only get it at Christmas

  332. kathleen hooper says:

    snowball! I only ever drink it a christmas, and it reminds me of my dear departed pa, as he was always in charge of mixing the xmas snowball for me and my mum

  333. Mulled wine every time for me. Gets me totally in to the Christmas spirit 🙂

  334. Darius Dragasius says:

    mulled wine for me, that's what you need on the chilly night

  335. Graeme Macmillan says:

    It has to be Bucks Fizz – light, invigorating and not too much alcohol

  336. Louise Hart says:

    for me its a snowball – i only ever drink them at christmas. then i drink so many i can't bear to drink them again for another year!

  337. Dawn Canning says:

    My homemade elderflower wine as it is 'sunshine' in a bottle and reminds me that summer will soon be here,

  338. Emma Jackson says:

    I love having a snowball. When I was young my Nana used to let me have a sip of hers, which always had a cherry on a cocktail stick and an umbrella. It seemed so glamorous 😀
    My recent post Homemade gifts

  339. Marc says:

    Disaronno on ice because wine and champagne takes up too much belly room before Christmas dinner. xD

  340. Phil Boyle says:

    Ginger beer 5% reviver. Warms me up nicely.

  341. Kate says:

    Mint Hot Chocolate, yummy!

  342. Margaret-Mary says:

    Mulled cider every time. Warming, fruity and the smell of Xmas.

  343. caroline lyons says:

    Has to be a large glass of Baileys over Ice!!!

  344. steve hearne says:

    I love a nice real ale – I love the local brew.

  345. Julie Long says:

    A nice glass of baileys over ice.
    I only drink it on Christmas day so feels like a treat every year!

  346. michelle evans says:

    Mine is Bailey's, we open our first bottle on Christmas eve and watch Christmas Vacation every year.

  347. Mel Peakman says:

    I love Grand Marnier and Champagne at Christmas – it tastes orangey, rather wonderful and is a little different from my usual favourite Kir Royale

  348. emma hunt says:

    Oh tuffy! Hot chocolate with marshmallows but if i fancy a change ill have a baileys coffee Mmmmm

  349. Natalia S says:

    mulled wine, because it's traditional for Christmas, adds to the atmosphere

  350. Jenny Rogers says:

    I like to have a sweet dessert wine with Christmas pudding, it just finishes off the dinner nicely.

  351. sian hallewell says:

    I am a hot chocolate fan, not particularly Christmassy I know, but a luxury hot chocolate (thats with cream and marshmallows), would make me very happy

  352. Christina Massue says:

    Has to be a baileys, its not a drink for us dieters out there but on christmas day the diet is out the window x

  353. anna horrocks says:

    I love mulled wine at Christmas

  354. Rebecca I says:

    Either Christmas Pudding vodka or a belini

  355. Amelia Makes says:

    Got to be a snowball!! It brings back so many memories from being allowed to have a little sip when i was little – of course it has to have one of those sickly sweet cherries at the bottom!!

  356. Rebecca Morgan says:

    It's got to be hot chocolate….with marshmallows!

  357. Hayley Wynn says:

    Snowballs had them every year at christmas since i was 18

  358. Sophia Kearney says:

    good old builders tea!

  359. Rachel W says:

    Shloer if I am driving, mulled wine if I am not.

  360. Nicola Lynch says:

    Malibu and Cranberry, A nice treat at Christmas time as I dont usually drink very much and the cranberry makes it a bit Christmassy!

  361. natalie fairhurst says:

    I love a hot chocolate while watching the kids open their presents, then after that i may have a tad of baileys in there.

  362. Marco Mazzolini says:

    Always start on Christmas with a Bucks Fizz, it's a tradition!

  363. Michael Clarke says:

    Beer, real Ale, I love beer all year round and at xmas

  364. Jacqui K says:

    Chocolate Baileys.

  365. Cathy Gordon says:

    I like to have a nice tropical fruit juice with a splash of vodka 😉

  366. di dilly says:

    Coffee with Tia Maria. The perfect end to my Christmas dinner

  367. Mel Briscoe says:

    I always have hot chocolate on Christmas morning.

  368. Luisa Lauren says:

    I love a glass of bucks fizz on Christmas morning because it makes me feel all christmassy and it's our part of our breakfast tradition whilst watching the children open their presents.

  369. Tara O says:

    Mulled cider! It's so warming and tasty.

  370. Saran Benjamin says:

    Malibu and coke

  371. Aurelia says:

    Mulled wine for me, it's a tradition and the house smells so good

  372. Vita says:

    I would have to say bottle green spiced berry cordial! Have just discovered it and it's amazing – like mulled wine but as a cordial!
    My recent post Wreath Making made easy!

  373. Colin Pike says:

    Jack Daniels & Coke

  374. Neil Hutchings says:

    Mulled wine for me

  375. Julie Howarth says:

    I love Asti Spumante with my Christmas Dinner 🙂

  376. Ellie M says:

    A glass or two of Veuve Cliquot with a splash of orange juice (has to be with bits) starts me off in the morning as I prepare the turkey. It's the only day when breakfast alcohol is acceptable isn't it?

  377. Mary-Ann Pollard says:

    hmm thats a tough one this year im looki9ng forward to a couple of bottles of Jeremiah Weed's but as a rule I tend to be on the red wine

  378. gilla01 says:

    At Christmas, probably Bucks Fizz in the morning, then a nice white wine with the meal – after that I can have a Baileys! My favourite is the Baileys.

  379. Emma Hicks says:

    Baileys is my favourite Christmas drink. I don't drink it at any other time of year, so it's a real treat at Christmas!

  380. Louise A says:

    snowballs (Advocaat and lemonade) which for some reason we only drink at Christmas

  381. Dave R says:

    PIMMS because it tastes great at any time of the year.

  382. Beth Cannon says:

    I always have port while I'm getting the tree and decorations up, I find it helps! On Christmas day we start with champagne with breakfast, wine with lunch, then the cocktails come out in the evening, love a nice Cosmo or three. I'm not an alcoholic – honest!!

  383. cheryl lovell says:

    I like to have snowballs because it reminds me of my Mum!

  384. cheryl lovell says:

    RT as @lovell020606

  385. victoria morrison says:

    a bit of cheeky bucks fizz to start christmas morning and some sloe gin in the evening!

  386. Gail Reid says:

    A cheeky buck's fizz sometimes as it starts the day off well. Otherwise I don't drink and I would go for something fizzy and nice tasting like a Schloer
    My recent post My happy festive wall

  387. Sue says:

    My favourite is vodka and tonic after lunch.

  388. Em Shears says:

    My favourite is a hot chocolate with a sneaky shot of Baileys. It's yummy and warms your cockles 🙂

  389. Kristy Leanne Brown says:

    My favourite is homemade mulled wine as it brings back pleasant memories of living in Germany when my children were small

  390. Sally Lea says:

    Has to be a good old traditional snowball.

  391. leanne williams says:

    Christmas isn't Christmas without mulled wine for me

  392. Lorna says:

    Pear Cider or Irish Creme over ice or a chilled diet coke – all depends on my frame of mind

  393. eva says:

    dont like alcohol at all but for Christmas glass of Baileys with ice do the trick 🙂

  394. hannah oneill says:

    Blackcurrant liqueur and lemondade!

  395. Sarah Red says:

    Mulled Wine for me, Its the perfect festive drink and no excuse other than "it's Christmas" is needed to have a drink or two x

  396. Harry Letham says:

    Drambuie with ice, cos it's what Santa gets left on Xmas Eve too.

  397. Liz B says:

    Definitely a snowball – I love retro drinks, they remind me of Christmasses Past !

  398. Paula Phillips says:

    Bucks fizz as it's not too much alcohol in it so I don't get a bad head the next day.

  399. Jeremy Hards says:

    Cubita Licor de Cafe (similar to Tia Maria but stronger). I love the taste and it reminds of warmer times on holiday in Cuba

  400. omgitslani says:

    We have a glass of champers with dinner and its the only time of year we drink it so it makes it extra special

  401. melanie crumpton says:

    A champagne Bellini

  402. Rebekah Powley says:

    Ooooh I love a cinnamon coffee at christmas!!

  403. stephen holman says:

    i like a big class of baileys over ice. christmas is the only time I have it ! so bad for you but lovely 🙂

  404. L P Mulligan says:

    It's hard to beat a cup of tea after a huge Christmas dinner!

  405. Caroline Scott says:

    a French Martini – had one for the first time at a party recently and I loved it! Chambord liqueur, vodka and pineapple juice, so delicious and indulgent for a Xmas treat

  406. Sarahleaf08x says:

    Hot chocolate with squirty cream, malteasers, nuts and sprinkles on top! Lots of yummy calories there lol. x

  407. Sarahleaf08x says:

    I tweeted. @OoserzoO

  408. ESME MCCRUBB says:


  409. Sheelagh Thompson says:

    I've actually got three favourites at Christmas! Original Baileys, Taylors Special Reserve Port and Harveys Cream Sherry. It's the only time of the year I have these drinks.

  410. kate andrews says:

    Orange and Lemonade

  411. Maria Clarke says:

    Sherry I can remember my Dad letting me have a sip and I love it

  412. Amy Hobbs says:

    Snowballs – When we children we had the kids version, Lemonade, Icecream and a cherry and we felt grown up thinking they were advocate! – Still have them 20 years on!

  413. dolly says:

    snow ball… its even sounds Christmassy

  414. Penny C says:

    oreo milkshake with baileys!

  415. Laura says:

    Port or Baileys. Can't choose!
    My recent post Crafty Christmas Crackers

  416. Gordon MacPherson says:

    Mulled wine – so Christmassy! 🙂

  417. C Jeffries says:

    Mulled wine with fresh fruit

  418. Caroline says:

    Port, only drink it at Christmas, so did my nan, can remember her sneaking me a tiny glass to "warm me up " it's a tradition that stuck

  419. Rebecca says:

    Mulled wine – it even smells of Christmas! A nice hot mulled wine on a cold day is the perfect way to spend Christmas

  420. louise bennett says:


  421. shell says:

    Our tradition is a glass of sherry

  422. Hannah Rowley says:

    A glass of mulled wine it always makes me feel very festive!!

  423. kelly hooper says:

    A cup of tea, cant drink alcohol, fizzy drinks, squash or juice so doesnt leave me alot else!

  424. Julia Wulff says:

    I love a snowball on Christmas day because it's easy to make, retro and pleases the whole family.

  425. hazel porter says:

    Tea no sugar , for me! It reminds of everything good and bad and doesnt give me a bad head!

  426. Isabelle Smith says:

    baileys with ice !

  427. Hevster says:

    A nice glass of port with some really strong cheese – though it is the only time of year I drink it 🙂

  428. Hannah Smith says:

    Tea, why change just for Christmas?

    @smeethsays on twitter

  429. Helen Swales says:

    My favourite Christmas drink is Baileys Original Irish Cream served over crushed ice; it's just a perfect Christmas drink.

  430. Ann Cooper says:

    Got to be advocate at christmas

  431. Victoria Cunniff says:

    A jammy dodger shot – chambord raspberry Liquer topped with double cream and brown sugar! Try it!

  432. Ellen Stafford says:

    Malibu and diet coke…'s probably the only alcoholic drink I personally like. Chai Tea is lovely.

  433. meena says:

    i love advocaat at xmas, it reminds me of being with my grandad many years ago when it was a treat he would mix up for everyone and open the jar of cherries and put 3 on a cocktail stick for me. Every xmas i have a glass for old times sake


    It has to be egg nog

  435. Georgie says:

    Vodka and diet coke in the evening – the caffeine keeps me awake after an early start with the little ones

  436. Jemma Scott says:

    My Favourtie Xmas tipple is a glass of champagne with a shot of Chambord Black Raspberry liquor in … lush!

  437. sallyb says:

    Baileys (or poor man's equivalent!) I don't drink it at any other time of year

  438. Laura Linsey says:

    The first cup of tea of Christmas morning is my favourite, to sit back and watch the wonder on the kids faces with a nice hot brew in my hand!

  439. Helen Plant says:

    I enjoy drinking a Snowball at Christmas because it's easy to make, tastes delicious and has a wintery name!

  440. Rachael Jones says:

    pepsi !

  441. Claire Willmer says:

    Hot chocolate with marshmallows and whipped cream yummy 🙂

  442. Cathy O says:

    Fav drink is Bucks Fizz – all those bubbles make me even more excited!

  443. Joanne says:

    A white wine

  444. Joanne Blunt says:

    Mulled wine because it smells and tastes of Christmas

  445. cecelia allen says:

    It is the only time of the year that I drink advocaat, with Lemonade, a Snowball. It started in the late 70's when my late mum and I always drank it at Christmas and now it doesn't feel like Christmas without it.

  446. John Lynch says:

    a nice glass of whiskey

  447. Cathie Hunter says:

    Hot Chocolate with cream – just so comforting!

  448. Tracey Dowell says:

    Oh a snowball with cherries on a cocktail stick…..only drink i was allowed early teens …brings back memories

  449. Nicola Dudson says:

    My favourite is mulled wine its so christmassy!

  450. clair dutton says:

    i love snowballs. they get me in the festive spirit

  451. kerry sullivan says:

    Champagne, and the odd sherry to keep the tradition going!

  452. Rosalyn says:

    I really like Advocaat and lemonade (snowball) because it reminds me of xmas with my mummy. Or if I'm looking for real luxury I go for a bit glug of Baileys mixed with icecream 🙂

  453. Martin White says:

    A small glass of Laphroaig whisky,which tastes amazing and smoky, because it's the closest you can get to warming your feet by an open fire – even if you don't have one!

  454. Frances says:

    Mine's a Bailey's with a strong espresso and a box of chocs on the side

  455. @vandervaulk says:

    mulled cider because it warms you up ,it's spicey and taste great.

  456. Inga Andersen says:

    A bucks fizz, it's refreshing plus you can drink a fair bit without getting too sloshed lol


    Has to be some champage/cava (depending on budget!) with our Xmas dinner – it goes down a treat! xx

  458. phillippa lee says:

    I love Harveys Bristol Cream on ice. It the only time I drink it and it encapsulates Christmas for me – warmth, sweetness and a slight fuzz.

  459. Tamara Payne says:

    Vodka and coke for me at Christmas.

  460. Dan Wate says:

    Has to be champagne on Christmas morning. It's a tradition with bacon butties.

  461. Gillian Hutchison says:

    Cup of tea for me. With 3 children I’ve either been pregnant or breast feeding for the past 5 years. Still a hot cup of tea is a luxury!

  462. Wendy Tolhurst says:

    I love mulled wine – it's a seasonal drink and I find it is something I can drink at either lunchtime or in the evening. I don't normally drink wine, so it feels special too!

  463. lyn burgess says:

    At home I love a glass of something sparkling, preferably Champagne or Prosecco, but when I'm out I will drink aglass of wine then switch to a St Clements.

  464. Hazel Rush says:

    I love mulled wine at Xmas because it just feels all festive and warm!

  465. alan says:

    Whisky and canada dry, or a good cup of PG tips

  466. Rachel Edney says:

    I only ever drink Baileys at Christmas. I love it when Mum and me giggle whilst drinking our Baileys when the kids have gone to bed.

  467. robyn297 says:

    Dom pedro, we have one every year after our Christmas meal, indulgent treat, can't wait for it!

  468. Jane Middleton says:


  469. Allan says:

    a nice cup of douwe egberts coffee

  470. denise s says:

    champagne its lovely and decadent well it is christmas

  471. Vicky Robinson says:

    I love a cup of tea or hot chocolate. I rarely drink as I have to be able to drive at short notice! If I do have a drink, then I love a bit of sparkling wine or Champagne at a celebration 🙂

  472. Ben Blaney says:

    Snowball, because its christmassy

  473. Mark Whittaker says:

    Mine would be port. I only ever drink it at Christmas and the smell of it just means Christmas to me. I think It was probably he first drink I was ever allowed- my Nan gave me a glass one Christmas lunch and I have never looked back

  474. Honora Livesey says:

    I love a latte as a hot drink, elderflower cordial with ice as cold drink and occasionally a baileys.

  475. cathryn1 says:

    Baileys Coffee as all the hard work is over at this point 🙂

  476. Daniel Pol says:

    a ice cold limoncello

  477. Jon Bell says:

    Mulled wine as it gets me in the christmas spirit

  478. Caroline Toner says:

    A Snowball (advocaat and lemonade) with a cherry on a stick, just reminds me of Christmases at home,growing up

  479. Siobhan Lucy says:

    Champagne, because it's the time of year you can be a bit fancy!

  480. sarah rees says:

    hot chocolate with hazelnut syrup

  481. David Freeman says:

    Bucks Fizz for breakfast, sets you up for the festive day ahead.

  482. donna clinton says:

    I love Snowballs because they remind me of my late Nanna,she never drank but always had a snowball at christmas

  483. Jackie ONeill says:

    Mulled wine, such a warming, flavoursome drink which to me is the taste of Christmas

  484. Heidi Brown says:

    It has to be Mulled wine as its just so christmasy!! or a close second chocolate red wine – just because!!

  485. nicole says:

    My favourite drink is EggNog as it just brings back so many happy memories of sharing Eggnog with family over the years!

  486. Ruth Hedges says:

    I love Champagne at Christmas nice and refreshing 🙂

  487. Ruth Hedges says:

    Tweeted as @Ponchi45

  488. jane greenfield says:


  489. Jamie says:

    I'd have whatever LOL, Shloer is usually on the christmas table

  490. David Collins says:

    For me it would have to be a port & brandy! Perfect for a relaxing Xmas evening.

  491. rebecca ball says:

    Mulled Apple Juice! I don't drink alcohol so this is a really nice alternative

  492. Fiona Mallard says:

    Mine is mulled wine, drinking it at the christmas markets signals the start of christmas for me

  493. Pauline Appleton says:

    I'm not a drinker but i always like to treat myself to a BMW, thats a Baileys, Malibu and Whiskey with ice. Tastes so Nice x

  494. Sue Robinson says:

    Has to be Baileys over ice, it is so nice in the evening when the kids have gone to bed to sit and watch a film with a nice warming glass

  495. Mr James Holyland says:

    I love a sherry it reminds me of times with my Grandma

  496. Florence Cross says:

    I love the home made damson gin I make. We start it in September and it's ready for Christmas. It tastes divine either drunk on its own, with tonic, or added to a glass of champagne.

  497. Diana says:

    Mulled wine, makes you feel so cosy and warm :}

  498. Christine Constable says:

    It has to be champagne because that just adds to the sense of occasion.

  499. nutunit says:

    Black beer & lemonade, because it reminds me of my granddad.

  500. sue mason says:

    love champagne- the ultimate luxurious festive fizz!

  501. LINDA NEILSON says:


  502. charles melo says:

    Spicy Mulled Wine. It is seasonal, it is warming, it is pleasant and the aroma is to die for

  503. Sarah Flanagan says:

    Baileys because it is a Christmas classic!

  504. linda curtis says:

    babysham my nan always had 4 little bottles for the kids and its something i ahve always got a christmas more for the nostalga fact thn the taste but i love it

  505. Cheryll H says:

    I love Baileys in my coffee 🙂 It's so decadent 🙂

  506. Cheryll H says:

    I've tweeted too 🙂 @pipersky1

  507. Sinead McNally says:

    My favourite drink at Christmas is a Baileys on ice after dinner 🙂

  508. angela sandhu says:

    I love Prosecco, nice and fizzy!

  509. natalie holland says:

    Not that I always get to drink it but I love a glass of champagne, (or cava) with some passionfruit at the bottom of the glass, lovely. Or if there's no passionfruit, raspberry's are good x

  510. natalie holland says:
  511. ClairejB says:

    I really like alcoholic ginger beer or green ginger wine at Christmas time. I think the smell of the ginger just really makes me think of Christmas. 🙂

  512. ClairejB says:

    I've tweeted @Madabbitgirl

  513. sara says:

    Mulled wine as I have a glass of this when putting up our Christmas decorations, so drinking it always makes me feel festive

  514. Competition Blog by chrriss88 says:

    I think an eggnog my gran used to make her own (Nom NOM)!!

  515. sarah eastham says:

    A cup of tea! Desperately need one by xmas eve!

  516. Georgia McAllister says:

    We always have Irish coffee at Christmas, it's a lovely treat.

  517. KAREN HERBERT says:

    definitely hot chocolate, can't beat it especially when its cold outside and no hangover the next morning!!

  518. Rebecca Mercer says:

    It has to be either mulled wine because it makes me feel really festive or Buck's Fizz I always have Buck's Fizz with Christmas breakfast because it's a special day 🙂

  519. Carol Bell says:

    I like a Whisky Mac. Strong, sweet and warming with a lovely aftertaste

  520. rebecca shelton says:

    im pretty boring lol mine would have to be a nice glass of chilled white wine or a cup of yorkshire tea i stick to what i like 🙂

  521. Alison Barker says:

    Mulled wine , it has the essence of Christmas.

  522. Lynsey Rogers says:


  523. MissMelvis says:

    Blue Wkd – and not just at Christmas time 🙂 x
    My recent post Check your Bauballs!

  524. MissMelvis says:

    I tweeted here
    My recent post Kindle Giveaway – A Bloglovin’ Celebration

  525. Mary Martin says:

    Brandy Alexandra

  526. Portia Mattinson says:

    A baileys latte, delicious

  527. Theresa M says:

    Snowballs made with Advocaat, lemonade and lime are a Christmas drinking tradition in our family, and I can live with that because I love them :0) ( Handy hint, if things get out of hand a snowball with a raw egg and smidgen of Angostura added is said to be a good hangover cure on New Year's day)

  528. Mary Campbell says:

    Bucks Fizz – orange juice AND champagne all in one glass – nirvana! No worries about 'making your mind up' 😉

  529. Valerie Kay says:

    Hot chocolate because it warms me up 🙂

  530. Patrick Covernton says:

    Ginger wine. I love it, but it just feels weird drinking it at any other time of year.

  531. debbie creasey says:

    heres my Yorkie x Brandy in her santa outfit.

  532. debbie creasey says:

    I love a snowball or a few glasses of Bailleys xx

  533. Rachael Marsden says:

    Has to be a snowball, its the only time of year you can!

  534. Eliza Wilder says:

    Chocolate Baileys!!! Whipped up with some cream and some ice cream! Yum!!

  535. Kerry Pool says:

    Port, as it is the perfect excuse for more cheese 🙂

  536. Alice Beaumont says:

    Snowball! So festive

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