Nigella biscuits for Christmas

Nigella Christmas Biscuits

Fill your house with these beauties at Christmas time and you will forever be known as a Domestic Goddess. Or that’s my plan anyway.

My eight year old actually made these herself, they are that easy.
I was allowed to pull the ‘dough’ together into a ball, but that was it. Mia did the rest.
These Nigella biscuits are excellent for making with children as they are easy to handle and don’t fall apart when you cut them out and move them onto the baking tray.
Once cooked you can have lots of fun with the decorating. We made Christmas trees and snowflakes and OBVIOUSLY we had to cut out some ‘M’ shaped biscuits to show who had made them!
Brilliant for letting your kids get creative and decorate to their heart’s content.

nigella christmas biscuits

rolling out biscuit dough biscuit cutter

nigella biscuits2

When icing, the best method is to pipe an outline and allow it to dry before ‘filling’ in with the rest of the icing.

nigella biscuits

We used this recipe for Nigella biscuits and then went all creative with the decorating!

star cookie

 Have fun!


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4 Responses to Nigella biscuits for Christmas

  1. lauracymft says:

    They look yummy! Have a lovely Christmas.
    My recent post What We Did Last Week #Week50

  2. Iota says:

    Yeah, well, I made biscuits with my daughter this afternoon. She iced them. Came to get me to see how she'd done. When I got to the kitchen, half were gone, and the dog was looking very guilty…


  3. Expat Mum says:

    Mmmm. My 10 year old did one of her recipes as Xmas presents for his teachers. The salted peanut chocolate squares. As long as there's no peanut allergy they are absolutely delicious and so easy to make.

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