Ice skating under the bright lights of Birmingham

ice skating birmingham

. . . and feeling really festive!

Amidst all the wrapping and card writing and shopping it’s easy to lose your perspective on the holiday season. Become jaded, feel overwhelmed.
Ice skating with your family fixes that.
Moving around the ice, holding your husband’s hand while under the bright lights of all the festivities made all the Christmas wash over me. ALL the Christmas!

And doing it all with friends makes it even better.

Many thanks to Winter Skate in Birmingham for giving us free tickets.
The Olympic-sized outdoor rink (it’s ice not that horrible plastic stuff) is in¬†Centenary Square, in the shadow of the new library, and the REP theatre and is open to the public until January 5, 2014.
And it comes highly recommended by this (extended) family.


PS. Sorry for the slightly rubbish photos. I daren’t take my posh camera on the ice so had to settle for my phone!

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