10 things I argue about with my husband

1. The central heating.
He moans that I keep turning the thermostat down. I moan that the house is like a ruddy sauna by the time me and the kids get up and I can’t bear the waste – or giving money to the energy companies.
“Did you fiddle with that thermostat again?” constantly rings through the house. So much so that the kids do that silently mimicking thing just before they know he’s about to say it. Which makes me want to turn the thermostat down even more.

2. Letting the dog on the sofa.
Because, let’s face it he’s a huge dog. And when he’s on the sofa he pretty much takes up the whole thing.
Sofa’s are for humans. Dog beds are for dogs.
He treats that dog like a baby – I’ve walked in the lounge before now to find the dog actually sat on his lap like some huge awkward elephant trying to sit on a deckchair and they both look at me with the innocence that shouts ‘he’s definitely NOT on the actual sofa’.

Things I argue about with my husband

3. Feeding the dog from his plate.
This is a no. An ‘if it ever happens you will incur my wrath’. And I catch him doing it when he thinks I’m not looking.

4. Using me as his personal cash point.
Just go to the bloody cash point yourself for heaven’s sake.

5. Asking me if I’d like a cup of coffee.
We’ve been together for 20-odd years. In those 20-odd years I have never drank coffee; only tea. I don’t like coffee in my chocolate bars either. Because it’s coffee and I don’t like the taste. THIS HAS NEVER CHANGED. EVER.

6. This conversation
Him: “Have you seen my *insert thing he’s lost?”
Me: “No.”
Him: “You must have moved it because I definitely left it on the table.”
Me: “Well you clearly couldn’t have if it’s not there.”
Him: “I definitely did. I remember it clearly.”
He proceeds to tut and moan at me for the next half an hour.
Later that day.
Me: “Did you find that thing?”
Him: “Yes.”
Me: “So where was it?”
Him: Silent. Which means he found it where he left it and he was totally and utterly wrong about me moving it but there is NO WAY he’s going to admit that.

There is another version of this conversation, where he looks for something, can’t find it, I go to look for it and it’s exactly where I said it would be.

7. Being quiet in the mornings.
He gets up at 6.15 am, the rest of us get up at 7.15am. He finds it physically impossible to do anything quietly. Closing draws so they bang to, closing doors so they ‘click’ loudly, that LOUD click when you turn a light switch on on the wall.
Now if ever I have to get up before him, the MOANING if I so much as breathe loudly . . .

Of course, all of this was forgiven yesterday when for my birthday he surprised me with a new lens for my camera because he knows how much I love taking pictures of my kids playing rugby. So all is forgiven. For now.

* This is an updated list from the last time I wrote a ‘things that really irritate me about my husband’ post and was prompted by an @AimeeHorton post on Netmums: ‘When I’m Tired’ because clearly we ALL get a bit grumpy sometimes *wink*. 

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20 Responses to 10 things I argue about with my husband

  1. Nicki says:

    love number 6 its the same with my husband. http://www.youtube.com/user/thelifeofmrsp/videos

    My recent post It's Been a Month

  2. mrsteepot says:

    Lol, great post! My step-dad is really noisy when he gets up in the mornings, very annoying!
    Lucky you getting a new lens though, look forward to seeing photos using it!
    My recent post Anti-Bullying Week

  3. hurrahforgin says:

    lol i'm with you on being a personal cashpoint. Other things we argue about include over/under stacking the dishwasher, leaving socks everywhere and who's turn it is to clean the cat litter tray out – so yeh pretty major stuff 🙂
    My recent post An open letter to Postman Pat

  4. I feel that it would be petty to try and give Husband a tutorial on stacking dishwasher, but I REALLY want to. Also, he always asks me if I want ketchup if we have a cooked breakfast. I have never eaten ketchup at breakfast in the entire 12 years I have been with him.
    My recent post Christmas Pressies

  5. Helen Wills says:

    Oh god this rings so many bells! Especially 7. I was just on the verge of starting a post about pointless arguments adults have but I like this one better!
    My recent post Announcing the #TescoMumOfTheYear finalists.

    • Tara says:

      Oh so many pointless arguments.
      "Did you feed the cat?"
      "No. I didn't know I was supposed to. Why didn't you say if you wanted me to?"
      "I simply asked if you'd fed the cat because if you hadn't I'm going to do it now."
      "But there was a tone. There was definitely a tone which said 'why haven't you fed the bloody cat?'"
      Like those pointless arguments you mean Helen?!
      My recent post 10 things I argue about with my husband

  6. SusanKMann says:

    lol the loosing things is a classic. I'm sure every man says this. Love it x
    My recent post Date Night For Mummy and Daddy

  7. Mrs Worthington says:

    I remember those kind of arguments/discussions. I seem to have them mainly with my son these days

  8. Expat Mum says:

    The scene in our kitchen every morning.

    Me – Why did you put the milk away?
    Him – Because I"m done with it.
    Me – But I need it for my tea. Like I do every morning. (Scream.)
    My recent post Shreddies – Very Special Underwear

  9. Expat Mum says:

    PS. My father-in-law is coming to visit Tuesday-Sunday. I swear he puts his shoes on as soon as he gets out of bed and we have hardwood floors. He gets up at 5.30am and has never met a door he can't slam. He also goes for a walk at 6am and doesn't know how to work the alarm so someone has to leap out of bed to cancel it before the police come! Oh, and he can't hear but refuses to admit it so you have to repeat everything at double decibel. Sigh….
    My recent post Shreddies – Very Special Underwear

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  11. Jane says:

    Why can't they be quiet in the morning, why?
    My recent post What do you keep under your breast?

  12. Mary says:

    I do that thing with the thermostat too. Feels like the tropics here sometimes.
    My recent post When To Seek Help For Bedwetting

  13. Cake Chops says:

    It made me giggle, hubbie's hey! We usually argue about money! x
    My recent post Cooking up a storm

  14. Katie says:

    ha! why do they do that thing of asking you repeatedly if you want something you’ve never liked?!! also have the thermostat thing here, first thing I do when ive been boiled out of bed is turn the damn thing down!

  15. christy beckett says:

    Haha this is fab although its normally my fella turning the thermostat down and I sneak it back up.

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