Playmobil for Christmas

playmobil country

Every week my 8 year old gets a shiny £1 coin for her pocket money.
And for the past few months she hasn’t spent a penny of it – no throwing everything she’s got at Paperchase because of her love of stationery. No emptying her purse on the counter at Waterstones as she buys up her body weight in books.

No, Mia is saving up. For pets. Lots and lots of pets. To date her list – entitled ‘things I fancy when I’m older’ – includes a horse, a snake, rabbits, sheep, ducks, chameleon, various birds and a monkey.
She keeps the list in my office draw, filed under ‘Mia’s documents’ because she never wants to lose it. She is deadly serious about this stuff.

playmobil horse farm

playmobil horse stable

In the meantime she has Playmobil. I have never ever known her play with something consistently for so many years.
She has a huge collection now – mainly down to the sets she is sent to review through this blog – but the common theme is always that they are animal themed.
Her latest love is the Children’s Pony Farm. Complete with hayloft, riding equipment, three figures, three ponies – and wheelbarrows filled with poo. Yes poo. Perfect.

playmobil advent calendar

And tomorrow she will be opening this baby – she has been driving us MAD asking how many days until she can open the first ‘door’!
Many thanks for bringing a smile to my girl’s face Playmobil!


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5 Responses to Playmobil for Christmas

  1. hurrahforgin says:

    Looks fab – we have the Christmas post office version, I am so excited about giving it to F tomorrow although i think he will get cross he cant open it all at once 😉
    My recent post November – Me and Mine

  2. lauracymft says:

    Miss C has this one too. I think her and Mia would get on great since they share a love of pets. Miss C has already told us she's having pigs, hamsters, guinea pigs, cats and puppies when she's older.
    My recent post 365 Project Days 328 – 334

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