How to make your family home eco-friendly

When I was a college student I had to feed 50 pence pieces into a meter in my rented flat to give me heat/lighting/the ability to cook.
It gave me a HUGE appreciation for every single penny I spent – I thought long and hard about every light I left on, every bar on the fire I turned up, every meal I made. Because I had to.

Now I own my own home it’s my children I have to chase around telling them to turn the lights off, put another layer on, switch off the TV when you’ve finished with it.
I confess my college years have made me very conscientious about the energy we use.
To be honest, all cuddling up on the sofa is much more fun that turning that thermostat up another notch anyway. And shall we even start the discussion about onesies . . . my kids ADORE them (and shhh, don’t tell a soul, but the husband has one too).

So as winter’s icy grip starts to creep up on us it’s time to take stock of what you’re doing in your home.
I’m not saying you need to rush out and buy a onesie, but there are ways of reducing your energy usage (or should that be wastage?) without compromising on comfort. And let’s face it, that makes you the winner because it’s putting money back in your pocket.

Estimates show that by turning down your central heating by just one degree could shave £60 off the average household’s gas bill (depending on your usage). Just think of the fancy onesie you could buy with that!
Your actions can reduce your energy expenditure and costs, but suppliers can help too.

E.ON wants to actively encourage consumers to save energy by reducing consumption. It might sound strange that a company wants to sell less of its product, but when more people are doing their bit to have a positive effect on the planet, it’s refreshing to find a major corporation who thinks along the same lines.
To this end E.ON has launched a special online tool to help you work out how you could make savings and there is a wealthy of energy saving information on their website to help customers who manage their account online see how they use energy and where they can make positive changes.
You can even compare your own figures with those of similar homes to see how you stack up using the features of this tool – the Saving Energy Toolkit – something to write home about!

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