Hillarys blinds review. How we came to re-love our bedroom


When the husband and I got married 12 years ago, his mother and father bought us a bed as a wedding present.
A comically huge bed that can fit the whole family on it. Cat and dog included.
It was an awesome wedding present.

But for the past couple of years my love affair with the bed as diminished. Because of the curtains we chose to put upto the windows. Lovely lovely curtains. But so damn thin. And so damn pale. And during the spring/summer months, so damn letting the light in during the small hours.

And then Hillarys asked if I’d like to review a set of blinds. It’s like they read my mind.
I’ve heard very mixed stories about Hillarys. I’ve used them three or four times in the past over the years and have never had any problem. But I know of people living in different areas who have a nightmare with orders not showing up, customer services begin rude and unhelpful and prices being really expensive.

So with this in the back of my mind, I booked our local representative to come and measure up and help me choose what to put up to our troublesome windows.
He was just lovely; helpful, friendly, not the slightest bit salesy and give me a date for fitting.
When the date came, he arrived on time, fitted all four blinds, cleared up after himself and left with a cheery smile.
And most importantly of all I LOVE MY BLINDS!

Here is my bedroom window before (boo) and them after (hurrah).

windows before hillarys blinds

I guess it all comes down to the rep you get coming out to you? I was delighted with the service and delighted with the fitting. I guess you could get cheaper if you shopped around but actually most of the wooden venetian blinds we have in our house have come from Hillarys because they have been spot on when it came to ordering the awkward shapes we have at some of our windows.

So. We are now back to loving our giant bed and the darkness our new blinds give us because when you’re all curled up on the bed to watch a movie, these things are very important!
The monkey didn’t come included in the price; that’s the husband’s little friend who hands  around over on his side of the bed.

blinds with added monkey

NOTE: I was given £250 to spend on blinds with Hillarys and I paid the remainder of the bill. The four wooden venetians we had with fitting came to £398.

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