The Photo Gallery 162: Body parts – Eyes


My daughter has killer eyes.
The sort that boys will be hypnotised by. The sort that will enable her to win many people over, not just her father, with the merest downwards tilt of her head, as she looks up through her lashes.
The sort that will test us as parents I have no doubt about that.
Brown almond eyes with long lashes.
Lucky, lucky girl!

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24 Responses to The Photo Gallery 162: Body parts – Eyes

  1. Mirka Moore says:

    What a lovely hairdo, and cannot believe how much she has grown up, a little lady now. Also, cannot wait what you think about my photos, almost couln't sleep last night ;)))
    My recent post The Gallery: Body Parts!

  2. lauracymft says:

    She has beautiful eyes! But you knew that already! She's going to break some hearts!
    My recent post Our Week in Disneyland Paris – Day 3

  3. They are gorgeous eyes. Coming from a very blue-eyed family, I find very dark eyes fascinating.

  4. mummybarrow says:

    You have a future heart breaker on your hands there Missus.

    Beautifully shot picture

  5. and with that top knot?…just gorgeous! xx
    My recent post with your tongue sticking out

  6. Charlotte says:

    This is my first time doing the gallery image – hope I've done it right!

    My recent post The photo gallery: Body parts

  7. onlybestforbaby says:

    Mia has beautiful eyes 🙂
    My recent post The Photo Gallery: Hands

  8. She really has got THE best eyes, she's incredibly beautiful and I hope she knows it 🙂
    My recent post Halloween Round up!

  9. downssideup says:

    My word she looks like you, eyes like treacle.

    For this post link I got my whole body out. Sorry…
    My recent post Dancers with Down Syndrome Realising their Dreams with Stopgap Dance Company

  10. lesleyannf says:

    Can't help but notice the similarity between this photo and the profile one of you on the sidebar of the page!

    She really is beautiful.
    My recent post The Gallery – Body Parts

  11. spicers1976 says:

    You're right she has lovely eyes

  12. Sara (@mumturnedmom) says:

    Beautiful! The hair, the eyes – just gorgeous 🙂
    My recent post Separation anxiety: breakthrough

  13. Jaime Oliver says:

    you are so right she has eyes to melt any heart 🙂
    My recent post Can Loosing Weight Make You A New Person?

  14. My Life As A Mummy says:

    She really does have beautiful eyes. She is going to be a heart breaker when she grows up. x x x

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  16. Kara says:

    She is a stunningly beautiful little girl and is certain to be a heartbreaker. She gets her eyes from you!!

  17. Mrs Darling says:

    So beautiful, and I just thought the same as Kara above, her eyes are like yours! 🙂
    My recent post Hands

  18. MummaG says:

    She's a little stunner and her eyes are big and beautiful. x
    My recent post Body Parts – The Gallery

  19. paula virgo says:

    Body Parts brought back some happy memories!
    My recent post The Gallery

  20. Adele says:

    She really knows how to use them beautiful big brown eyes… they'll take her places

  21. Lisa's Life says:

    uh-oh, you're going to have a little heartbreaker on your hands! Beautiful 🙂
    My recent post Foto Friday

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