Halloween crafts. For those who don’t really craft

Easy Halloween crafts

Look at these babies. I made these. The kids didn’t get a look in!

I make no apologies for the fact that we love Halloween in the Sticky Fingers household.
The dressing up, the dressing up the house, having kids knock on our door trick or treating, making Witch’s Brew, being with friends and going out in the cold, night air to giggle and indulge in a spot of apple bobbing.

Once again this year the kids’ rugby club is staging a major fundraiser very soon – a Halloween/Bonfire cross in which we get to stand in the glow of a massive bonfire sporting our spooky outfits while clutching a sparkler or 7.
It a fabulous night out and this year I wanted to help out with the decorations. So, how to decorate a clubhouse and grounds on a budget?

halloween mummy tea lights

I experienced PortAventura at Halloween a few years ago and by jove they know how to jazz up the theme park to give you the heebie jeebies!
So I wanted a touch of that. But on a budget.
So OBVIOUSLY I turned to Pinterest for inspiration. And it give me inspiration in spades.

Over the past few weeks we’ve hoarded bottles and boxes, corks, paint, jam jars, empty liquid soap bottles and even room spray bottles.
And we have turned our haul into some really quite wonderful creations, even if I do say so myself. For yes, I did allow the kids to join in and help in the end!

halloween crafting

halloween crafting2

halloween bottles

These bottles are simply painted black with some ready mixed kids paint Mia has had lying around. Once dry, I printed out Halloween labels (you can find them all on my Halloween Pinterest board), we stuck them on, added a cork or a rustic-looking lid (cut up brown paper bag, tied with string – or the bag’s handle when you run out of string!).
They look the BIZ.

halloween crafts

We made boxes to sell the sweets and chocolates out of – literally just painted green, with  ‘hair’ made from a used cereal box painted black, cut out and stuck on. Finally a pair of eyes and a scar for good measure. The smaller tub is a used yoghurt pot.

But I think my very favourite are the mummy tea lights. Jam jars with googly eyes stuck on using PVA glue. Once they are dry, wrap a cheap bandage around and around and tie at the back. They look SO COOL in the dark.

Follow Tara Cain’s board Halloween on Pinterest.

There are a couple of ideas we’re going to use to decorate the actual clubhouse (LOVE the Frankenstein’s Monster face for a doorway and the giant eyeballs in the tree) and voila, as they say.

All of my ideas are from Pinterest so check out my Halloween Pinterest board if you’re looking for some cheap and easy inspiration.

I also recommend you visit PicMonkey, a mostly free photo editing site where you can Zombiefy your portrait, add chilling overlays and backgrounds and generally spook up your photographs.

Like this

Demon dog

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  1. Love those tea lights. Definitely using that idea. And a green painted box has never looked do good 🙂

  2. My Two Mums says:

    LOVE the tea lights. I have seen these on pinterest and fancy giving them a go.
    My recent post Charlotte – Monday’s Modern Families

  3. muminanutshell says:

    Can I just pin your whole Halloween board! I’m loving these ideas. Off to make the mummy jars now.

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