On the verge of something wonderful

Scooter party

Ten is such a great age.
Dan is 10, elbowing 11. He has a fabulous group of friends: supportive, fun, caring, work hard, play hard, giggle like girls when they’re together.
They bury their heads in the iPad and you don’t see them for hours, but then they will go out with a cricket bat or a rugby ball or a scooter and likewise you won’t see them for hours.
Except when they come home starving and sweaty with a big smile on their faces and lots of stories to tell.
Ten is a joyous age to be around.

This is one of those photographs I was talking about yesterday; the ones that, unless you snap it instantly the moment has gone and you’re being told ‘no way’ will they stand and pose. Which is why it’s not focused because it’s snatched on my phone.
But it perfectly captures everything which is great about the age my boy is now and where he’s heading.


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6 Responses to On the verge of something wonderful

  1. Super Amazing Mum says:

    Superb! I love your stories about Dan as it you're one year ahead of me, it is like a glimpse into the future as they are so similar and into exactly the same thing – all you need to do now is a post of the pre teen strops!!!!!

    Big Love xx
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  2. Older Single Mum says:

    That!'s lovely to see and read. My eldest boy is eight and a joy – so glad there is more to come!
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  3. Best kind of photo – happy kids 🙂
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  4. kimmer2111 says:

    Fab photo!! They look so happy x

  5. intheplayroom says:

    love this!

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