The Photo Gallery 157: Selfie


This is me. The social media me. The face you will find on Twitter and Facebook and various other avatars dotted around the interwebs.
In my Mouse fedora bought while on holiday in Florida on the day we visited Animal Kingdom and I said to the husband “I HAVE to have that hat!”

This post is for week 157 of The Photo Gallery: Selfie.
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This virtual gallery of photographs is about enjoying each other’s work, so go make someone’s day. You will get out of this whatever you put in.

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And absolutely ANYONE can join in.

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32 Responses to The Photo Gallery 157: Selfie

  1. nyssapod says:

    I love that hat!
    My recent post Me, my selfie and I

  2. I rather fancy a fedora myself!
    Have you ever had the theme ‘hats’ for the gallery? Just an idea.

  3. nickie says:

    This is the first time I've realised that the hat has the Disney symbol on!!

  4. saveeverystep says:

    How freaky is that?! Two women, two hats, no faces!!! Some kind of zen. Love the hat by the way!

  5. Tired Mummy of Two says:

    I am off to Disneyland Paris next month. I wonder if they have hats like that? It is a pretty awesome hat made more awesome by the mouse himself
    My recent post The Gallery Week 157

  6. It’s a very cool look, quite enigmatic.

  7. I could have done with a hat like that this summer, its lovely!
    My recent post The Gallery – Self

  8. louisejedwards says:

    Love the hat! x
    My recent post The Gallery: Selfie

  9. lauracymft says:

    That's a great hat!
    My recent post Selfie #TheGallery

  10. Christine says:

    I love your hat! Mickey makes some pretty cool gear doesn't he? 🙂
    My recent post The Gallery – Me and Andy Warhol

  11. SusanKMann says:

    Gorgeous picture and lovely hat x
    My recent post The Gallery 157 – Selfie

  12. Love the hat! Have you had your hair chopped? Looks nice anyhow! x
    My recent post Selfie

  13. Lou's Lake Views says:

    I love hats, I have lots of them and I would have had a similar moment if I'd spotted that one, very cute!
    My recent post The Gallery – Selfie

  14. love this one of you {and that's not because i can't see your face! 😉 . love a good hat, but don't think i can pull them off as good x
    My recent post a funny face to remember our holiday

  15. MummaG says:

    Your hat is very cool, I'm a dummy and have just realised I can comment on your photos too and not just admire them from a distance!
    My recent post The Gallery – Selfie

  16. Suzy says:

    I can totally understand why you HAD to have that hat – it's FAB!! The only fedora I own is grey with sparkles all over it. It is kinda cool though 😉
    Suzy Turner, Fiction Dreams
    My recent post Johnny's Girl by Paige Toon: Cover Reveal!!

  17. thelovebump says:

    Love the hat!! I used to have a cowboy hat that I wore EVERYWHERE.

    Linking up again after THEE longest time!

  18. Lisa says:

    My blog post today isn't strictly a selfie but there is a selfie in it so I added your link in it too 🙂….

    By the way, LOVE that hat!
    My recent post Woof Wednesday

  19. Ellen says:

    Love the hat!! Took me a while to realise it was Disney hat!
    My recent post The Photo Gallery: Selfie

  20. HelpfulMum says:

    I love this picture. You give away as much as you can without actually revealing your identity! Love the hat too!

  21. What an extremely awesome hat!

    Great selfie!

  22. Louise says:

    I want that hat! Just got back from Paris and didn't see anything other than glow in the dark ears!
    My recent post The Gallery – Selfie

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  24. jessicamilln says:

    Clever topic. Forced me to talk about the last person I really want to be truthful about. Me. …and worst of all, the first time I've admitted my age!

  25. lauracarter1 says:

    Lovely pic. I'm new to the gallery
    My recent post

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  27. Simon says:

    Boom 🙂
    My recent post Selfe – Sticky Fingers Gallery

  28. ginacaro says:

    Loving the theme this week. It's great to put faces to blogs 🙂

  29. Linz says:

    Your hat rocks!!

    My recent post The Gallery: Selfie

  30. onlybestforbaby says:

    Great hat!

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