The Photo Gallery 156: Back to School

Back to school

I was having a conversation on Twitter with @TheBoyAndMe whose son is starting school for the first time this week.
Like mums the world over she was both sad and excited. Excited about the adventure before him but sad to be leaving their current way of life behind.
I assured her that starting school is an amazing time of their life. That it’s a big parenting milestone all parents go through but watching him learn and develop makes it all worth while.

But the truth is I remember only too well the day my own son left for his first day at school. And I cried like a baby. And that’s OK.
Because he has turned out OK. More than OK. He’s positively flourished at school and they’re churned out (with a touch of help from me and his dad) a very fine young man.

So this post is for all those mums and dads out there with big eyes and downturned mouths as their little charges put on a big uniform and walk through those school gates which seem absolutely HUGE.
They turn out fine in the end. Better than fine. My son is just moving up into Year 6 at middle school and these days he walks through those slightly smaller looking gates while his mum watches on a bursts with pride.

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32 Responses to The Photo Gallery 156: Back to School

  1. TheBoyandMe says:

    Oh my word Tara, that's the same uniform that The Boy is wearing, I can see him in that photo. And do you know if he turns out like Dan has then I'll be a very happy mum. Thanks for your words last week, they put a new slant on it. He had great fun yesterday, let's hope the novelty doesn't wear off!
    My recent post The First Day

  2. K-Ville says:

    I still cry like a baby every time my daughter goes back to school at the start of the year….she's in year 10 now lol
    My recent post I blinked and she grew up

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  4. Jaime Oliver says:

    what a beautiful post and such beautiful pictures capturing the most amazing moment. I remember Beth going to school for the first time … i cried buckets all day x
    My recent post Back To School And The Beginning

  5. It’s such a big step, but can be so positive. So pleased your son is thriving and making you proud. (I also had a similar conversation with The Boy and Me!)

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  7. Jacq says:

    Was this year's photo taken under duress by any chance?
    I agree school is a big thing but in most cases it's a positive big thing 🙂

  8. saveeverystep says:

    I don't even get smiles any more! Still just as proud though!
    My recent post The 10th first day of term

  9. Emma says:

    I have been doing the same thing this week.. looking at her pictures from nursery and the first day of reception then looking at her now.. Its cray how the years go by but so beautiful to see the changes in them 🙂
    My recent post The Gallery – Back To School

  10. SusanKMann says:

    Having followed your blog for many years, I've seen both your gorgeous children grow up through it. I can't believe how grown up your boy looks compared to the first day of school picture. Hope he has a great year x
    My recent post The Gallery 156 – Back to School

  11. Suzanne says:

    Aw so lovely. They do make us proud don't they? Especially as they leave us for the welcome arms of their teacher, after 6 weeks of having them at home! I only have one left at Primary School, this morning I just about managed to kiss him on the forehead before he mooched in!
    My recent post New Beginnings

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  13. greenmumsblog says:

    I have loved reading these posts. I feel so much better knowing that I am not alone.

  14. helvetiahandmade says:

    oh wow, they say what a difference a year makes, what about 6! he is looking like a lovely young man. hope he enjoys school!

  15. He looks so smart! I miss school uniform it's just not the same when they head out in jeans and a t-shirt
    My recent post The Gallery – Back to School

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  17. would you look at him?! handsome and also striking a great pose there! xx
    My recent post it’s been emosh…

  18. lauracymft says:

    Aww he looks so sweet on his first day. It's really quite scary how much they change in such a short space of time!
    My recent post Vertbaudet Autumn/Winter Clothing for Girls – Review

  19. Scary that they grow so much in such a short space of time. Not as impressed with having his photo done this time though 🙂
    My recent post The Gallery Week 156

  20. Lakes Mum says:

    gosh he has turned out well!
    My recent post #TheGallery Back to School

  21. HelpfulMum says:

    Aww, he looks so cute in that first picture!
    My recent post The Photo Gallery – Back To School

  22. how cute does he look! Next year there will be a massive change if he's anything like my son in yr 7
    My recent post The Gallery : Back to School, the difference a year makes

  23. familyfourfun says:

    I've just written in my post how every year is a milestone and I generally blub at the start and end of each! x

  24. Kerry Jean Lister says:

    I love this post so much. Three years till I'm sobbing at the school gates, I'm hoping it's a looooooooong three years!! #denial
    My recent post The Internet, Your Kids, Their Privacy.

  25. bluebirdsunshine says:

    Just the words I needed to hear, thank you! Feels like such a big 'ending' but I need to look at it as a big 'beginning'. LOVE the photos too, gives me much hope.
    My recent post (Back) To School

  26. Louise says:

    Awwww your post is making me cry! Held it together today at the start of year 1 x
    My recent post Moshi Monsters Giveaway: Katsuma Unleashed on Nintendo 3DS

  27. Karen says:

    I am totally wrecked that my son starts nursery next week, and my daughter is in year 2, and I am just about to do the reception application for him, for next year! Sob! Where did my babies go?
    My recent post Back to school

  28. lplatemummy says:

    Such a handsome boy in both pictures. Can't imagine 6 years down the line, both my babies will be in school by then! x
    My recent post The Gallery – Back to school

  29. WLDU says:

    My older child started grade 2 this year. It's amazing that she's the same child who suffered from separation anxiety and kicked and screamed her way into Kindergarten. The first day of school is really an opportunity for us to see how far they've come.
    My recent post Labour Day

  30. jennypaulin says:

    blimey! this is not helping my emotional state Tara! look at him then and now look at him. such a handsome young man. and he does not like looking at the camera as much nowadays!
    well done for churning out a lovely boy xx

  31. bbeveboo says:

    Crickey..been reading through the other blogs and feel the need to put Slipping Through My Fingers on and have a good sob!

  32. What a lovely post, I wish I'd read that before L started school a couple of years ago.

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