The Photo Gallery 152: Play


Kids plus friends plus water plus sunshine. Is there anything finer?
They all started off with their trousers turned up to reveal their ankles. My kids and their friends.
We stumbled on this quiet stream which looked like something from a movie set.
When their legs got wet they abandoned the idea of keeping dry and ended up so soaked, they had to strip down to their underwear to get back into the car.
They would have stayed here all day if we had let them.

But just look at the expression on Dan’s face: They all had that look. For the whole time we were there.
When kids play and invent their own fun – and you throw Mother Nature into the mix – it’s the finest play ever.

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24 Responses to The Photo Gallery 152: Play

  1. helvetiahandmade says:

    True! No better play than outside with Mother Nature!
    My recent post It is the simple things

  2. louisejedwards says:

    Fab moment – sounds like the best kind of play – spontaneous! x
    My recent post Supporting Play at Bewilderwood!

  3. lauracymft says:

    What you say is so true! The best play is the outdoor variety! We used to love running around my Grandparents farm, hiding in the various sheds and jumping in the hay. My kids love being outdoors too and it's great to see their imagination come to life. Lovely photo!
    My recent post Play #TheGallery

  4. I love it when they do this – all the usual rules go out of the window as they’re so intent on having fun. Who cares if you have to travel home in your pants? Great photo 🙂

  5. jenny paulin says:

    absolutely true and i almost posted photos from my boys paddling in a stream we found on a walk we went on yesterday!! we love playing outside – it is the best kind of play. whatever your age!
    says she who posted pics of indoor play this week ha ha xx
    My recent post The Gallery – Play

  6. saveeverystep says:

    The best play is always the one where they weren't expecting to have fun. A 'boring' walk, a stately home (yawn)……I always ask them afterwards to remember that they just had the best time. Who needs rollercoasters?!
    My recent post Play Day

  7. All so true, and just look at your handsome boy!

  8. Those are the best kind of adventures 🙂

  9. Kara says:

    What a gorgeous photo – the best play always comes from unexpected finds!

  10. The mini mes and me says:

    Nature can be great fun for exploring and play. Lovely pic x

  11. THE BEST kind of play there ever is. he's so handsome too!
    My recent post these two…

  12. mummybarrow says:

    That smile says it all, doesnt it?

  13. That's the stuff wonderful summer memories are made of. I always feel like the best mum ever when we go home with the boys tired and filthy dirty!
    My recent post The Gallery – Play

  14. What a fab picture, and those are the best days 🙂

  15. bluebirdsunshine says:

    Dan is absolutely beaming. What a lovely moment to capture. Makes you wish childhood lasted longer!
    My recent post Play nicely

  16. K-Ville says:

    The days memories are made of.
    My recent post Make a mess whilst you have the opportunity

  17. We love playing outside and with water too. A great smile on his face.
    My recent post There was a tiger in my bed

  18. HelpfulMum says:

    Great picture. Looks like fantastic fun! I remember spending hours by the river as a kid and it was amazing!
    My recent post The Photo Gallery: Play

  19. Louise says:

    Lovely picture. My kids love playing in the garden in this weather and I love a good water fight!
    My recent post Aparthotel Alcudia Pins Review

  20. That is one big smile as he enjoys the water. Great photo.
    My recent post Play

  21. Sarahleaf08x says:

    Aww lovely pic! 🙂 x
    My recent post #TheGallery – Play.

  22. Jen says:

    Lovely photo
    My recent post Missing the Point

  23. SusanKMann says:

    That looks like a lot of fun x
    My recent post The Gallery 152 – Play

  24. JallieDaddy says:

    What a stunning pic! Looks like a great place for healthy outdoor play; I;m sure you all had a great time 🙂

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