The Photo Gallery 155: Pets

Hungarian Vizsla

Let me count the ways this dog has changed our lives.
Do you remember, dear readers, this post asking whether we should get a dog?
He often smells. He velcros himself to your legs all the time. He wants to heave his huge bulk onto your lap like a small child and his poos are the size of a small horse’s (sorry).
He requires HUGE amounts of exercise, means we have to be home a certain times to feed him and his claws HURT when he stands on your foot.

But boy are we ever grateful we’ve got him.
He is utterly gorgeous.

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27 Responses to The Photo Gallery 155: Pets

  1. helvetiahandmade says:

    What a beautiful dog he is
    My recent post Pets

  2. lauracymft says:

    He is such a handsome dog!
    My recent post Pets #TheGallery

  3. Kara says:

    He is so handsome!!

  4. Susan Mann says:

    He’s so handsome x

  5. The Fool says:

    He definitely is a handsome chap, despite the restrictions it puts on you it's so great having a dog around the house isn't it? Not to mention the health benefits of forcing you outside every day.

  6. Jaime Oliver says:

    what a really stunning dog he is x
    My recent post The Joy of Pets

  7. Louise says:

    Such a big decision to get a dog – but he is a gorgeous one
    My recent post Doc McStuffins CD Review

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  9. redrosemummy says:

    He is absolutely beautiful!
    My recent post The Gallery Week 155: Pets

  10. Lovely boy. Linky not working for me today so here’s mine.

  11. citymamgonecountry says:

    Such a beautiful animal, linked up for he first time

  12. lplatemummy says:

    He's gorgeous. I remember reading about when he first came to you 🙂 x

  13. LOVE his face!
    My recent post oh roll

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  15. Jacq says:

    He's gorgeous, but what are you feeding him? He shouldn't be pooing that much!

  16. Lisa says:

    The pros outweigh the cons don't they?! Especially when we have such gorgeous companions! 🙂
    My recent post Woof Wednesday Part 2: The Gallery

  17. As you'll see from my post I'm totally torn about this being a pet-owner lark, but your post makes me want to keep ours. Sooooo hard!

  18. Daddy Chief says:

    Nice dog, in fact a lovely dog. I have to say personally i've always been more of a Cat person, every time I think about getting a Dog I remember….. you know seeing dog owners, armed with a carrier bag about to pick up "with their hand" a "HANDFULL" of warm dog poo…..

    yes cats are stinky too… but at least we get a scoop.
    My recent post Pets – Sticky Fingers Image Gallery

  19. Handsome boy! Such a handsome, handsome boy (and I think he knows it!)

  20. spicers1976 says:

    Gorgeous. We really want a dog, but we're just not in the position for it at the moment
    My recent post Pets – The Gallery

  21. He is beautiful. This week's theme has had me torn one way then the other as my kids beg for a pet and I try not to cave in!
    My recent post Pets with human names

  22. Sarah says:

    You have the most beautiful, photogenic dog and the wonderful talent to capture him with such finesse too x
    My recent post The Photo Gallery | Pets

  23. Donna@MummyCentral says:

    A beautiful dog – and a great theme this week. Gave me an excuse to write about my boy who we lost 5 years ago. I still miss him.
    My recent post The Gallery: Pets

  24. My Two Mums says:

    He’s such a stunning dog.

  25. Karen says:

    haha the reference to the size of his poo's made me laugh! x
    My recent post My new obsession

  26. mrsteepot says:

    He's so gorgeous!
    My recent post Dino

  27. Rachel Smith says:

    He is beautiful. This week's theme has had me torn one way then the other as my kids beg for a pet and I try not to cave in! vet tech schools in pennsylvania

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