Micro Scooters. A review

skate park with micro scooters

We’ve had many scooters over the years.
Those £20 numbers which rust/get forgotten about/get lost.
None quite like this though. These Micro Scooters feel like the Rolls Royce of scooters. Scooters so robust and well-built even I got on and had a go. Sure I fell off when I failed to navigate a curb properly and bruised both of my knees like a toddler. But it felt great!

My two kids were sent these ‘stunt’ scooters from Micro Scooters to try out over the summer holidays.
I thought we’d wait a while to write anything about them. Give the children the chance to really use them. See if they would keep using them. See if they went back to their ‘old’ scooters.
Truth be told they’ve hardly been off them.
Dan is really keen to start trying tricks on his (a Micro MX Trixx, currently reduced to £99.99). He loves the easy, smooth ride and the feeling that he can perform tricks on it, even if he’s not confident enough to leap into the air on it just yet!

Mia has an MX Pro Stunt Scooter for beginners who want to mimic their older brothers . . . !

micro scooters stunt

The build quality is superb. These aren’t scooters you can sling in the back of your car with one hand or throw over your shoulder for the school run. These require thought; a sturdy arm!
To be honest I think we’d struggle to go back to anything else now.
I’m really quite impressed. We have had SO many comments from people asking where we got the scooters – the quality obviously stands out a mile.
In Dan’s words: “The materials are much better, they feel safer, they look cool and despite all that they are still light enough to do some cool tricks with”.

micro scooters at skate park

Yes they are expensive when you compare them to the cheaper scooters you can get on the market, but really do get what you pay for.

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4 Responses to Micro Scooters. A review

  1. SusanKMann says:

    these look fab. My boys love micro scooters but think in a couple of years we'll move onto these. x
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  2. My daughter has just broken her scooter, and I have been thinking, what is the point in buying another cheapo! At least with those, they will last xxx

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  4. finn says:

    get a district they are more expensive but a lot better you thought they were good get on a district they are about 3 times smoother than those scooter micros are good but districts are better

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