Jamie Oliver American pancakes

american pancakes recipe

One of the very best things about the children being off on the school summer holidays is pancakes.
Having the time and inclination to make yummy pancakes, with sticky toppings.
Sitting at the kitchen table with the back door open and the sounds and smells of a fresh summer day leaking into the house.

Our favourite pancakes are American dollar pancakes. We love crepes (the thin version) but these thicker ones are more indulgent and, if made correctly, lovely and fluffy.

Today I made them because Dan had friends for a sleepover and, after a week at athletics camp they were totally and utterly worn out.

I’ve made LOTS of pancakes but these Jamie Oliver American pancakes are by far our favourite: because they are so so simple, easy to cook and, of course, taste delish.

* Taken from his first book Happy Days with the Naked Chef

NOTE: Click on the recipe card below to big it and print it.

jamie oliver american pancakes recipe card

You can stack your pancakes up and add golden syrup,  maple syrup, sliced bananas, chocolate sauce, butter, honey or whatever takes your fancy.
Or, before you flip your pancake over to cook the other side, add banana, blueberries or grated chocolate to the top and then flip over.
Stunningly delicious. Or, as the man himself would say, pukka.

As you can see, the boys were very grateful . . .


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7 Responses to Jamie Oliver American pancakes

  1. Jill says:

    They look yummy !

    By the picture they look like they make your eyes go funny 2 lol

  2. Since I started my new job, we've built up a tradition of having pancakes for at least one weekend breakfast – usually Saturday. We have a lazy start to the day, where I get to make pretty patterns on the computer while the girls get a rare hour or two of 'watching something' on their computer and then they play in the garden or living room while I make pancakes. It's also part of the tradition that they set the table, and they do it so perfectly, it's fabulous. The only problem is the difference in opinion between myself and Chris about syrup. I say pancakes are for getting sticky and messy and that's all part of the fun; he gets really twitchy when he sees sticky syrup dripping onto clothes and chairs. 🙂
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  3. My Two Mums says:

    These look delicious!
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  4. Christophe says:

    Been using this recipe for over a decade. Its by far the best one I have ever used.

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