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back to school BHS

My 10 year old son plays football in his school trousers which results in holes in knees many MANY times.
My nearly eight year old daughter is the fussiest child on the planet to kit out in uniform (skirts can’t have certain types of waistbands, shoes can’t be too girlie, she has to be able to play tig easily in whatever she’s wearing).
Truth be told I don’t look forward to the back to school uniform hunt.

So this year we’ve been asked to try out and test two different brands and share our thoughts on them. Today we’re showcasing BHS back to school range. Tomorrow it will be the turn of Tesco.
And by ‘test’ we don’t mean try them on and stand in front of a mirror. We give it the full works. Climbing, scootering, playing in the garden, having the dog climb all over you, bit of cricket, bit of footy.

We thought we’d do something a little different for this post. I videoed Dan and Mia testing out their uniform. They had an absolute ball!

I’ve not really shopped at BHS for school uniform before. My perception has been that it’s not that great quality and that I’ll be replacing it once it’s washed and worn a couple of times.
We really liked the look and feel of some of it. Mia’s skirt looked and fit really nicely, but the material felt a bit thin and of little substance. I would worry about its longevity. Dan’s trousers were robust and a nice fit, but I wasn’t that keen on the material again and they were way bigger than other  brands of the same size.
The shirts are nice, and have a nice feel to them. We were, however, sent a ‘generous fit’ which absolutely swamped Dan!
The shoes look lovely.  Mia’s didn’t fit well at all; maybe because she has quite a wide foot. 
To me, this range would make good ‘filler’ items. Good prices and a great choice.

Tomorrow: Road testing Tesco’s back to school range.

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