Back to school. Tesco uniform review

tesco uniform review

It’s a tough job but someone has got to do it.
Yesterday the kids road tested the BHS range of school uniform and we shared our thoughts. They got to climb, play sport, scooter, chase each other. Stuff I NEVER allow them to do in their uniform, but they do it anyway.
Because, let’s face it, that’s what uniform has to stand up to these days.

So, today it’s the turn of Tesco’s school uniform.
They played, they posed, they giggled like loons because, well, let’s face it, it was like staging a school play in our back garden.
Also, when we went out the front of the house to do some shots, the postman rounded the corner at that precise moment and gave us SUCH a look. More giggling.

tesco pe kit
Dan tried out uniform from the Florence and Fred range.
Shirts: Pack of 2 Easy Iron (£5).
Spot on. Fit really nicely, wash really well and really are quite easy to iron. Did I mention they’re £5 for two?

Trousers: Permacrease (£8)
Really nice fit. OK material. I’ve actually bought the cheaper trousers from Tesco for him before now (about £5). The styling is nicer on these but there isn’t a huge difference.

Shoes: Triple strap (£10)
I actually bought these last year when Dan managed to go through the sole of his £40 pair 4 weeks before the end of term. ARRGGH.
For a tenner they are brilliant. They fit well and look the part for a boy who insists on trainer – slash – shoes for school.
They don’t last ages – the sole isn’t up to endless games of football in the playground – but for £10 I’m delighted.

Mia tried out the sports kit range. Ish. She wanted to create her own look!
Scallop trim polo shirt (£3)
Decent quality material, sturdy collar and a bit of length to the body (the amount of times we’ve bought these and they end at her belly button!)

Cycling shorts: 2 pack (£5)
Let’s face it, when you’re buying PE kit that sits in a bag on their peg for weeks on end and never gets washed (I know, right?!) you don’t want to spend the earth.
These fit the bill. And because you’ve got two pairs at least it halves the amount of time they’re worn!

Plimsoles (£5)
Mia absolutely flat refuses to wear slip on plimsoles “because they’re for babies”. These fill her requirements! They’re not a brilliant fit, but because they’re lace up they stay on her feet just fine.

Socks: 5 pairs gingham frill (£4)
Again, these are an absolute bargain. Really pretty, wash well (even if they don’t stay white for long given how Mia runs around everywhere with no shoes on).

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