The best things about being 7


You’re still young enough to curl up on mum’s lap.

You’ve perfected the Eye Roll. You use it in every photograph.

Your best friend is a dog. And you love him unreservedly.

You don’t care that you are slightly quirky. In fact you see it as a compliment.

Making a scene is actually quite good fun.

You STILL have daddy wrapped around your little finger.

One Direction.

Everyone loves you if you make them a thank you card.

The last bits of the batter bowl are yours.

Developing a killer character.

Keeping everyone guessing which definition of ‘killer’ your character actually is.

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8 Responses to The best things about being 7

  1. Bury Family Life says:

    ha, I love this! What a lovely idea. My 6 year old is great at the eye roll too.
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  2. onlybestforbaby says:

    Love this photo!

  3. daughters, wrapped, dad……all words very common in the same sentence. Sadly, for them, it becomes a bit tedious and they dont want dad involved in all they do, just when it suits them for him to be taxi driver, pocket money provider, love and support etc
    long may the relationship with the dog last.

  4. familyfourfun says:

    Beautiful picture and minus the dog, perfectly describes my daughter who turns 7 next week *sob*!
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  5. So true! It’s a good age. Just hanging on to cute, but becoming more independent and developing more character every day.

  6. Sinead says:

    You've hit the nail on the head! Love it

  7. Ha! I have two of them – I totally agree x
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  8. The Fool says:

    Not sure dad ever stops being wrapped around their finger do they?
    Lovely photo, did you have to take it from a distance with a zoom lens to stop her pulling a face?
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