The Huawei W1 smartphone review

Huawei ascend w1 review

Dan has a new phone. A smartphone no less. From the people at Huawei.
Who the heck is Huawei I hear you cry? Never heard of them. Can’t even begin to pronounce it. Who the, what the?
Well, let me enlighten you.

The Huawei Ascend W1 is a rather snazzy looking Windows phone and is being described as a ‘level entry’ smartphone. Which basically means it’s ideal for kids.
Dan was sent this lovely electric blue version to try out. At 10 he’s not yet wowed by the social media aspect of a smartphone, but he loves his apps, his music and his games and now he’s all grown up and at middle school, the phone and text functions are invaluable.

The home screen layout is very stylish and easy to navigate. You can create whatever tiles you want to populate your home screen – Twitter, Facebook, YouTube etc – and the touch screen is really responsive and fast for Dan’s usage.

So what did/didn’t we like about it?

Huawei ascend w1


  • It looks great – it currently comes in electric blue or pink and Dan was delighted with his blue hue.
  • It’s just short of £120. A bargain given what you get for your money. The build quality might not be gold standard, but you by no means feel like you’ve been sold a pup.
  • It’s really easy for a pre-teen to navigate around and sort their own contacts/apps/games etc.
  • Tough ‘Gorilla glass’ on the screen means, well, means you won’t be having heart failure every time they carelessly toss it on the kitchen table.
  • The battery life is excellent. It lasts for days even with a full set of apps running on the homescreen.


  • The camera isn’t all that. But having said that, at 10 Dan isn’t as bothered about picture quality as his mother!
  • On the home screen it doesn’t show you information like WiFi connection, battery life or signal strength which I would have thought were basics these days.


The Huawei Ascend W1 is an all rounder, offering a great mobile phone/internet portal/ gaming device. It offers excellent value for money and when you’re buying a smartphone for a pre-teen, that’s exactly what you want.
We are really rather impressed.

Oh and you pronounce it “wah-way”.

Huawei Ascent W1

Note: I am having some issues with connecting it to my computer, which is an Apple Mac. As far as I can tell I need to be running the latest Mountain Lion software (I’m not) and it appears I can’t connect (and download music/photos etc) unless I upgrade from the Snowleopard software I’m currently running. I’ve got a call in to the PR see if I’m wrong – I hope I’m wrong – but until then . .  .

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One Response to The Huawei W1 smartphone review

  1. John Clayton says:

    Nice looking piece of kit at a good price. Only problem is it's running Windows. I don't trust Windows to work properly on my PC, let alone my phone (or, heaven forbid, a car – the Fiat 500 we rented recently ran Windows!). When it came to getting my eldest her first smartphone, I went for the Keon from Geeksphone ( It's running FirefoxOS, is a solid piece of kit and has those indicators Microsoft somehow missed out.

    Best thing from a geeky point of view is that app development is entirely done in HTML5 – no need to learn another programming language or try to wrap your head around Visual Studio 2012, all you need is gEdit.

    Oh, and it's cheaper than the W1!
    My recent post #SilentSunday – 21st July 2013

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